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Riga Restaurants in Riga are not distinguished by widest choice of delicious dishes and delicacies. Food here is pretty simple, but it is very nourishing and has its own taste benefits. The menu of each restaurant of national cuisine contains widest choice of soups, either meat and vegetable ones, or sweet. Such ingredients as cereals, potatoes, beans and all kinds of dairy products are widely used in the national cuisine.
While in Riga, fans of shopping usually head to Stockmann department store that was opened in 2003. The four-storey department store has numerous shops of different specialization. Besides … Open
Riga chefs prepare an excellent dessert made of semolina - they add vanilla cream, cranberry sauce and nuts to the usual porridge. The taste of this dessert is truly magnificent. Regarding meat dishes we also have much to say as local chefs are full of original ideas. Beef, pork and veal are cooked and served in various ways, mainly with barley porridge or vegetables. Finally, home-made sausages, which are usually served with fried potatoes, become more and more popular among tourists.
A cold beetroot soup named Auksta Zupa is the most popular first course. Bread soup will be also enjoyed by fans of soups. Of course, we should not forget to mention widest choice of fish casseroles, to which are usually added fillets of cod or herring. Herring is very popular here; in many restaurants the fish is fried on the coals and is served to guests with delicious onion sauce. Beer remains the most favorite drink of local residents and tourists. Do not forget to try the beer made by the local Aldaris brewery – it will please even connoisseurs of this drink. Fans of stronger drinks are welcome to order various liqueurs and vodka Latvijas Balzams, which is considered the best among the available varieties of this drink. Copyright
Discovering the architecture of Riga from bird's eye view! Church of St. Peter, National Library of Latvia, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Riga Central Market, Virgin of Anguish Church, all those monuments are defining the image of Riga … Open
Charlstons restaurant is considered one of the most popular institutions of the city. The restaurant is located near the center. During the warm part of year the tables of the restaurant are served on the terrace in the courtyard. Here visitors of Charlstons are able to select from the widest choice of culinary delights and enjoy relaxing atmosphere. The specialties of the restaurant are cheese cake and various delicious meat dishes. Visitors are also welcome to try unusual signature chef’s delicacies. You will find a bar with the same name just next to the restaurant. This is a place where you can try widest choice of beverages - from local beer to vintage wine.
Riga In Riga, travelers can try smoked lamprey fish. This fresh-water fish became a local delicacy many years ago. Lamprey can be cooked in a number of ways, but it becomes incredibly delicious when smoked. This fish has become a widely spread cold appetizer, so travelers will easily find it in virtually any local restaurant. It is also possible to buy smoked lamprey in local markets. There is even a special holiday dedicated to the ever popular Riga’s delicacy – the Lamprey Day. It is celebrated in the second half of August as this is the time for catching this fish species.
Riga Cathedral, Latvian National Opera, Freedom Monument, Riga Radio and TV Tower, as well as many others, they all become the world's cultural heritage objects and remain as iconic monuments for Riga … Open
Some national dishes, which are very popular with residents of Riga, may look quite odd to foreign guests. Cottage cheese with potatoes and herring is one of such examples. The combination of these ingredients, which do not look fitting at a glance, is, nevertheless, very harmonious. Many years ago, it was a popular snack that local peasants ate very often. Nowadays, even fine dining restaurants offer this dish to their clients. It can be cooked in a number of ways, with marinated or salted herring, various sauces, and fresh greens.
Riga Latvia produces gorgeous cheese, the variety of which will please even most experienced foodies. Latvian cheese variety is the most famous and unusual. This cheese has become famous thanks to its strong and acrid odor. Many unprepared travelers are turned down and do not want to sample this cheese, but it has a truly amazing taste. Local restaurants offer various sandwiches with Latvian cheese, add it to pasta, or use in various sauces. It is not allowed to export this cheese because of its strong odor as no packing can stop it from spreading. That said, travelers can enjoy this unusual but delicious cheese only during their vacation in Riga.
Tourists, who are familiar with the history of Riga, will surely understand the meaning of the expression "Riga is the city that must be freed all the time". This shopping center, founded by … Open
Without a doubt, cranberry in sugar is the most popular dessert in Riga. Small packages with candied berries are available at many grocery shops in Riga. Markets are another great place to buy the dessert. Fans of this original delight often head to the nearby town of Sigulda as local producers cook cranberry in sugar in accordance with a special recipe. They use Ghee clarified butter that allows keeping more vitamins in berries and makes them stay fresh longer. It is possible to buy cranberries in any souvenir shop in Sigulda. Local cafes offer another popular dessert that is called Vekriga. These are attractive choux pastries decorated with soft cottage cheese cream, sugar powder, and fruits. Don’t forget to order a shot of the Black Balsam together with this popular dessert.
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