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Israel is not only a beautiful country that attracts tourists and pilgrims of different religions, but also home to some greatest sanctuaries in the world. The best way to start your exploration of the country is to visit Jerusalem. This city is home to holy shrines of the three main religions in the world. Christians come to kneel down to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Judaism followers visit Jerusalem to see Wailing Wall and Muslim people come to see The Dome of the Rock. Besides religious sanctuaries, there are several art galleries, museums and exhibitions in the city. Yad Vashem is one of the most famous museums in the city. It was open in 1953 in the memory of Jewish people who were killed during the Second World War. Nowadays, the museum exhibits numerous sculptures and pictures, and often hosts different modern art exhibitions.
Israel is a Middle Eastern country with a rich history. Half of the territory washed by the Mediterranean and Red Seas is desert, while the other is …
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Neot Kdumim is quite an unusual park. The Biblical Landscape Reserve has only plants and trees that are mentioned in the Bible. In the park, you will see Lebanon cedar, myrrh, hyssop and frankincense. Galilea region is also a beautiful place, where visitors will see not only picturesque forests and fields, but also several cosy villages, ruins of synagogues and churches.
Don’t forget to visit the city of Akko and see its main landmark – Hospitaller Monastery. The monastery occupies large territory and has a large system of underground channels. A narrow tunnel that starts in the underground eating room can lead you to the port district. Al-Jazzar Mosque is a famous landmark. There is a priceless artefact in the mosque – a flock of hair of Prophet Muhammad. Copyright
Israel provides its guests with unique opportunities for recreation. Here, both lovers of quiet pastime and active tourists can find entertainment of …
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The ancient city of Haifa is home to numerous magnificent temples. The main places of interest of the city include the Baha’i Temple, the tomb of St. Elijah and Carmelite Monastery located in the mountains. Tiberias is an ancient city that was founded more than 2 thousand years ago. It is an important tourist destination. Visitors come there to see ruins of old quarters and the Hammat Tiberias Synagogue. The synagogue is one of ancient buildings that have managed to survive. Built in the 4th century, the synagogue is famous for magnificent mosaic with many holy symbols. The mosaic depicts menorah, ark of God, lulab and other important symbols of Jewish culture.
Safed is a relatively young city in Israel but no less interesting. It is distinguished by unusual architecture – the majority of buildings in the city are painted in blue colour. Locals believe that this helps to protect them from the evil eye. Blue buildings surrounded by high mountains look particularly attractive.
When choosing Israel as a vacation destination, it is worth studying the specifics of your stay in the country properly. Thorough preparation for the …
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History and Entertainment

Israel is one of the tourist countries visited by travelers in any season. Besides great religious and historical monuments, the country is notable for its luxurious beaches on the Dead Sea coasts, multiple wellness resorts and excellent conditions for shopping and food tourism. There are also stylish youth resorts that will impress you with a wide variety of nightclubs and discos.
Typical youth resorts are Jaffa and Tel Aviv. They offer its guests to visit amazing sandy beaches and fashionable hotels. During daytime, the coast has quite a calm and peaceful atmosphere. When it gets dark, beaches turn into noisy discos in the open air. The guests of Israel have an opportunity to evaluate and luxurious Mediterranean beaches. The most popular resort on the Mediterranean Sea coast is Herzliya. It is primarily suitable for prosperous travelers. Here are fashionable hotels and restaurants on the luxurious sandy coast.
Israel is quite a comfortable place to go on a vacation with children. In addition to living in hotels that are ideal for families, the country has a …
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This is no coincidence that Israel is visited by adherents of health tourism. The main secrets of the country are curative muds of the Dead Sea. Seawater itself has unique healing properties due to the high content of salt and rare minerals. At local resorts, there are upscale wellness centers, which services can be used absolutely by everyone. Even usual swimming in the sea is a useful treatment procedure. One of the most popular resorts on the Dead Sea coast is Ein Bokek. Swimming on local beaches is the best rejuvenating procedure.
Petach Tikva Shopping enthusiasts come to Israel to buy first-class pieces of jewelry and unique cosmetics produced on the basis of the Dead Sea minerals. Throughout hundreds of years, jewelry shops have been working in the country. Here, hereditary masters make amazing pieces of jewelry, crockery of precious metals, candlesticks and other decorative elements for houses. You can find jewelry shops in any city of the country but some of the most famous are located in the capital.
Tourists can enjoy a rich and diverse shopping experience in the small area of ​​Israel. The Israeli authorities appreciate the guests of the …
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To buy the best cosmetics, it is better to visit one of the resorts on the Dead Sea coast. The most popular cosmetic brands are Hlavin and Dead Sea Premier. The favorite entertainment of many tourists is walking along colorful Israel markets. Here, you can buy wonderful spices, nuts, eastern treats, wines of the local production and souvenirs from local craftsmen.
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Famous and uniques places in Israel from our review series

Church of All Nations

From the series “Monuments of Byzantium: the most famous buildings”
The beautiful Church of All Nations is located in the Garden of Gethsemane in Israel. It was built by a famous Italian architect in 1924. The stone is kept in the church. It is its main value. Jesus Christ was in the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane on this stone. Pilgrims from all over the world come to worship this great shrine. The church attracts ordinary travelers with its unique architecture and interior design.

The very first church was built by the Crusaders on the site of the current one in the 12th century. But it managed to survive only about 200 years. As recent research has shown, an earlier Byzantine church was once located on this site. It was built in the 4th century. An interesting event occurred in 1920. The foundation was laid for the present church at that time. The … Read all

Synagogue Hasidut Belz

From the series “The most luxury and famous synagogues”
The Hasidic Belz synagogue is located in a busy neighborhood in Jerusalem. The synagogue has already acquired the status of an important city landmark, even though it was built only recently. Its construction began in 1985. It lasted 15 years. This religious monument is remarkable for its scale. The building was built on a hillside. It has several entrances on different levels. The synagogue hall is so large that it can accommodate up to 10,000 people at a time.

In fact, Hasidic Belz is not just a synagogue but a real cultural center. There is a library, as well as several halls for educational and festive events in it, in addition to the prayer hall. An excellent lighting system was installed in the building. It allows seeing the ceiling decorated with ornaments, carved stairs, and … Read all

Church of the Resurrection of Christ

From the series “The Most Astonishing Orthodox Churches”
In Jerusalem has placed the greatest Orthodox Church of the world meaning – Church of the Resurrection of Christ. Mostly known as Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This cathedral was established in 325 year. The place where it is now is a precise place of the Christ crucifixion and burial. Helen, the mother of the Emperor Konstantin the Great, has decided to build the cathedral there. She has adopted Christianity several years before the death. Earlier at this place was a large cathedral devoted to Venice goddess.

According to the historical data, when Helen came to the underground of the cathedral, she found a cave where Jesus Christ was buried. Also, there was a cross where Jesus was crucified. The oldest world cathedral has quite a complex history. Many times it was destroyed and … Read all
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