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Klaipeda will certainly please gourmet tourists with the abundance of attractive dining places. Among local cuisine restaurants, vacationers point out Jola. Its menu includes the most popular Lithuanian dishes. In summer, part of the restaurant tables is set out on the terrace, from which you can admire nearby attractions. The Memelis restaurant is loved not only by fans of Lithuanian cuisine, but also by those who want to dance. Visitors can swing on a large dance floor. In the evenings there is always live music in Memelis and guests are offered a special menu.
In Klaipeda, there are amazing sights and entertainment facilities that are worth visiting the whole family. The city has an exciting Mini Zoo which will be alluring to visit even with the … Open
Among the budget places locals and tourists admit Čili Kaimas restaurant. It will surprise guests not only with an abundance of national food, but with nice prices too. During the day, the restaurant always operates a special menu; a tasty three-course dinner will cost visitors a very modest sum.
In Klaipeda cafes and restaurants that specialize in European dishes are common. In Morena café it is always possible to find a large selection of entrees and fresh salads, as well as soft drinks and desserts. Morena serves visitors until late in the evening; musical performances and other entertainment events are regularly hosted in this cafe. The Navalis restaurant also provides a wide selection of international cuisine dishes – there are treats suitable for both seafood fans and fans of meat delicacies. Copyright
The highlight of the cultural life of the city is the Marine Day celebrated every year during the latter half of May. In Klaipeda it is celebrated for more than fifty years; every year its … Open
Ararat Armenian restaurant has remained one of the most popular venues of the city for many years; meat treats make up the basis of its menu. Only here visitors will have an opportunity to taste the eastern kebab meat and nourishing soups, and enjoy desserts and pastries after the end of the meal. Ararat is famous because of rich selection of beverages including wines and brandy of rare and collectible brands. Fans of Chinese cuisine couldn’t ignore the Ju binlou restaurant. Among its features we should mention not only a rich variety and high quality of food, but also an interesting interior design. The room design is developed in the best traditions of the East; an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony is reigning in the restaurant disposing to rest. You can also enjoy Chinese cuisine in Ju bao lou restaurant, which is located near the downtown.
Klaipeda restaurants specializing in regional cuisine will offer visitors a huge selection of hearty meat dishes, sausage specialties, high-quality dairy products, and pastries. The local cuisine is characterized by the virtual absence of spices, so all products keep their natural taste during the cooking process. Restaurant menus always present a wide selection of potato dishes, which are prepared in dozens of different ways. Potatoes can be fried, boiled, baked, used for cooking a variety of popular soups and wonderful casseroles.
It’s better to start an acquaintance with attractions of the city with walk through the Old Town. This area is characterized by an abundance of beautiful old streets. You can see the … Open
The most common and famous potato dish is “Cepelinas” - large potato dumplings with various fillings. A much more original dish is “vėdarai” - potato sausage. It has its roots hundreds of years ago. Since then, its recipe and way of cooking have not changed much. The natural casing is filled with a mixture of grated potatoes and lard, sometimes with added barley grits. Small sausages are fried until golden brown, the dish turns out to be very satisfying. You can try it not only in restaurants - vėdarai can also be found at street markets and even in many Klaipeda supermarkets.
Among the variety of pastries, one should pay attention to Kibanai patties prepared with the use of a special type of unleavened dough. Meat, mushrooms, cottage cheese, and various vegetables have always been the most popular fillings for pies. Some restaurants in Klaipeda specialize in serving this particular dish.
Klaipeda boasts an abundance of shops and entertainment venues, so it wouldn’t be difficult to plan an evening tour program. Nature lovers would like local Botanical Garden, which … Open
Among fans of meat delicacies, one of the most popular treats is “skilandis” - a special kind of cold smoked sausage. Only selected pork is used for the preparation of this matured sausage. It has a quite unusual shape of the ball, which distinguishes it from many other sausages. Skilandis has a very rich and natural taste since only the simplest spices such as garlic, salt, and pepper are added to the ground meat. Small sausage balls can be bought at markets; many local farmers prepare it according to a special homemade recipe.
The swinging bridge Another popular meat treat is pork ears, which are prepared in dozens of different ways. They can be boiled, fried and smoked. In the latter case, pork ears are the most popular beer snack. in Klaipeda, a pleasant surprise awaits all beer lovers - they will have a chance to visit one of the most famous Lithuanian breweries “Švyturys”. Its opening took place as far back as the late 18th century. At this factory, beer has been brewed according to unchanged recipes for over 200 years.
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National cuisine of Lithuania

Various milk drinks and milk-based products are very popular in Lithuania. Besides milk, the inhabitants of the country like curdled milk, cottage cheese, and kefir. The most popular non-alcoholic drink in Lithuania is kvass. Tinctures are popular among alcoholic beverages. The most famous of them are 999 and Zubrowka. One of the traditional drinks is Krupnik, which is made on the basis of alcohol with the addition of honey and spices. Excellent beer is brewed in Lithuania. It has already been recognized throughout the world. The most popular brands are Utenos Alus, Taurus, and Gubernia. The best and strongest beer in the country is produced in the Biržai area. … Open

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