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Estatua de Neptuno Gdansk will be surely loved by fans of gastronomic tourism. The city is home to numerous attractive restaurants and cozy cafes. You will find Bar Bados next to a popular cinema. This restaurant serves delicious international cuisine, and every evening it is always full of visitors. The spacious hall of Bar Bados pleases visitors with cozy and relaxed atmosphere. In order to amaze its guests the restaurant often organizes an interesting entertainment program. Bar Pod Ryba is one of the most popular Polish cuisine restaurants. The dining facility specializes in cooking dishes from potato. In addition to delicious treats visitors of the restaurant will be offered to select from a rich choice of wine and beer, which are manufactured locally. Despite the fact that Bar Pod Ryba is considered one of the most prestigious restaurants of Gdansk, the prices here are definitely not high.
Tourists should start observation of the city from visiting the local attractions. As a rule, visitors are recommended to make a walk through the streets of Dlugi Targ and Dluga. Simply each … Open
Czerwone Drzwi restaurant is an original place that never ceases to amaze its guests. The hall of the restaurant is divided into two parts, one of which is occupied by the restaurant itself, and the other one is a nice cafe. The café will be definitely liked by fans of sweets and original cocktails. Dwor Oliwski restaurant is a wonderful place to try gourmet cuisine and original delicacies that are offered to all guests of the restaurant. It is also distinguished by a large selection of desserts. Although, the local culinary experts note that the high cost of dishes in Dwor Oliwski is not the result of rare products or extremely delicious food, but most of the luxurious design.
El Paso restaurant that specializes in Mexican cuisine is located near the Old Market. Its hall is decorated in the original national style and visitors are provided with a huge selection of meat and fish dishes, as well as traditional fruit desserts. You will also find restaurants dedicated to Indian cuisine in Gdansk. Without a doubt, Maharaja is the most famous one. The dishes cooked here are made in strict accordance with classic Indian recipes. Special spices remain the main secret of incredible taste of food. These are delivered to chefs of the restaurant directly from India. Copyright
Gdansk offers its guests to visit numerous exciting entertaining facilities - colorful markets, shops, discos and nightclubs, as well as beautiful parks and gardens. The city is home to the … Open
Fans of Italian food and pizza should not forget to visit Margherita restaurant. This is the place where they will find more than ten kinds of pizza, as well as a huge selection of soft and alcoholic drinks. Margherita is a perfect place for family rest. In the evening the restaurant is always full of big companies, who eat and enjoy friendly talks. The basement of one beautiful historic building is the location of the restaurant dedicated to international cuisine - Piwnica Rajcow. The restaurant accepts guests every day until late in the evening. This is not only a popular eating place, but also an important tourist attraction.
Sw. Brygidy, Gdansk The traditional cuisine of Gdansk is much like the classic Polish one. It is also important to mention that the size of portions is really big in the majority of local restaurants. There are many various meat and fish dishes that are very widespread in the menus of local restaurants. If you want to try something truly authentic, consider ordering duck in a cranberry sauce. The duck is cooked for several hours, and it becomes incredibly soft and tender because of that. It is also important to mention that local cooking methods allow dissolving most of the fat in the duck meat, so the ready meat is not fatty and, at the same time, is very juicy.
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Local people have liked fish dishes starting from the early Middle Ages. Yet at the first part of the 14th century, a large fish market was open in Gdansk, and fresh seafood was delivered to it every day. Nowadays, there are many fish restaurants of different level in the city. Some of them offer classic fish fishes that are very affordable, and some dining establishments specialize in rare seafood delicacies cooked by signature recipes.
View from Gdansk Cathedrals Tower Among expensive and exclusive fish dishes, it is important to mention tuna and smoked sturgeon. Affordable restaurants offer original herring tartar and shrimps cooked in a number of ways.

Roasted and stewed meat is among the traditional national dishes of the region. Gdansk restaurants offer many interesting foods with beef, pork, mutton, and, of course, poultry. Tourists wishing to try everything at once can do that if they order meat platters that are available in many restaurants and cafes of the city. One plate can contain several kinds of meat that is traditionally served with potatoes, cabbage, fresh vegetable salads, and a selection of sauces.
Gdansk is a popular tourist city where it’s not so easy to find streets or places free from walking tourists. If you have long had a desire to diversify walking around the city and … Open
When heading to a Gdansk restaurant in order to enjoy a breakfast, consider ordering traditional potato pancakes. Some dining establishments add mushrooms to this dish. As a rule, the pancakes are served with sour cream and various sauces. Despite the fact that local people consider Polish vodka their traditional alcoholic drink, local restaurants and bars also offer many popular types of local beer. Finally, the Gdansk region also produces quality white wine.
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Where to go for dinner in Gdansk: recommended cafe and restaurants

Dom Pod Lososiem
Where: Ulica Szeroka 54, Gdansk; Telephone: +48 58 301 7652; More info: Tram;
Where: Ulica Dluga 18-21, Gdansk; Telephone: +48 58 322 0044; More info: Tram;
Czerwone Drzwi
Where: Ulica Piwna 52, Gdansk; Telephone: +48 58 301 5764; More info: Tram;
Pierogarnia u Dzika
Where: Ulica Piwna 59, Gdansk; Telephone: +48 58 305 2676; More info: Tram;
Bar Pod Ryba
Where: Dlugi Targ 35, Gdansk; Telephone: +48 58 305 1307; More info: Tram;

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