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The national cuisine of Bahrain is truly distinctive and versatile. In addition to the traditional Arabic dishes, many of which are true delicacies, guests will be surely offered to try dishes from Pakistani, Indian and even Thai cuisine. Seafood is usually considered the basis of the local cuisine. The local food industry provides richest choice of various ingredients for the local restaurants. Meat dishes are no less popular, but the local restaurants are definitely not distinguished by the largest selection of fruits and vegetables in their menus. In the restaurants dedicated to the national cuisine travelers usually prefer to order traditional dishes, such as couscous and kebabs. Fans of meat dishes won’t simply be able to resist the delicious aroma of shawarma. Stewed meat with rice is also a popular dish. You may also be pleased from trying such delicious meals as meat and poultry cooked on an open fire.
When it comes to describing the entertainments, which are offered in Bahrain, the first thing, which is definitely worth mentioning, is numerous colorful markets and shops. Bab Al Bahrain … Open
Besides several types of kebab, the restaurants of Bahrain offer their visitors to order the dish called "dajdaj" (chicken meat stewed in tomato sauce) or "yahni" (meat with vegetables), as well as homemade meatballs made of lamb. Fish is also usually cooked on an open fire or grill. It is often stuffed with rice and mixed vegetables. The local dishes are surely notable and unique thanks to the widest choice of spices, which have already become the so called “signature feature” of the oriental cuisine. Rice, fresh vegetables and salads are the most popular choice of side dishes to meat and fish.
Bahrain is famous for its excellent dates, which are surely used by the local chefs, who prepare a lot of interesting dishes using this ingredient. The sweet fruit can be used as a complement to fish and meat dishes. Dates are added to rice and are the main ingredient for various desserts. Speaking of sweets, we should definitely not to forget to mention the dish called "muhammara" that will certainly not leave any sweet tooth traveller indifferent. Muhammara is cooked from special dark rice, which is mixed with dates and sugar. Fans of pastries and sweets will certainly get a great opportunity to enjoy amazingly delicious halva and baklava, as well as candied fruits and various puddings. Copyright
1. Despite the fact that one can easily purchase alcohol in Bahrain, it must be drunk in specially designated areas only. Note that it is restricted to walk in the streets of the country … Open
Coffee and tea remain the most popular traditional local drinks. A simple cup of tea is a whole ritual in the country. You will be amazed, but in Bahrain it is impossible to find a single machine that sells instant coffee. In the country this drink is treated with great respect, and so it is carefully prepared in accordance with all ancient traditions of the past. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, beer remains the undisputed leader. You may also be offered to try the local anise vodka, which is named "arrack". The locals have quite restrained approach to alcohol, so you can hardly find a large choice of drinks in the local cafes and restaurants.
Out of all Manama restaurants, it is particularly important to mention Bushido that is open in a very attractive building, the design of which is reminiscent of a Japanese pagoda. The restaurant specializes in cooking popular Japanese food. According to many, Bushido offers the best sushi in the city and many rare sea delicacies. Some dishes look simply incredible with their artistic design. The hall of the restaurant looks no less amazing. The restaurant is open in a gorgeous garden with an artificial pond and exotic plants. There are tables both inside and outside, on a spacious open-air terrace.
Travelers wishing to try the most popular dishes of Indian cuisine will hardly find a better restaurant than Rasoi by Vineet. It also offers delicious and attractive looking food with a non-trivial serving method. Numerous types of curry, nutritious meat dishes with sauces, fabulous desserts, and refreshing cocktails with fresh berries are just some of the food featured on the menu. Rasoi by Vineet is open on the first floor of one of the oldest hotels in Manama, the opening of which took place more than 40 years ago.
The Reviera, Reef Island, Kingdom of Bahrain As one can guess from the name, China Garden restaurant specializes in Chinese cuisine. The restaurant’s design is in line with its gastronomic preferences – the hall is decorated with elegant retro style furniture and creative drawings on the walls. Skilled chefs offer dozens of various steamed dishes, so all vegetarians and adherents of a healthy lifestyle will be pleased with their visit to China Garden. Visitors with children also like this restaurant as there is a special menu for young visitors.
Some hotels in Manama are unique, so they are known not only outside of the city, but also in other countries. The Westin Bahrain City Centre situated in the same building with the largest … Open
My Café is a popular restaurant that offers mostly international cuisine, including risotto, various non-sweet oriental pastries, and bruschetta and pizza that are so popular in Italy. The variety of dishes present in the menu is simply striking. The restaurant offers fabulous meat and chicken dishes cooked on an open fire, pies and pizza cooked in an authentic oven, and fancy desserts in the French style.
Manama- Arial view Fans of meat dishes also have gorgeous restaurants to visit in Manama. For example, The Meat Co is a popular steakhouse. Besides juicy steaks and fantastic ribs cooked on an open fire, the restaurant offers the finest seafood. Fresh vegetable salads perfectly complement any meal. Fans of exotic cocktails should also visit this popular restaurant.
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National cuisine of Bahrain

Rice is also used for the cooking of Machboos. This dish is made from fish or meat with the addition of garlic, cardamom, turmeric, white raisins, and tomatoes. A complex blend of masala spices, which is also popular in Indian cuisine, is used in cooking. This dish is served sprinkled with pine nuts and herbs. Two marinades are prepared for making Tikka kebabs: from ginger and lemon juice, and from beetroot and yogurt. Different types of meat are used for preparation. It gets a beautiful, rich color and aroma thanks to the marinade. … Open

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