Excursion tour in Kyoto. Top architecture - monuments, castles, temples and palaces

Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto 1. Major shopping centers are open every day, seven days a week. They begin serving visitors not later than 10:00 am, and the working day ends not earlier than 9:00 pm. If the store is labeled «convinience store», it means that it is working all around the clock.
2. Holiday-makers should be aware that leaving a tip in Kyoto is not accepted. Any waiters or taxi drivers or hotel attendant will not accept monetary rewards. In some upscale restaurants a service charge may be included in the total score, and it is no more than 10% of the total.
3. Going to restaurants, take into account that in most of them the menu is only in Japanese. However, staff of prestigious establishments is fluent in English, so you can ask any questions.
4. While walking around the city and visiting various excursions travelers should be very quiet. The thing is that the locals don’t like the noise and are very restrained emotionally. The rapid display of emotion or loud speech is considered a sign of mauvais ton.
5. In addition to public transport, taxi is very popular among city dwellers and tourists. Fares are moderate, so for tourists who are traveling in large groups, taxis will be the most reasonable vehicles. All cars have taximeters; fare for travel in different companies may differ slightly. Copyright www.orangesmile.com
6. Many hotels offer guests an interesting service - rental of cellular phones. In this case, the client has to pay only for the service of cell provider. In addition to cell phones, special machines that accept plastic cards provide profitable telecommunication too. They are next to all major government agencies and are represented in shopping centers.
7. Many tourists say that local stores have very low prices. The quality of products remains high; this also applies to local dishes, clothing and equipment. Travelers should visit shops with fixed prices. Value of all goods in these stores is the same, and the choice of products is usually very extensive.
Kyoto has plenty of shopping spots to choose from. Here you can start shopping right at the railway station. The Kyoto Station Building is one of the largest stations not only in the country … Open
8. One of the main features of the national character of local people is punctuality. You should not be late for a meeting or a visit under no circumstances. Tourists who expect to travel by public transport, has to consider that the schedule of buses and trains is planned out to the minute.
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What to visit being in Kyoto - unique sights

Sagano Bamboo Grove

From the series “Stunning Beauty Places of the Earth, Unknown to Tourists”
The area of ​​the picturesque grove, which has a network of specially equipped hiking trails, forms 16 square kilometers. The main plant that guests can see in this unusual natural reserve is the bamboo 'Moso'. This unique bamboo species grows so impetuously that the plant can reach the height of 20 meters in just one month. The average diameter of the bamboo tree is about 20 cm. On the parking lot there are bamboo trees, the height of which is about 40 meters. Some tribes are gradually drying up and falling. From this natural material the beautiful promenades with railings for visitors are made. … Read further

Nara Dreamland

From the series “Deserted Places Causing the Feeling of Chill”
The park is enclosed by a high fence with barbed wire. It is guarded by the police round the clock. Those of the few enthusiasts who still manage to go to the abandoned park have to note that it is guarded carefully. Police officers are not limited to only fining those who entered the forbidden territory. They could use firearms without warning. What caused such a behavior of police is unknown. People with weak mentality aren't recommended to walk close to the park on a windy day, as old rides in the wind emit a truly frightening rattle. … Read further

Tips for the cities around Kyoto

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