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Seychelles, Mahe Island Mahe cuisine is originated from English, French and Creole cooking traditions. Fish and seafood dishes are the base of the locals’ diet, plus rice is considered to be the most popular side dish. European and Asian restaurants appeared in Victoria a long time ago, so you can enjoy sushi, hamburgers or pizza if you’re strict to your eating habits. However, immersing oneself into the local cuisine would actually help to get to know Seychelles way of living. So, as you go to a restaurant, remember that you have to order your food until 10 p.m. The reason is quite simple – cooks work until 10 this time even if a place is open till midnight.
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As Europeans initiated cultivation of spices on Mahe Island, no there is hardly any dish without curry or ground pepper. If you’re not fond of spicy food, then it’s better to tell a waiter about it in advance so they won’t put any spices in your food, as they usually add it in great amounts. By the way, locals really love vegetables and they usually eat it raw or stewed. Besides, you can also try fried aubergine.
Giramon puree has rather an unusual taste. Giramon – a round squash – is typically cooked as a side with fish or meat or also as a separate meal. Another peculiar meal is broth from stems and veggies sprouts. So, as a result, you get a lean veggie chowder. Dried bananas are also an extremely tasty exotic snack. There are 15 species of this fruit on the island. Locals had been creating diverse variations of bananas during several centuries – they can cook it with chocolate or caramel, with other fruit and vegetables, fry or stew. However, locals actually never eat it raw. Copyright
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In case you don’t like crisps, the Mahe ones actually worth trying. They’re made here not from potatoes but from breadfruit, so it surely tastes unusual. If you’re looking for a quick snack, local pancakes are the perfect option. Here you can find it with fish, seafood, vegetables, and even candied fruit.
Rainbow Sky In addition, there is a great variety of meat meals. If you’re keen on exotic food, we would recommend you to try flying fox stew – these animals live all around the island. Pork baked in banana leaves and chicken stewed in coconut milk are something more habitual.
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Fried shark meat is an original dish indeed. Locals also highly like baked lobsters. Grilled snapper with species is just a must try! The fish is very rare and expensive in Europe, but here on Mahe Island it’s completely opposite, so local chefs can cook it in dozens of different options. Swordfish marinated with lime is especially tasty. In addition, local cooks know a lot of methods of how to cook diverse fish – they can boil and grill it, baked on a grill, in banana leaves or curry sauce, and each version is really worth trying. But remember that fish is served here wholly, so it’s better to order it for two just not to overeat.
Local seafood is extremely popular as well. People here especially like cooking tek-tek seashells and crabs. Kilo zourit – octopus curry tastes pretty special. Moreover, if you don’t mind British cuisine, you can order a local version of fish-and-chips. Furthermore, people often order chutney – popular Creole side dish made from chutney, garlic, turmeric, and bilimbi fruit – together with fish. Salad from grated palm shoots with lime juice is one more extraordinary dish.
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As for a desert, people usually just eat local fruit. Moreover, you can also have banana pancakes and ladob – a dish consists of ripe plantain and sweet potatoes which are boiled with coconut milk, sugar, vanilla, and nutmeg until it’s creamy. You can have it with local black tea served with vanilla and cinnamon.
Locals drink ice coffee or lemon balm infusion. Concerning alcohol, calou – an alcoholic drink made from coconut water – is a local original drink. In addition, you can also try bacca – sugarcane liquor. Various wines which are delivered here from South Africa are extremely popular too.
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