Culture of Manama. Places to visit - old town, temples, theaters, museums and palaces

Bahrain is a wonderful country notable for its numerous historical, religious and natural attractions. In order to see all the important places, you will need to spend here more than one day. As a rule, excursions to famous Barbar Temple are very popular among vacationers. The temple complex is a three-level building. You will also see the ruins of several ancient altars near the breathtaking complex. Some of these altars are very old and remain there starting from the third millennium BC. When it comes to describing the architectural highlights of Bahrain, you will definitely hear about Seyadi House, which is located in the town of Muhharak. This beautiful mansion, which was built in 1905, is considered a true masterpiece of national architecture.
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If you make a ride to the settlement of A'ali, you will see a famous complex of "royal tombs". During an excursion visitors will be able to see the majestic mounds as well as an ancient necropolis. The village itself is well-known because of its skillful potteries. Experienced craftsmen of the settlement share their experience from generation to generation. They make true works of art made of clay and tourists enjoy buying them as souvenirs. Do not forget about Jabal al-Dukhan Mountain - one of the most striking natural attractions of this place and the highest point of the island. Near the mountain, the height of which estimates 134 meters, is located another longtime symbol of Bahrain - "Tree of Life". Imagine a desert without an end and a lonely acacia tree – the landscape truly looks great and amazes either newcomers or people who return there. The age of the tree is more than four hundred years. According to a legend, the acacia is the only surviving tree of a huge Garden of Eden, which once occupied the greater part of the island.
A large number of important excursion places of interest is located in the capital of Bahrain - Manama. Here travelers should definitely not forget to visit the ancient fort Qal’at al-Bahrain and the beautiful mosque of Al-Fateh. A huge prayer hall of the mosque can accommodate about seven thousand prayers at one time. The mosque is the largest religious building in the country. Bayt al-Qur'an is another interesting architectural complex, which is definitely worth visiting. In addition to a mosque the complex includes an old library and a children’s school. The travellers, who wish to become acquainted with the everyday life of the local people, are recommended to visit a small village of Bani Dzhamran, which is located approximately ten kilometers away from the capital. The settlement is known for its skilled weavers who produce fabrics of the highest quality. The local weaving shops allow visitors to order custom tailoring or select original accessories as souvenirs. Copyright
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A museum definitely worth visiting is the Bahrain National Museum. It is attractive not only as a museum, which has interesting exhibits, but also from an architectural point of view. Here you will be told about the history and culture of Bahrain, as well as the traditional craft of local residents. The building itself is beautifully illuminated in the evening, and, looking at it, such epithets as “splendor” and “grace” come to mind. There is also a museum in the city which is entirely dedicated to the traditional craft of Bahrain – namely, pearl fishing. Here you can learn in detail how this happens.
Many people prefer to relax on the Reef Islands, as it is very calm and peaceful here. This is one of the new areas of Manama, with an abundance of skyscrapers and interesting restaurants. The only caveat is, you cannot just take a walk here, you have to reserve a table at a restaurant (on the way back, you must show a check). Nevertheless, it is worth it thanks to the views which open to the island at night: one word comes to mind immediately – “Eden”. Also in the city there are two skyscrapers, which have already become symbols of the city. They are called “Bahrain Financial Harbor”. The high-rise buildings look quite unusual, so you should definitely gaze at them.
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The ruins of the Ad-Diraz Temple will appeal to those who love archeology and want to feel a touch of history. It is quite difficult to get to the ruins, but the reward is definitely worth it. You can take a closer look at the local culture from here, and see firsthand how the excavations were carried out. Such a religious landmark as the al-Khamis mosque cannot be ignored. Firstly, it is the oldest mosque in the state (built in 692, construction continued in the 11th, 14th and 15th centuries). Secondly, it is incredibly beautiful.
The Reviera, Reef Island, Kingdom of Bahrain In the Sanabis area you can find several interesting restaurants, as well as exhibition centers, government institutions, all of which are worthy of at least a quick glance, since there are several unique facilities here. Another place which deserves paying attention to when you visit Manama is Al Fateh, the center for the study of Islam. This includes a mosque and a library, which has about 7,000 books. Despite the fact that the architecture of the building is rather modest, there are no special delights here, yet it amazes even the most sophisticated tourist with its simplicity and as a result of this, it looks impressive. The complex was built in 1987 and named after the founder Bahrain Ahmed Al-Fateh.
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According to many archaeologists, there was a state of Dilmun on the islands. It was considered the beginning of civilization among the Sumerians. The remains of this ancient culture are located in a place called Qal'at al-Bahrain. Scientists have unearthed the remains of streets, temples, shops, and palaces that are more than 4,000 years old under numerous cultural layers, including the Portuguese citadel. The excavation continues today. About a quarter of the territory is open today. Qal`at al-Burtughal is a Portuguese fortress on the top of the hill. It dates from the 17th century. The fortress is perfectly preserved to this day. … Open

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