Sightseeing in Kanagawa - what to see. Complete travel guide

Roller coaster 1. English is enough to travel in Kanagawa, but this applies only to tourist areas. Local people, as a rule, can speak only their mother tongue. There are many signs in Japanese only.
2. Do not eat on the go – the Japanese will consider it a sign of bad manners and will express their disapproval. It is possible to eat in public transport, but only if you do not produce any litter and do not discomfort others.
3. Loud phone calls in public areas can be considered a sign of impoliteness to others. It is better to turn on the silent mode in your gadget and answer important phone calls in a low voice without any active body language.
4. Tips in Kanagawa restaurants, just like everywhere in the country, are unacceptable – they will be considered an insult. That being said, if you want to thank the staff, it is better to thank them in person or write a good review of the service.
5. Be prepared to keep small litter in your bag. Trash bins in Japan are mostly located in public areas, and there are bins for different types of waste. Don’t forget that throwing litter on the street will result in a big fine. Copyright
6. It is common to take off shoes before entering certain places. These are, for example, apartments, monasteries, and some restaurants in the national style.
7. Japanese laws prohibit taking pictures of local people, products in shops, and showpieces at exhibits without permission. If you want to take pictures of something, don’t forget to ask the staff whether you are allowed to do this.
Kanagawa prefecture is located on Honshu Island. Today this is one of the main industrial centers of the country. Despite the fact that Kanagawa was severely destroyed by the earthquake in … Open
8. It is common to clean up after oneself in Japanese fast foods. Take away all utensils and litter before returning the tray.
9. Smoking is prohibited in the vast majority of public areas in Japan. If you need to smoke, it is better to ask people about the closest smoking area. Otherwise, you will have to pay a large fine.
10. When entering a restaurant, it is necessary to wait for an administrator who will take you to a vacant place. Do not occupy the table that you like yourself. Some dining establishments have ticket machines. In this case, you need to take a ticket and wait in the queue.
11. Crime rates are very low in Japan mostly thanks to the national character and a severe punishment system. If you have lost something or suspect that your item was stolen, it is better to contact the police. Most probably, your lost item will be found.
12. Kanagawa has a mild climate that is quite warm but humid. Tourists need to be prepared for frequent rains and constant high humidity.
13. Public transport is well-developed in Japan. Numerous highways and railroads connect cities and towns. Don’t forget to keep the ticket until the end of a ride – there are ticket barriers at the exit.
14. Japanese taxi is a very comfortable way to navigate in the city. However, keep in mind that many taxi drivers cannot speak English. It is better to write down the address in Japanese beforehand in order not to find yourself in an unknown place.
15. Be careful if you want to rent a car as this is not the most comfortable means of transport in Japan because the main streets and highways are often heavily loaded. Besides that, left driving is adopted in the country. To be allowed to drive a car, you need a Japanese driving license or a special international one.
16. It is better to learn how to eat with chopsticks before visiting the Country of the Rising Sun – the majority of the national cuisine restaurants do not have forks and knives.
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What to visit being in Kanagawa - unique sights

Enoshima Lighthouse

From the series “Top 15 Most Fascinating Lighthouses”
The new lighthouse was built at the place of the destroyed one. The most famous architectures worked for its design. The construction is made in such way: through the glass constructions that are made instead of the walls, you can see the whole spiral stairs from the street. The lighthouse looks marvellous even in a daylight and at night it looks magnificent with its all art illumination. … Read further

House with Slide

From the series “The Most Bizarre and Fancy Living Houses”
The house was finished in 2009, the overall living area is more than 163 square meters. Apart from the slide and the games room, the house has a lot of other interesting design elements. The large windows on the walls and the roof, the glass elements on the floor, the various mirror screens and the modern accessories make the atmosphere unique. This wonderful house is perfect not only for the fun games, but also for the study. Inside is the large bright library furnished. … Read further

Tips for the cities around Kanagawa

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