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Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Library And Conference Centre Isa Town greets its guests, demonstrating its beauty right near the Town Gate. It is a true architectural masterpiece created by Mohamed Saleh Makiya, an Iraqi engineer. The gates have five corridors with two of them on each side. The landmark has become a calling card of Isa Town. The gates seem to tell that the town that visitors are entering is definitely worth their attention. They conquer hearts and make tourists wish to stop and take several memorable photographs. One look of this architectural landmark is enough to understand that this town has prepared something unforgettable for its guests.
Isa Town is one of the youngest and most luxurious towns in Bahrain. Posh villas built by wealthy people from all over the country have already become a calling card of Isa Town. Fabulous … Open
Isa Town is rich in wonderful historical landmarks and amazing sculptures. Don’t forget to visit Pottery Roundabout – an interesting monument in the shape of a ceramic flagon. This monument is linked to the past of Isa Town. The region has always been famous for its pottery, so one of the main monuments in the town is a tribute to this craft. People who have never liked pottery and ceramics often change their opinion in Isa Town because local artisans are true wizards who create quality and attractive ceramics.
Not far from the town, vacationers can visit Aali Burial Mounds. This is an archaeological excavations site where scientists try to find items that date back to the Bronze Age. Of course, tourists are not allowed to enter directly the excavations site because they would mess the work of scientists, but they can look at it at some distance. Bahrain is a country with a rich history, so there is nothing strange in the fact that there are archaeological excavations here. At the site near Isa Town, scientists found such items as clay tableware, baskets, items made of ivory, bronze weapons. It is also believed that ancient monarchs were buried here. Copyright
Isa Town is one of the youngest and most luxurious towns in Bahrain. Posh villas built by wealthy people from all over the country have already become a calling card of Isa Town. Fabulous … Open
Of course, it would be a mistake not to mention Bahrain National Stadium. This arena regularly hosts best football games of the region and the country. The stadium’s capacity is 30,000 spectators, so Bahrain National Stadium appeals not only to sports fans but also to music fans. Because of such a high capacity, the arena often hosts music concerts. Moreover, the venue is often the location of some festivals, so it is better to specify before the planned vacation whether there is a festival or any other interesting event.
Ulu Camii Mardin Khalifa Sports City Stadium is one more iconic place in Isa Town. It is a true pilgrimage destination for many sports fans. This stadium has a capacity of 20,000 people. It was built in 1968, so the country got an arena that could host events of the international level. By the way, some tourists may know the stadium by its old name - Isa Town Stadium. That said, local people will immediately understand what stadium tourists are talking about. Isa Town Stadium frequently hosts interesting sports competitions, but they are usually a bit less famous and large-scale that the events at the Bahrain National Stadium. It is also a popular venue for various festivals and music concerts.
Bahrain is a multinational country, so there are many people from different countries here. However, immigrants from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines are the most widespread. Many … Open
Not far from the town, tourists can see Barbar Temple – one of the legendary landmarks of the country. It is a building of striking beauty. The age of Barbar Temple is approximately 3,000 – 2,000 BC. The impressive age of the building and its special atmosphere never cease to attract numerous visitors. The complex consists of three buildings that look as if they were built one on another. It is also possible to see the ruins of altars and an ancient shrine.
Atlanta Skyline - enilykS atnaltA Vacationers may also want to make a short ride to the north of the town and see one of the most beautiful mosques in Bahrain - Al Khamis Mosque. The grandiose building is a reminder that the country has much to be proud of – this is one of the oldest mosques in Bahrain and the region. The religious construction was built roughly in 692. The mosque was also rebuilt several times. There is a hall for prayers that is supported by wooden pillars and a room with a flat ceiling that is supported by gorgeous stone columns.
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