Photogallery of Gili Islands, Indonesia

Gili Islands
Gili Islands by TaylorMiles @flickr
Gili Islands
Gili Islands by Souk nh
Gili Islands
Gili Islands by Viaja blog
Gili islands
Gili islands by jonatansandin
Gili Islands
Gili Islands by Petter Thorden
Gili Islands
Gili Islands by Jamakukoviajero
Gili Islands
Gili Islands by javiarana
gili island
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gili island
gili island by stefsab
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More to see in Gili Islands
Gili will appeal to those who are fond of water sports. The underwater world here is diverse and rich. You can see bright tropical fish, turtles and corals. Each island has diving schools and equipment rental offices. If you do not have practice, you can take a crash course of video tutorials, safety, trial dive in the pool and go on a dive accompanied by an instructor. Experienced divers with certificates can explore the waters of all the Islands. Gili is also perfect for freediving and snorkelling. Many diving centres have their own hotels, it will be more profitable to stay in such a place. Gili Air has several schools for beginners and there are large diving centres. Most dive centres are located on Gili Trawangan. Most of the tourists come here to enjoy scuba diving during the day and hang out at night. Another popular water extreme activity on Gili Islands is swimming with sharks. The Islands are small, and everyone can safely go around in a circle, such a hike can be quite an exciting adventure. You will see all the beaches and watch the life of the Islands here. For example, there are many abandoned hotels on Gili Meno– at dusk, it is a creepy but interesting sight. You can also go around the island by bike - there are rentals everywhere. In order not to risk with your money, we remind you that there is no police, it is better to take a bicycle lock. Be sure to visit all three Islands-water transport runs here all the time. Boats and scooters are not … Read further

Chapters of the guide to Gili Islands

Travel guide to Gili Islands

Thorough archaeological excavations have only proven the fact that there were no ancient settlements on the islands. There is an important reason for that – there are no sources of fresh water on the islands. First permanent settlements on the Gili Islands appeared relatively not long ago, in the 70s of the previous century. First settlers were mostly involved in fishing. Later, several coconut palm tree … Open

Gili Islands for children - what to visit

Be sure to bring medicines, sun creams, baby food and diapers in sufficient quantities – there are almost no shops on the island. But there shouldn’t be any problems with food for children. Most hotels have very decent cuisine, close to European - not spicy and made of familiar products. You can always buy natural juices and fruits, rice dishes, noodles and fish with seafood in small cafes. Today, the … Open

Advices for travellers

21.Be careful with draught drinks on Trawangan, people usually poison. It is better to order bottled drinks. 22. Despite the fact that the Islands suggest a beach holiday, it is not accepted to walk in a swim suit in local villages. 23.The Islands are safe enough. Exotic diseases and dangerous animals can’t be found here. There are also very few people. But note that there are no hospitals. … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

Of course, the Islands have a huge selection of tropical fruits all year round. Be sure to try juices and fruits. The most delicious local hot drink is coffee. Locals make this drink perfectly. Local tea will not leave anyone indifferent. If you want to try alcoholic drinks, pay your attention to rice vodka of local production. Moreover, try Bintang beer. You should better order European desserts. One of the best … Open

Attractions and active leisure

This is a young island, and the largest in area.There are almost always parties in the clubs Blue Marlin, Tir Na Nog and Rudy's. There are also parties on the boat, it is an interesting adventure for a small company. In addition to music and cocktails, you can meet a stunning sunset and enjoy delicious dinner. Be sure to visit the Full Moon Party. This is quite a large-scale event that attracts almost the entire … Open

Top hotels with reviews

A full range of services for a comfortable stay is offered by Queen Villa and Spa located near the main beach of Trawangan Island. The hotel complex has very amazing and bright decor; the territory is spectacular too. Picturesque villas surrounded by tropical plants feature lovely wooden furniture and paintings. Hotel guests are sure to enjoy spa treatments and beach holidays; gourmets will be able to visit an exotic … Open

Top sigths of Indonesia

Indonesia is the most picturesque country of South East Asia that never ceases to amaze its guests with numerous natural and cultural sights. While describing traditions and lifestyle of Indonesia, it is simply impossible to fail to mention their diversity. There’s nothing strange in that as Indonesia is home to more than a hundred of different nationalities. Consequently, historic monuments are also very different and unique. … Open

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