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Kaunas Avilys is known as one of the best known and most popular restaurants in Kaunas. The restaurant is located in the building of an old brewery. Even nowadays the best varieties of beer in the city are prepared in this place. Avilys is a nice and cozy restaurant, where visitors can taste not only the best sorts of beer, but also many signature treats. Fans of pizza will surely love the restaurant named Pizza Jazz. This is a perfect place for a family holiday. In addition to the popular Italian dish the restaurant offers many other delicious dishes, such as fresh salads, snacks and desserts. Guests are also welcome to order Italian wine and various soft drinks. The restaurant will be certainly liked by jazz fans as it often hosts interesting theme parties. Even if there’s no party planned, guests will be able to enjoy nice live music.
1. Travelers, who want to visit local parks, are recommended to learn their rules in advance. As a rule, picnics and kindle fires cannot be made throughout the park. Even a vehicle left in … Open
Sporto Baras is considered the most popular bar in Kaunas. Every evening the bar attracts numerous fans of beer and delicious food. Of course, people, who are keen on sports, are also among frequent visitors of the bar. Sporto Baras is equipped with large plasma screens that broadcast the most exciting sporting events, and a large selection of delicious food will make your stay here even more enjoyable. Small visitors will be delighted to know there is a special playroom for children in the bar. Finally, there is also a separate hall for various events and banquets.
The Šimtas restaurant specializes in cooking dishes from the national cuisine. Its spacious hall can accommodate up to 100 persons at the same time. The restaurant is also a great choice for all kinds of banquets and celebrations. Guests will never get bored here thanks to an interesting entertainment program that is regularly organized in the restaurant. The Perkuno Namai restaurant is a wonderful place where guests have an opportunity to try various cuisines of the world. Connoisseurs of classic dishes and gourmet visitors will be able to choose right treats with ease. Visitors with children will also like this restaurant as there is a separate menu for kids. During warm months a part of the restaurant’s tables is set on the terrace. By the way, in summer Perkuno Namai always offers dishes cooked on the grill. Copyright
The basis of the menu of the Babilonas restaurant is represented by gourmet cuisine. This is one of the most prestigious dining facilities of the city. A huge choice of gourmet and signature dishes, a unique atmosphere of luxury and very attentive staff – visitors of Babilonas are guaranteed to have a comfortable stay and the highest level of service in this restaurant. These are just some of the Katowice restaurants. They really have everything to attract the attention of foreign travelers, because each institution features different unique atmosphere and rich choice of exclusive treats.
Kaunas In restaurants of Kaunas, you can taste the most popular Lithuanian dishes. A common everyday dish among locals is Cepelinai. Outwardly, it resembles small dumplings, which may be cooked with dozens of different fillings. The classic version is meat filling, while there are also options with various vegetables and cottage cheese. Various salads are usually served to this popular dish.
The most famous and largest shopping center in Kaunas is Acropolis. Hundreds of shops, as well as an excellent cinema and restaurants, are represented on its four floors. In total, the … Open
Soups that are often served in a bread bowl are common in local restaurants. Many foreign guests may find this form of serving quite unusual, while the locals have long used to this kind of soups. One of the most delicious soups is cream of mushroom soup. As a rule, a bread bowl for this soup tastes so good that no one leaves it on the table.
Kaunas Castle, Lithuania Traditional Kaunas cuisine cannot be imagined without pastries, the most common variant of which is buns. They are dozens of different types, from very small to very large. Buns are served hot and may be stuffed with minced meat, various vegetables, cheese, and cottage cheese. One can try them not only in local restaurants but also in numerous pastry shops, which are very widespread in Kaunas.
Probably, only Vilnius can be called a competitor of Kaunas as in this city you will find as many historical sights and signature places, as in the capital of the country. The old part of … Open
Kaunas restaurants have prepared a pleasant surprise for fans of hearty meat and fish dishes. They will be able to taste traditional dishes of pork, beef, and chicken. Meat is also used for the preparation of various types of steaks. The regional cuisine is famous for its sausages, which can be tried in restaurants or street markets. In Kaunas restaurants, meat and fish dishes are always served with sauces or pickled vegetables, the portions are usually quite large.
A very interesting meat delicacy is pork ears, which can be fried, smoked, boiled and even salted. Residents of Kaunas are big fans of beer, and such an original meat delicacy remains one of the most common snacks. You can taste the various beers brewed in Kaunas in any local restaurant serving regional cuisine. Lithuanian beer is quite cheap. Those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks will be offered a huge selection of tea with herbs and fruits.
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National cuisine of Lithuania

The most popular meat in Lithuania is pork. Lamb and beef are less used. One of the most famous Lithuanian meat dishes is zrazy, which is a meatloaf with stuffing. They are cooked from tenderized beef. Vegetable filling, eggs, and sometimes porridge is put inside. A garnish is a porridge or mashed potatoes. Another popular dish is shyupinis is cooked of potato and peas. It is served along with fried pork. Potatoes in Lithuania are often cooked in a sauce of sour cream and milk with the addition of spices. A unique potato dish is cepelinai, which are large dumplings of raw and boiled potatoes with a filling of meat or cottage cheese. They are served with sour cream and fried bacon. It is interesting that the name of the dish was obtained thanks to a form similar to the German Zeppelin aircraft. … Open

Where to go for dinner in Kaunas: recommended cafe and restaurants

Where: Laisves 79, Kaunas; Telephone: + 370 37 75 08 70;
Berneliu Uzeiga
Where: M. Valanciaus g. 9, Kaunas; Telephone: +370 37 20 09 13;
Where: K. Donelaicio g. 66, Kaunas; Telephone: +370 20 03 00;
Didžioji Siena
Where: Kumeliu 7, Kaunas; Telephone: +370 37 22 05 85;
Medziotoju Uzeiga
Where: Rotušes 10, Kaunas; Telephone: + 370 37 32 09 56;
Perkuno Namai
Where: Perkuno 61, Kaunas; Telephone: +370 37 32 02 30;
Ramzis II
Where: Daukšos 29, Kaunas; Telephone: + 370 37 32 43 01;
Senieji Rusiai
Where: Vilniaus 34, Kaunas; Telephone: +370 37 20 28 06;

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