Sightseeing in Kobe - what to see. Complete travel guide

artificial river 1. The most favorable period to visit Kobe is spring and autumn when it is always very warm and sunny here. In summer, it often rains and a strong wind blows, which can ruin your vacations.
2. Beach lovers should take into account that the water on the coast warms up to comfortable temperatures as early as in May. Thanks to the warm currents, the beach season in Kobe lasts until mid-October.
3. The most luxurious and expensive hotels are located on the waterfront. Budget travelers should look for suitable hotels at some distance from the coast.
4. Apart from classic hotels, the so-called "ryokans" are common in the city. Such traditional inns are distinguished by special room equipment. Instead of regular beds, the rooms feature tatami mats. Some ryokans have their own thermal baths.
5. Kobe has a modern airport, but it only accepts domestic flights. The easiest way to get to the city is with a transfer in Kansai, where there is a large international airport. Copyright
6. Railway communication is also well-developed in the city. From Kobe Station, you can easily reach Osaka and Kyoto by train.
7. The main forms of public transport in the city are buses and the subway. By bus, you can literally get to any area, but when using road transport, you should definitely take into account heavy traffic.
Kobe is the birthplace of the world famous delicacy - marbled beef. This type of meat is the most expensive in the world, and you can try it only here. It is prohibited to export this meat … Open
8. The routes of special sightseeing buses running through the city cover the most iconic tourist attractions. A schedule of such buses and the location of stops can be specified in any tourist center.
9. Besides sake factories, Kobe is famous for its breweries. All beer lovers should definitely try the beer produced in the city and its surroundings.
10. It is important to keep in mind that shoes should be removed not only at the entrance to the house, but also when visiting some public institutions. The same rule applies to some temples and museums.
11. One of the most dangerous places in town is the subway. During peak hours, crowd stampedes often happen here. Also, the subway is the main working place for pocket thieves.
12. Since Kobe is one of the largest port cities in the world, seafood is the cheapest food here. It can be tried not only in restaurants but also in the markets where open stalls often have a small kitchen.
13. Fans of tours and entertainment should take into account that many local museums and amusement parks may close quite early. Even in summer, some of them work until 4:30 pm.
14. Many famous restaurants and cafes in Kobe have their official websites where one can read a lot of useful information. Discount coupons are often freely available on such sites.
15. Kobe is considered a quite calm and safe city. You can safely walk along the waterfront and the main streets even at night.
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What to visit being in Kobe - unique sights

Toilet Tank

From the series “Public Toilets, Who Makes it Extravagant”
In this unusual aquarium the colorful fish swim. The unusual design design has not hurt the technical functionality of the toilet. While staying in this WC it seems that you are on the seabed. Everywhere you can see the quiet little fish and the interesting design installations. The unique lighting system emphasizes the original thematic spatial design. In the design toilet of the Café The Mumin Papa you will definitely want to stay for a while. … Read further

Tree House for Humans

From the series “Ubelievable Residential Houses Residing on Trees”
78 individual holes were made for birds on the facade of the house, and on the other side of the house there is one large round entrance for a person. The space inside the house is divided into two parts by a wooden partition with holes through which it is convenient to observe the birds. All visitors to the center will have an opportunity to climb a comfortable staircase and diversify the rest with an unusual event - bird watching. In addition to the original house, chic picnic areas are equipped on the territory of the Nature Reserve, and many interesting routes have been developed for hikers. … Read further

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