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People of Seychelles have quite peculiar traditions concerning dealing with money. I might be a little frustrated as you’ll get a change with a small colourful clump on a market for the first time. But it’s completely ok. The local currency which locals also use is being produced from non-tearable plastic paper. Market-sellers have transparent packets with ball-formed bank notes in it instead of cash boxes. Besides, you don’t have to straighten your money, you can simply give it just like that. But remember that almost nobody accepts cards here. You can only use it in hotels. It’s better to exchange currency as soon as you come here. In case you’re run out of local money, you can pay dollars without any problems. Why dollars? Well, the answer is pretty simple – locals are somehow sure that euro is cheaper (or of the same value) than dollar. So, if you ask to recalculate currency, even then it should come so that American currency is a much better option. Even though there are no siestas, most stores have time off from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. That is why it’s recommended not to plan shopping at this time period. You can see young guys all around the island, especially in the city beaches area, who sell local coconuts. Usually, not highly ambitious ones with different drug problems do it, they just pick old coconuts from the ground and sell it to tourists. It’s up to you to decide whether you need it or not. However, if … Read further

Our guide to Mahe Island

Best beaches

A well-known and very popular beach is Baie Lazare; that’s the broad coast framed by lush tropical forest. The beach is popular not only among tourists, but also among locals who will gladly rent their boats to vacationers. The beach is quite large, so it’s not overcrowded. It is also worth noting that you can take great photos of the dazzling white sand giving water unnatural shade of blue. Snorkelers … Open

Shopping, streets and outlets

One of the most popular mementos here are so-called «magic bottles» – bottles made from multi-coloured glass and filled with colourful sand. One more creative gift from the island is real shark jaws. Then, some tourists also buy local flowers. In addition, local species, especially vanilla beans that you could use for several years, are highly popular too. Tourists also often buy rum and vanilla tea. Or you … Open

Mahe Island for children - what to visit

If your child loves animals, it’s worth going to the adjacent islands. For instance, there is a «hotel» for flying foxes on Praslin where you can feed them from your own hand or even touch. Then, you can get close to land turtles on La Digue. But remember that it’s forbidden to try to get to their enclosures. However, nobody would actually pretty care about it unless you heart the animals. So, we … Open

Travel guide to Mahe Island

Grand Anse is, without a doubt, one of the most picturesque beaches of the island, but that is not the only advantage of that place. There is a horse riding center not far from the beach. The center works every day, offering horse riding lessons to visitors. There are several beautiful uninhabited islands close to Mahe Island, and it is easy to reach them in a moat boat. Many visit these islands to relax on … Open

Traditions and mentality of Mahe Island

Surprisingly, people here don’t chase profit. For example, there are almost no typical gift shops or cafes in touristic places, even though those bring lots of money. So, if you ask one of the locals why is it so, they would rather answer that it would only spoil nature for nothing. However, it may also be due to the reason that they don’t perceive tourists as «wallets on two legs», despite the fact … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

In addition, there is a great variety of meat meals. If you’re keen on exotic food, we would recommend you to try flying fox stew – these animals live all around the island. Pork baked in banana leaves and chicken stewed in coconut milk are something more habitual. Fried shark meat is an original dish indeed. Locals also highly like baked lobsters. Grilled snapper with species is just a must try! The … Open

Seychelles - moving around the country

Due to a specific area in the Seychelles, water transportation is also very popular. The most common types of water transportation are by ferries and small boats. It is quite possible to travel between the largest islands on a ferry and you can even carry some goods with you in addition to it. At the height of the tourist season which falls on the summer months, the number of ferries increases. They depart from the islands of Mahe and Praslin, every 15-30 minutes. It is worth noting that the speed of movement of ferries is low, so to save time you can go sailing on a catamaran. Nature in the Seychelles is simply charming. Therefore, you can enjoy the daily cruise and excursion voyages along the island coastlines which are performed by liners, ships, boats and yachts. As a rule, tickets can be purchased on the beach in special kiosks or directly in the water transport. … Open

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