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More to see in Mahe Island
Mahe cuisine is originated from English, French and Creole cooking traditions. Fish and seafood dishes are the base of the locals’ diet, plus rice is considered to be the most popular side dish. European and Asian restaurants appeared in Victoria a long time ago, so you can enjoy sushi, hamburgers or pizza if you’re strict to your eating habits. However, immersing oneself into the local cuisine would actually help to get to know Seychelles way of living. So, as you go to a restaurant, remember that you have to order your food until 10 p.m. The reason is quite simple – cooks work until 10 this time even if a place is open till midnight. As Europeans initiated cultivation of spices on Mahe Island, no there is hardly any dish without curry or ground pepper. If you’re not fond of spicy food, then it’s better to tell a waiter about it in advance so they won’t put any spices in your food, as they usually add it in great amounts. By the way, locals really love vegetables and they usually eat it raw or stewed. Besides, you can also try fried aubergine. Giramon puree has rather an unusual taste. Giramon – a round squash – is typically cooked as a side with fish or meat or also as a separate meal. Another peculiar meal is broth from stems and veggies sprouts. So, as a result, you get a lean veggie chowder. Dried bananas are also an extremely tasty exotic snack. There are 15 species of this fruit on the island. Locals had been creating diverse … Read further

Our guide chapters over Mahe Island

Cultural excursion through Mahe Island - things to see

The fountain Jubilee de Diamand is also highly magnificent. It also has a statue that was established there in 1993 in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s 40-years-regiment. Originally, the fountain was constructed in 1900 in honour of Queen Victoria’s 60-years-regiment. The local abandoned cemetery is quite an unusual place to visit. It has seen its days, but now it’s deteriorating little by … Open

Top hotels with reviews

Petit Amour Villa will certainly impress connoisseurs of luxury; unique interior design is its distinguishing feature. This miniature resort offers four rooms, each decorated in a unique style. Energetic and passionate natures would like the room decorated in crimson tones; a room decorated in turquoise colors would be the best fit for marine leisure. The decor of another room is dedicated to the wild and is … Open

Attractions and active leisure

There are few diving centres on Mahe Island where you rent equipment and book a dive to one of the sets. In case you don’t have a diver’s license but still extremely want to snorkel, then you can just have special courses right here on the island. There are a couple of serious centres of water sports where you can rent equipment and find surfing, kitesurfing and water-skies instructors. Those who are … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

Local seafood is extremely popular as well. People here especially like cooking tek-tek seashells and crabs. Kilo zourit – octopus curry tastes pretty special. Moreover, if you don’t mind British cuisine, you can order a local version of fish-and-chips. Furthermore, people often order chutney – popular Creole side dish made from chutney, garlic, turmeric, and bilimbi fruit – together with fish. Salad … Open

Traditions and mentality of Mahe Island

As you’ve agreed about a meeting with a local, remember that punctuality is not their strong suit. There is no fixed bus or ferry schedule, and arranged meetings never start on time. Sure, it’s not about locals’ neglect of other people, local inhabitants simply believe that there is no need to hurry or adhere to strict rules. Surprisingly, people here don’t chase profit. For example, … Open

Travel guide to Mahe Island

Grand Anse is, without a doubt, one of the most picturesque beaches of the island, but that is not the only advantage of that place. There is a horse riding center not far from the beach. The center works every day, offering horse riding lessons to visitors. There are several beautiful uninhabited islands close to Mahe Island, and it is easy to reach them in a moat boat. Many visit these islands to relax on … Open

Moving around in Seychelles - transportation

Most tourists prefer to rent cars. However, such a pleasure is not available on all islands. On some, there is not even a primitive dirt road for a car, and the terrain is so complex that even a powerful jeep cannot cope. On the islands where there are asphalted or unpaved roads, it is quite possible to rent a car. It should be taken into account that movement in the country is left-sided and the roads are extremely narrow and winding and they rise up like a serpentine. You are permitted to develop a speed of up to 40 kilometers per hour within the borders of the city. Outside the precinct of residential areas, you can drive at a speed of about 60 kilometers per hour. Although, the quality of the road surface rarely allows you to accelerate to such a speed. It is worth noting that the islands of Mahe and Praslin are also quite tough about refueling. There are only six petrol stations and they work only from early morning until 11 pm. Therefore, it is worth considering this fact when renting a car. … Open

Economy roadmap of Seychelles

Tourism contributes about seventy percent to the total Gross Domestic Product. This sphere of activity continues to develop actively; new hotels and guesthouses are being built, the transportation infrastructure is improving, and there is quite a good program for attracting tourists. Every year, international studies show that the level of tourist service is getting better in the republic. The agrarian sector to date does not bring more than two percent profits to the economy of the country, although a few decades ago these islands were characterized as agrarian. Agricultural land occupies only about six thousand hectares of land. The local population grows mostly bananas, sweet potatoes, avocado, millet, tea, various vegetables, as well as cinnamon tree. … Open

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