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Her majesty Western Wall (also known as Wailing Wall) is an internationally famous landmark of Jerusalem and a religious site of global importance. Many call it the "synagogue in the open air". Every year the religious object is visited by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from different parts of the world. Many people come to the wall to pray, while others prefer to celebrate family occasions here. During past few years the territory of the architectural structure was significantly expanded and archaeologists have managed to find the earliest layers of the defensive structure.
Jerusalem is a city which is characterized by a particular rhythm of life. Foreign tourists may consider it strange and unusual, but visitors who manage to feel the local culture will be … Open
The age of the wall is more than two thousand years. There are also many interesting excursion sites near Wailing Wall. Hasmonean Tunnels are one of them. This is an extensive system of underground tunnels that stretch along the wall. The scale of the underground structure is simply striking. Here people will find huge public facilities, an aqueduct, as well as fragments of ancient streets. Excursions to the tunnel are so popular that people have to book them several months in advance.
Holy Sepulcher Temple is a no less important religious shrine. In fact, this is a complex of six different churches, each of which reflects different traditions in Christianity. Each chapel of the church has its own unique religious artifacts. However, visitors will not find rich decoration or jewelry in the temple. This place attracts pilgrims not by decoration or great number of artifacts, but by its unique history. Copyright
Jerusalem attracts visitors from different countries by its priceless historical and religious monuments. However, this doesn’t mean that the city lacks entertainment facilities. … Open
The Temple Mount is one of the most popular excursion destinations in Jerusalem and one of its holy sites. Not far away from the Temple Mount tourists will find Valley of the Kings. According to one theory, this is the place where the construction of Jerusalem started under the leadership of King David. Not so long ago the valley was a huge sight of archaeological excavations. Scientists managed to discover a lot of interesting objects there. Ancient arches and tombs, old ruins of the first districts and buildings dating back thousands of years – these are the main attractions of this place.
Dome of the Rock - Temple Mount - Old City - Jerusalem In addition to religious shrines, the city is famous for its modern architecture monuments. During a walk to Safra Square, visitors can see the building of City Hall, which was built in the beginning of the 90s of the last century. This architectural complex simply strikes visitors with its luxury. It was built in best traditions of the local culture. The building of Supreme Court is another beautiful architectural monument, which was completed in 1992. The building is distinguished not only by unique architectural style, but also by luxurious decoration.
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Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

Location on the map:     Facts:
» In commemoration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, the temple was built at the site where the Son of God was crucified and then buried. Thousands of pilgrims visit this sacred place to see the Holy Flame.
»  The first church, the territory of Golgotha, and the place where the Holy Cross was located were a coherent whole.
»  Only the elected eparchy has the right to possess sanctuaries.
»  Orthodox services are held at 1 am. Then, Armenian dioceses start at 4 am. The Catholics visit the mass at 6 am.
»  Following different religions, it was decided without conflicts that the church has been secured by the Arab-Muslim family since 1192. Other Muslim families can lock and unlock the door. These privileges are inherited from father to son.
»  This rule was established when the lightning struck and damaged one of the columns. On that day, Christians argued about the order of services.
»  Over the years of its existence, the building has faced a lot of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and fires.
»  It has two entrances. One of the doors is bricked up.
»  In the Jerusalem Museum, you can see picturesque paintings.

Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem

Location on the map:     Facts:
» The religious building is located in the mount. It is translated as “the Farthest Mosque” from the Arabic. The object was first mentioned in the 7th century.
»  About 5 000 followers of Islam can pray in the mosque. At one time, believers look at the mosque when praying, as they accepted it as main. There is a belief that the Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven exactly from here.
»  The Al-Aqsa Mosque is not a building but a uniform complex that has a total area of 144 000 m2.
»  Originally, the mosque served as a small house of prayer.
»  When the city was conquered by the Crusaders, the building served as the Temple of Solomon. Later, the Knights of the Temple rebuilt the church and used it for their needs. The basement where the stall was located has survived until nowadays. It is called “Solomon’s Stables”.
»  During the reign of Sultan Saladin, the building served as a mosque again and all the traces of people of other faiths were dismantled.
»  The Muslim sanctuary has a huge dome. It is 17 m high. Its exterior and interior are decorated with mosaic patterns. The walls are covered with gray lead panels. The lower edge is decorated with white marble slabs with mosaic patterns too. Several preachers are buried here.

Church of Mary Magdalene, Jerusalem

Location on the map:     Facts:
» The Orthodox Sorority and the Church of Mary Magdalene are located on one of the mountain slopes and surrounded by olive trees, cypresses, and pines. In Gethsemane, the part of the garden was purchased for the church construction in 1882. The Emperor’s family donated ₽165 000 for the construction of the House of God.
»  Alexander III ordered to build the church in memory of his mother, the Empress Maria Aleksandrovna. Her heavenly patroness was Mary Magdalene. The church is named after the Equal Apostles Saint.
»  The construction was completed in 1885. The seven-dome temple was blessed in three years when the 900th anniversary of Russia’s Baptism was celebrated.
»  The building is faced with light stone and has golden domes. The floor is covered with colorful tiles. The white marble fence with icons on it frames the dark bronze pattern. Wall paintings with golden patterns and the vault with sails are created by famous Russian artists.
»  The icon of St. Mary Magdalene keeps the particle of her relics.
»  The fragments of ancient steps have been dug up here. Christ used them to enter the city.
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