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Western Wall Jerusalem is a city which is characterized by a particular rhythm of life. Foreign tourists may consider it strange and unusual, but visitors who manage to feel the local culture will be astonished at an unforgettable sense of harmony and happiness. Many local laws are different from those to which people from European countries are used to. For example, a special calendar is one of the main distinguishing features of the national culture.
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Unlike the traditional Gregorian calendar months in Jerusalem start with the start of the lunar cycle. The middle of a month falls on the full moon, and a month ends on the day of the new moon. The beginning and the end of a day are also marked in a different way. While in most countries midnight is considered the beginning of a new day, in Jerusalem sunset tells people about the beginning of a new day. Thus, a new day comes in the evening and this is the reason why the celebration of so many national holidays begins in the evening.
A large part of national celebrations is associated with religious traditions. There is also a large number of festivals organized in the memory of important historical events. All holidays are usually celebrated in a family circle. Every celebration has a number of unique customs and traditions, which are invariably followed for centuries. Virtually every religious holiday starts with reading prayers. This is an important ritual that is trusted to the eldest member of a family. Once a prayer is finished, it is continued by a lavish feast. All close friends and acquaintances should be present at such celebrations. Copyright
One more ancient tradition encourages people to give up their everyday affairs and concerns fir the time of a holiday. This solemn day should be spent together with family and should be used to invite and greet guests - this is an old custom. Jerusalem attracts a large number of travelers by its internationally famous religious shrines. This is a world-famous center of pilgrimage. However, not all foreigners show an excellent knowledge of local traditions, which should be followed by absolutely everyone. First of all, visitors should choose the right clothes for visiting religious places. Your apparel should be as closed as possible and preferably in bright colors. Tourists should be very calm during religious events and in shrines. Entering temples wearing shoes is prohibited. Photography and filming are prohibited in the territory of some objects.
Komen Pink Lighting Ceremony Jerusalem regularly hosts interesting festivals. Despite the fact that the city, as it was mentioned before, is an important center of religious pilgrimage, not all popular holidays are religious. For example, the International Oud Festival, which takes place in the middle of November, is dedicated to oriental music or, to be precise, to oud. It is a musical instrument that is sometimes called the “Arabian lute”. Oud is recognized as one of the main musical instruments in the Middle East. The festival takes place in different concert halls of the “capital of two countries”. Fans of sacred music prefer to visit Jerusalem at the beginning of September when the city hosts the Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival. As a rule, different concert venues close to major landmarks of the city participate in the event.
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International Music Showcase Festival is one more interesting event in the festival calendar of Jerusalem. The event traditionally attracts numerous musicians who are yet not internationally famous, so they try to get new fans by trying their best at the festival. Indie rock, jazz, rock, funk, and reggae are the main music styles of the festival. International Music Showcase Festival usually starts in the middle of November and takes place in the same venue - Yellow Submarine Club. The end of March is the time for one more fabulous event in the capital of Israel - The Sounds of the Old City Festival. Like one can understand from the name, this event takes place on the streets of the Old City. Music genres are absolutely different, from chamber music to rock, so this festival appeals to many people. Evening is the main time for action because music intricately mixes with the gorgeous illumination, and viewers can see an absolutely spectacular 3D show.
Russian Church of Maria Magdalena, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem Israel Jerusalem is not deprived of sports-related holidays. For example, the city hosts a marathon at the beginning of March, and both locals and travelers are welcome to participate in the event. Moreover, it is a fabulous opportunity to get acquainted with major landmarks of the city – the marathon’s route is made in a way that covers many important sights in the capital. Local people enjoy celebrating Jerusalem Day that marks the victory of the Israeli in the Six-Day War. During the holiday, Ammunition Hill hosts a military parade, and Mount Herzl becomes the venue for a memorial ceremony for the Israeli people who died during the Six-Day War. Later, processions, rallies, and prayers happen in different parts of the city. It should be mentioned that the date of the celebration is not fixed and can be changed depending on the lunar calendar (the holiday’s day falls to 28th of Iyar).
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Ein Yael Museum of Ancient Crafts becomes a venue for the celebration of the Harvest Festival at the end of May. The event starts with a colorful parade of people dressed in historical costumes. This is the time for interesting master-classes about baking bread, woodcarving, and sewing clothes. These activities excite numerous tourists no less than watching the parade. Winter Noize Festival is one more interesting event for vacationers. It usually starts at the beginning of February. Theatrical, circus, music, and dancing performances attract both locals and guests of the capital. For tourists, it is a wonderful chance to buy interesting items at the fair trade, participate in exciting master classes, and to attend numerous exhibitions. Among religious holidays that locals particularly respect and have special traditions associated with them, it is important to mention Hanukkah (the Festival of Lights) and Shavuot (The Giving of the Torah).
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