Weather in Palanga. Actual conditions and forecast

Map of wind conditions for Palanga area

Map of Palanga temperature forecast

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Rain forecast for Palanga area

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More to see in Palanga
Palanga is the greatest attraction for eco tourists, open air recreation fans and all of the travelers tending to exploration of unique scenic nature areas. The city is surrounded with aged forests. A majestic botanical garden stands in the heart of the resort. The Botanical Garden of Palanga dates back to the 19th century. The garden locates one of the most significant landmarks of the city being the Palanga Amber Museum. Its collection encompasses hundreds of unique amber handcrafted articles. The museum tells its visitors on the history of development of this unique amber craft. The museum is housed in the Tyszkiewicz Palace which is the most significant architectural landmark of the city. The Count Tyszkiewicz was given a title of Honorary Citizen of Palanga in 1997. A development of port area the beauty of which stuns the city residents and guests till nowadays was led by this prominent person. The palace built in 1897 is executed in Neo-Renaissance style. The last scale reconstruction of the palace was held in 1957. Another interesting landmark of the tourist destination is the Birute Mountain. This place is famous in numerous legends. It is considered that in bygone days local folks kept a sacred fire on the top of the mountain. Few years ago archeologists managed to discover a scale ceremonial shrine on the mountain. A genuine purpose of the shrine is still unknown. In the second part of the 19th century it was decided to build a chapel on the mountain. Its building … Read further

Palanga guide chapters

Travel guide to Palanga

In the warm season, climbing to the Birute's Hill, which is the most important peak of the region, is extremely popular among tourists. This picturesque place is shrouded in many interesting stories and legends. It is believed that local people kept a sacred fire on top of the hill in ancient times. The main attraction of the hill today is a miniature red-brick chapel built in 1869. At the top of the hill, there is … Open

Advices for travellers

6. Prudent tourists should keep in mind that the most expensive gastronomy establishments are located in the center of the city as well as in close neighborhood to significant spots of tourist interest. It will be quite easy to find a budgetary place to eat being distant from the city center. Small family run restaurants and cafes are scattered all over the city and in its remote districts. 7. Local … Open

Traditions and mentality of Palanga

A music festival named “Lygus balsai” engages many famous ethnic groups and folk-song singers. The same interesting and attractive event of the period is the Baltijos bangeles music festival which engages kids’ music groups and bands. Numerous bright and remarkable events being of great interest for city visitors and tourists take place on the first weekend of June. Traditional Festival of Summer marks the … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

A major part of popular eating houses and cafés are located in the J. Basanaviciaus Street. Tourists will discover there cozy cafés featuring open air terraces and attractive barbeque houses as well as prestigious restaurants offering dainty treats on the menu. One of the most attractive places to eat in Palanga is the De Cuba restaurant which features not only impressively rich menu but a nice and cozy interior … Open

Attractions and active leisure

In the nearest neighborhood to the city of Palanga tourists will discover another attractive destination to visit being a popular health resort area named Sventoji. The Sventoji resort is of great popularity among beach recreation fans. The main feature of the area is spacious scenic beaches which are well equipped for comfortable leisure and recreation. The sea there is always serene and clean. That is why this … Open

Cultural excursion through Palanga - things to see

In the second part of the 19th century it was decided to build a chapel on the mountain. Its building has perfectly survived till nowadays. The picturesque chapel built of red brick keeps a rich collection of religious artifacts and statues. Among religious sights and landmarks of the city of Palanga the Church of Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary is best worth tourists attention. The building of the scale church … Open

Climate in Lithuania and weather forecast - best seasons for visit

Lithuania is characterized by fairly mild weather. In the coastal regions, there is a prevalence of marine climate. In the center and in the eastern parts however, a continental climate is dominant. Nevertheless, the tourist season lasts almost all year round in this country. The highest season of tourist inflow naturally falls on the warmest season which is from mid-May to mid-September. It is worth noting that due to the sea cyclones that come from the Baltic Sea to the land, there is no exhausting heat, not even in the height of summer. This is what attracts most tourists. During this period however, prices for all standard services increase by about a quarter. A surge in beach tourism is seen at the beginning of August. The swimming season ends in mid-August, when the water temperature drops below 17 degrees. Also, quite a lot of tourists come to Lithuania every year to celebrate the New Year and Christmas. The bulk of them go to Vilnius of course, to enjoy the delightful New Year atmosphere. … Open

Atmosphere of Lithuania: religion and languages

The dissemination of Polish on the territory of modern Lithuania dates back to the 6th century. At that time, it spread through the territory as the officially recognized language of the Roman Catholic Church. Near the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, there were a lot of Poles and their native language gradually took the lead in all Eastern European countries. But then, in the 19th century its influence fell sharply, and so far the Polish language occupies only the third place in Lithuania, after Russian. It should be noted that the tsarist of the 19th century conducted a serious suppression against the ethnic language of the Lithuanians. It was forbidden to print books in Latin, but in neighboring Prussia, the printing of ethnic Lithuanian literature continued to flourish. During the era of the Soviet Union, the Polish language finally lost its position on the territory of Lithuania and its dissemination ceased. Ethnic Lithuanian on the contrary, developed. Only 10% of Lithuanian citizens considered Russian to be their native language. … Open

Weather in the region of Palanga

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