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Daihakone Country Club, Kanagawa Unique sulfurous springs remain one of the most important calling cards of the region. These springs are mostly located in Ōwakudani valley. Travelers are welcome to participate in special interesting hiking tours that are regular in the region. During these tours, they will visit the largest springs and an ancient Shinto temple famous for its gorgeous statues made of volcanic lava, and then ride a cable road that connects two mountains. Needless to say, the cable road offers breathtaking views of the region. Finally, travelers can try a unique delicacy in this part of the prefecture – kuro-tamago or eggs boiled in a sulfurous spring.
Kanagawa is one of the most modern and economically developed prefectures in Japan. Besides breathtaking natural landscapes, the region is home to many interesting cultural landmarks. The … Open
Specifically for fans of gorgeous views, Yokohama Marine Tower offers interesting excursions with striking views. It is a 100-meter lighthouse that has a viewing platform on the top. Having reached the platform in a fast elevator, you will be able to admire magnificent views of the city and the coastal area. It is also possible to see famous Mount Fuji from afar. The lighthouse is also a museum – there is a permanent exhibition on the ground floor that is dedicated to the marine theme. It includes gear of sailors, different models of compasses and sextants, old maps, and historical documents. Not far from the building, tourists will find Yamashita-koen, a picturesque park that is a perfect place to relax and restore peace of mind.
Excursions to Lake Ashi and Fukara-yosui tunnel are no less interesting. If the weather permits, it is possible to swim in the lake and then visit a wonderful viewing platform that offers a tremendous view of the valley, mountains, and the berth. By the way, the berth is suitable for fishing. The tunnel is a very interesting landmark as well. It was made at the end of the 17th century in order to connect the lake and Fukara village. In addition to an excursion to the natural landmark, tourists can visit a costume show that takes place in a “pirate” ship. The entertainment program includes a visit to Lake Ashi, various contests, a costume show, and sampling quality rum. Copyright
1. English is enough to travel in Kanagawa, but this applies only to tourist areas. Local people, as a rule, can speak only their mother tongue. There are many signs in Japanese only. 2. … Open
If you like mountains and are not afraid of heights, don’t forget to visit the Hakone Ropeway. It connects Sounzan Station and Gora cableway. The average height of the ropeway is approximately 200 meters, and the total length is around 1,200 meters. The Hakone Ropeway excursion usually lasts around half an hour. During this time, the cable car makes four stops in the most picturesque areas. Without a doubt, views of majestic Mount Fuji and the beautiful valley are the most precious and impressive. Having reached the final stop, you can continue your mountain adventure and use the ropeway to return back.
Cherry blossoms / Sakura If you like attractions and mind-blowing racing, pay your attention to Yokohama Cosmo World. It is a popular theme park located in the city of Yokohama. In Yokohama Cosmo World, visitors can choose from a broad range of different attractions, starting from a giant Ferris wheel, the highest point of which offers an excellent panorama of the city, and up to a motordrome and thrilling rollercoasters. At a glance, the park doesn’t look too big, but one day may be not enough to try all attractions available in Yokohama Cosmo World. Tourists are recommended to purchase an unlimited ticket for one day that allows trying all attractions without any limitations and extra charges.
Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park, which is located in Miura, is primarily famous for its marine fauna. The park’s visitors can watch interesting shows with dolphins that make marvelous stunts and attend no less interesting excursions. Large aquariums in Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park have become home to different species of fishes, reptiles, and amphibians. In comfortable open-air cages, there are seals, sea-dogs, and other animals. Moreover, there is an interesting attraction that is informally called “a handshake with otter” – you will be able to see the cute animals very close and even play with them. The park also has a café and a playground for children.
Yokohama Sky During warm months, tourists can go to the coast and swim in ocean waves. Shichirigahama Beach, which is located not far from the city with the same name, is one of the most attractive beaches in the region. This flat beach with clean sand and a developed infrastructure is a very pleasant place to relax and sunbathe for tourists. There are dressing cabins, a café, and a parking lot nearby. However, tourists need to be careful when visiting local beaches. Storm warnings are quite frequent in the prefecture, so keep an eye on the news and do not swim in the ocean when the storm is coming – it can be life-threating.
Kanagawa Prefecture is famous for its quality shopping centers, and Lazona Kawasaki Plaza is one of the most popular with tourists. It is a wonderful place to relax and have fun all day … Open
Shonan Beach Park is a safe and interesting place to relax. Storms are rare in this part of the prefecture, so waves are rarely 2 – 3 meters high, as a rule, they are much smaller. The swimming season lasts almost half a year, from April to November. This beach is an ideal destination for everyone who wants to master the basics of surfing. The only thing you need to do is to find a coach and train as much as you want. The beach has fine and clean sand and crystal clear water. As a rule, there are not many people in Shonan Beach Park.
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Map of all parks
National and city parks around Kanagawa
♥   Prefectural Natural Park 'Ota' , 17.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Prefectural Natural Park 'Koto' , 22.7 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Prefectural Natural Park 'Asahi' , 25.2 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Prefectural Natural Park 'Okitsu' , 26.5 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Prefectural Natural Park 'Ibuki' , 29.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo
Map of all pret-parks
Amusement parks near Kanagawa
♥   Amusement park 'Yokohama Cosmoworld' , 1 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Sky Garden' , 1.3 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Sea Paradise' Kanazawa, 12.2 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Aqua Stadium' Minato, 21.7 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Yomiuriland' Inagi, 22.7 km from the center. On the map   Photo
Map of all aquaparks
Water attractions around Kanagawa
♥   Water park 'Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise' Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, 12.2 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Water park 'Yomiuriland' Tokyo, 22.7 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Water park 'Toshimaen Amusement Park' Nerima, Tokyo, 32.9 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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