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Hanoi to Hue, Vietnam The cuisine of Hanoi is quite specific. However, it is diverse. You should definitely try it. Moreover, there are numerous cafes, restaurants, and food stalls in the city. What should you taste? Of course, first of all, it is a traditional Pho soup. It is cooked in chicken broth. Usually, the portions are large. A lot of meat is added to it. Most often it is beef. You can also taste rice noodles, herbs, and chili peppers. Soup is served in almost all cafes and restaurants. Probably, this is one of the safest dishes in terms of spices and taste combinations.
Hanoi provides excellent conditions for active and fun holidays. There are picturesque parks, which are perfect for hiking and sports. You can also find there colourful markets and modern … Open
It is also recommended to enjoy rice cakes Bahn Com stuffed with meat and Asian mushrooms. Of course, Chinese rice rolls deserve attention. They are called Nem. This is a transparent sheet of rice paper filled with vegetables, meat, seafood, and noodles. They are usually served with different sauces. This is a great snack option. Rice glass noodles are part of many traditional dishes. If there is the word “Bún” in the name, then this is noodles in combination with some meat or vegetables. You should taste rice porridge. It is usually served with meat. The dish is dressed with lemongrass and fish sauce. The rice should be soft and boiled in this dish. This dish is specific. However, it is recommended to taste it, especially if you have stomach problems.
Hanoi is also famous for its pastry shops. Desserts are most often European here because the country was under the protectorate of France for many years. There are a lot of vegetarian dishes here. Soups, main dishes, and salads are cooked exclusively from plant ingredients in almost any restraint. However, almost any type of meat, including snake meat, is available for meat fans here. You can order any of them and compare them with each other. Copyright
1. Many tourists choose Hanoi because of geographical location. It is convenient to plan the route through the northern part of the country from here. The picturesque Halong Bay is located … Open
You can buy Banh Mi everywhere on the streets. This is a small baguette with a variety of fillings. Meat, pickled vegetables, herbs, and sauce are traditionally included in this sandwich. This is a very satisfying snack.
Hanoi - Pagoda de Tran Quoc Unlike many Asian countries, there are no problems with dairy products in Vietnam. They are available in almost all stores. However, the Vietnamese practically do not use them. Vietnamese coffee deserves special attention. It is prepared in a special way in a special device. The result is a rich and flavorful drink. It is perfect for sweet desserts. Coffee fans should definitely taste the local Egg coffee. This is a drink with a cap of whipped cream. It is served both hot and cold. It is better to order this coffee at Cafe Giảng, (39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân).
It is extremely difficult to distinguish the best hotels among all in Hanoi as they are all original and attractive in their own way. The hotel the Sofitel Legend Metropole is a spectacular … Open
There are a lot of street shops with food and drinks in Hanoi. Juices of sugarcane or young coconut are popular drinks. If you don't want to eat street food or the local cuisine seems too exotic for you, then you can visit fast-food restaurants. There are many of them in the city. KFC restraints are popular with locals. Street food is quite safe, unless, of course, you choose very exotic options such as a drink of vodka and snake blood. It should also be noted that many dishes have a very specific smell. Coriander and fish sauce are often used in Vietnamese cuisine.
Hanoi Vietnam You should look for authentic food in street cafes and markets in Hanoi. Many shops are located in the Old Quarter in the center of the city. If you don't like street food, you can visit local restaurants. You can find great places in the Old Quarter, such as the La Salsa restaurant. However, you should definitely ask about the cost of meals in advance. Otherwise, you risk finding after the dinner that it is very expensive. Many visitors note that the portions are usually very large. It is recommended to order one dish. Usually, in addition to the main dish – for example, meat – a bowl of noodles or rice and vegetable salad will be served for you. You will have a full meal at the result.
Hanoi is a great choice for fans of shopping. You can buy anything you want here. This includes clothing, souvenirs, appliances, exotic products, and jewelry. Most of the stores are open … Open
You can taste budget and tasty dishes in Cơm Bình Dân chain cafes. Locals prefer to eat here. The menu is traditional and varied here. Eel soup and Lotus salad is especially recommended. You can also have a cheap meal at the Bún Chả restaurant. This is a two-story restaurant that offers simple traditional cuisine. These are kebabs, nems, soups, and pies. Everything is delicious and simple here. This is a good choice for budget travelers.
Stunning You can find exotic dishes most often on the street. These are fried spiders, Scorpions, and beetles. Chefs arrange real shows for tourists from cooking snakes. It's being butchered right in front of you. This spectacle is quite specific. However, many travel agencies offer this method of specific entertainment. The Opera Club is a more sophisticated place with Vietnamese and French cuisine. You will find it in front of the Sofitel Metropole. You can order roast beef, seafood mousse, delicious desserts, and excellent wine along with national dishes here. Prices are above average in this place.
Discovering the architecture of Hanoi from bird's eye view! Hanoi Cathedral, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, all those monuments are defining the image of Hanoi … Open
It is recommended to order seafood in one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city. This is Emperor. Couples in love often have dinner here. The restaurant has a very romantic interior. You should definitely order a soft-shell crab. Wild Lotus restaurant offers a traditional Vietnamese menu. It is located near Hoan Kiem. In addition to dishes cooked according to old recipes, you can enjoy blooming lotuses growing in small reservoirs here. Elegant frescoes on the walls of the restaurant also deserve attention.
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Where to go for dinner in Hanoi: recommended cafe and restaurants

Where: 1A Xuan Dieu, Tayn Ho District, Hanoi; Telephone: +84 (0)4 719 8001;
Where: 18b Le Thanh Tong Str, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi; Telephone: +84 (0)4 826 8801;
Al Fresco’s
Where: 23L Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi; Telephone: +84 (0)4 826 7782;
Where: 16 Nam Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi; Telephone: +84 (0)4 942 4097;
Seasons Of Hanoi
Where: 95B Quan Thanh, Hanoi; Telephone: +84 (0)4 843 5444;
Where: 24 Hang Be St, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi; Telephone: +84 (0)4 824 5359;
Restaurant 69
Where: 69 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi; Telephone: +84 (0)4 926 1720;

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