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A visit to Palanga is unimaginable without tasting of traditional Lithuanian treats. All restaurant of ethnic cuisine will treat their guests with Cepelinai being small potato dumplings with different stuffing which are also known as “zeppelins”. The dish is considered to be one of the most popular and most in demand as among local folks so among city guests. The treat is served as in budgetary cafés and eateries so in upscale restaurants. Potato is a main ingredient of many ethnic dishes. Zemaiciu is also made of potato being crisp zrazy stuffed with meat, vegetables and mushrooms.
Palanga is the greatest attraction for eco tourists, open air recreation fans and all of the travelers tending to exploration of unique scenic nature areas. The city is surrounded with aged … Open
Soups are an integral part of ethnic cuisine. Soup with dumplings is one of the everyday foods of local people. Those tourists, wishing to try even more exotic treats of ethnic cuisine, are recommended a beetroot soup added with kefir. Ethnic menu will be of great interest and pleasure for fish treats fans as well. Original treats made of sea foods are served almost in every eating house of the city. Smoked fish is a genuine traditional treat of Lithuanian cuisine. Gourmands will love smoked conger eel too.
Desserts and sweets addicts should not leave out of their gastronomy tour over Palanga local pastry as the city offers numerous attractive cake shops and coffee houses. Cheese of local production is one of the popular traditional desserts served with honey. Copyright
The city of Palanga will be of great interest for active leisure enthusiasts as the resort offers excellent entertaining centers and health complexes. Guests of the city may enjoy a vast … Open
A major part of popular eating houses and cafés are located in the J. Basanaviciaus Street. Tourists will discover there cozy cafés featuring open air terraces and attractive barbeque houses as well as prestigious restaurants offering dainty treats on the menu. One of the most attractive places to eat in Palanga is the De Cuba restaurant which features not only impressively rich menu but a nice and cozy interior design. The restaurant offers its guests a cozy porch with an elegant fountain in its heart.
Palanga Palanga features numerous restaurants of Russian cuisine the most visited among which is the Cagino eating house. Those tourists wishing to try popular treats of Ukrainian cuisine should pay a visit to the Ukrainietiski vakarai restaurant. Its hall is decorated in unique ethnic style. One of the most prestigious gastronomy establishments of the city is the Zuvine restaurant with dainty fish treats in the heart of its menu.
1. Tourists, visiting Palanga for the first time, should start their city exploration tour from visiting a tourist information center which is located in the Vitauto street. The tourists … Open
Its visitors are offered to set in a comfortable cozy hall or choose one of the tables on a spacious balcony terrace. The Zuvine restaurant features a vast choice of culinary masterpieces and a high class service. In a scenic pine wood tourists will find another ethnic restaurant named Meduza. This eating house will be a perfect place for a family visit with kids as the youngest guests will love an excellent playing ground equipped in the restaurant.
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National cuisine of Lithuania

It is necessary to try the local seafood and dishes of it. Eels are caught in the Couronian Lagoon. This fish can be tasted at local restaurants. Herring in Lithuania is marinated following a special recipe with sour cream and fried onion. Smelt in fried in breadcrumbs. Lithuanian rye bread has an excellent taste. It can be stored for a very long time, without losing its qualities. It’s not accepted to throw bread away. The old one is fried in oil, rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with grated cheese. So, it becomes an excellent snack for beer. The main dessert of Lithuania is Sakotis, which is the local Lithuanian cake. It is cooked with whipped eggs with the addition of flour and sugar on an open fire on a spit. The heat deforms the dough, creating a bizarre shape reminiscent of a branchy tree. Sakotis is one of the most popular souvenirs among tourist. It is often served as a main wedding cake. … Open

Unique sights around Palanga

Promenade Hotel

From the series “Best industrial-style loft hotels”
Travelers have the opportunity to use the services of the fashionable Promenade Hotel in Liepaja. It was opened in the building of the old granary. It was built in the city in 1797. The luxurious building with perfectly preserved interior architecture is considered the most valuable historical monument today. The old wooden ceilings, as well as the brick arches and supports, are preserved in the granary. Food supplies for the winter period were stored in the huge rooms of this building for many years. The granary provided food for the whole city. … Read further

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