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Citadel of Acre, which was built in the mid-18th century, is considered the main historic symbol of the city. This is a large architectural complex surrounded by impenetrable stone walls. Archaeological studies discovered that the first constructions on the site of the citadel were built by the Templars. The citadel that we can see today was built on the ruins. The underground part of the complex is the only surviving element of the older construction. Today, tourists can visit it too during an excursion in the citadel.
Besides walking in the historic quarter, Acre-Akko has prepared many interesting activities for its guests. Do not miss an opportunity to walk on the fortress wall that surrounds the … Open
An ancient prison is one of the most interesting parts of the citadel. Hundreds of years ago, this was a prison for religious or political criminals. This part of the fortress still has its original look. Today, a thematic museum is open in the former prison. Visitors can explore the most secret parts of the citadel and see the military equipment that is still stored here. A walk on the fortress wall is one of the most exciting activities in the citadel because of the striking view of the coastline and the architectural complex.
There are several interesting museums in Acre-Akko. The Hamam El Basha Museum is recognized as the main cultural center in the city. A large part of the museum’s exhibition is dedicated to the history of the ancient world. The venue exhibits a collection of ancient Roman sculptures, archaeological findings, and artifacts from different early periods. The historic museum is famous not only for its unique exhibits but also for halls with immersive illumination. Visitors have an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of an ancient city. Copyright
The historic city center is the most interesting destination for shopping. There are many artisan workshops in this part of Acre-Akko. The Old Town is also the location of the most … Open
Al-Jazzar Mosque is the most outstanding religious landmark in the city. It was built in the second half of the 18th century by the order of Ahmad Pasha el-Jazzar. The mosque was built on the site of the destroyed church of the Templars. Starting from its opening, Al-Jazzar Mosque has been one of the biggest mosques in the country. The magnificent design in line with the historic traditions of the region deserves a separate mention. The mosque keeps a precious religious artifact – a lock of hair of the Prophet Mohammad. The precious object is displayed on important holidays only. Muslims can enter the mosque but people practicing other religious can only admire its outer look. The tomb of Ahmad Pasha el-Jazzar is located inside the mosque, and this is another reason why the mosque is one of the most sacred places in the city.
The historic part of Acre-Akko is a unique architectural complex with the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are buildings of different periods and styles here. Unique and old buildings are everywhere. Old caravanserai buildings are particularly interesting for tourists. Khan el-Umdan is a true landmark of Acre. The luxurious caravanserai was built for wealthy merchants. It still has a charming inner yard and a warehouse section. Khan El-Farani is considered the oldest caravanserai in the city. It was initially built for French merchants. Today, the inner yard is the only part of the caravanserai that is open for tourists.
A pleasant journey awaits you if you decide to visit the city of Acre (Akko) in Israel. This is a relatively small but, nevertheless, an interesting city. The hidden Israeli gem is situated … Open
Do you like unusual excursions? How about visiting the underground city of the Templar knights? Archaeologists discovered this city relatively not long ago. The first underground streets and chambers were unearthed in the 50s of the previous century. Excavations haven’t stopped to this day, and archaeologists keep discovering new and new halls and constructions. The underground city of Templars is located below the citadel. In the past, it was a part of the Templars’ fortress. The underground part was used as a warehouse and a place to keep the stock of water. There were secret tunnels to different parts of the city and private rooms. A large part of these underground buildings is today open for tourists.
The Monastery of St. John Hospitaller is an interesting historic landmark. This is a large architectural complex with spacious halls that were once used to host important ceremonies and meetings of the royals. There is a secret tunnel made by Templars in the territory of the monastery. This tunnel is also an important historic landmark. Scientists think that the first tunnel here was built by Persians. Later, Templars significantly expanded and enlarged it. The length of the tunnel is 350 meters today. It starts near the north protective wall and stretches until the port area.
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Map of all art museums
Art galleries in Acre and around
♥   Art museum 'Haifa Museum of Art' Haifa, 15.6 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Art museum 'Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art' Haifa, 16.5 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Art museum 'Mane-Katx Museum' Haifa, 16.5 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Art museum 'Hecht Museum' Haifa, 19.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Art museum 'Janco Dada Museum' Haifa, 27.5 km from the center. On the map   Photo
Map of all churches
Cathedrals and basilicas near Acre
♥   Basilica of the Annunciation, Nazareth, 32.6 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Maronite Cathedral, Tyre, 39.4 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Basilica of the Transfiguration, Mount Tabor, 39.9 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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