Weather in Bombay. Actual conditions and forecast

Map of wind conditions for Bombay area

Map of Bombay temperature forecast

1. You can zoom in to Bombay using the '+' button, or check temperatures around the globe by the '-' button.
2. Besides this, you can grab the map by your mouse button and move it to see the temperature in other regions.
This temperature map is centered around Bombay. The map is real-time and interactive.

Rain forecast for Bombay area

1. Using the control panel above this map, you can check the rain forecast for Bombay for any period within next 10 days.
2. Via the top control panel, you can check the following weather parameters: Temperature, Cloud cover, Precipitation, Wind and Pressure.
This precipitation forecast map is centered around Bombay. The map is also real-time and interactive.
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More to see in Bombay
Bombay is a true gem for those travelling with children. It offers a wide range of amusement sites and city attractions that will be of interest to the young generation. The city has its very own excellent wildlife park – Mumbai Zoo. While its facilities are rather compact, the park prides itself with interesting decorations and a wide variety of species. Mostly, it houses the typical inhabitants of the Indian jungles, such as hippos, adorable monkeys and noble deer. Its visitors will even get a chance to feed some of the animals. One of the facilities, especially popular among visitors with children, is the bird enclosure. For those craving to get a truly modern aquarium experience, visiting the Taraporewala Aquarium is a must. The eloquent and contemporary facilities of the aquarium host an impressively diverse selection of the aquatic flora and fauna. It includes colourful fishes, unique kinds of turtles and sea horses, as well as mesmerizingly beautiful jellyfishes. For children, the aquarium’s convenient and modern facilities make this experience an unforgettable one. Dolphin Aquarium offers its visitors a stunning dolphin show. Its site is an exceptional zoological centre, which comprises of a large dolphinarium and a petting zoo. All the animals in the contact area can be held and petted. Children will get a chance to feed small monkeys and rabbits, as well as to see some of the animals that naturally inhabit the local jungles. The highlight of the tour … Read further

Bombay guide chapters

Cuisine and top restaurants

The Indigo restaurant specializes in European cuisine. During the day the restaurant features easy and cozy atmosphere that turns the eating house into a perfect place for business meetings. At night the Indigo restaurant offers interesting entertaining program and treats the guests with speciality foods masterpieces. Among the most popular eating houses the Seasonal Tastes restaurant is well worth attention. The … Open

Traditions and mentality of Bombay

The city is home to more than 20 millions of people. Travelers will surely notice an endless stream of folks during the tour through the central districts of the city. The streets of Mumbai are rather crowded even at night. Local residents hurry to night markets, supermarkets and on business day and night. Many tourists strive to visit the city during national fests and holidays in order to fully embrace the culture … Open

Travel guide to Bombay

Among the Christian religious sites, the Cathedral of St. Thomas stands out. This Anglican church was built by the British colonialists in 1718, its construction lasted more than 50 years. Today, the splendid colonial-style cathedral is a world heritage site that has preserved many original elements of decor, including beautiful narrow stained glass windows. Near the church, there is an old cemetery where prominent … Open

Bombay for children - what to visit

Those seeking an exciting place for an evening with the family, should check out the Yazoo Park. As it gets darker, the park lights up with gorgeous illumination. This park also has to offer numerous dazzling carousels and attractions, as well as a thrilling Ferris wheel. One of the city’s most extraordinary amusement sites is the Snow World, which offers winter fun activities all year round. It is an … Open

Shopping, streets and outlets

Among Indian cities, Bombay is arguably the most shopping-friendly one, as it’s littered with various markets and shops full of exotic goods. Zaveri bazaar should definitely spark interest among wealthier tourists. The best jewelers of the city sell their products here, and every single of them seeks to attract customers with their exclusive jewelry. Many of the items presented here are unique and can’t … Open

Advices for travellers

1. The city is convenient for cruising by taxi as all means of public transport available in the area are always crowded. A cost of a trip should be discussed in advance and the counter should be cautiously tracked when a taxi is taken. If a taxi driver tries to skyrocket a cost of a trip, one should better reject the service as in this case the driver will immediately offer a more profitable rate for … Open

Weather in the region of Bombay

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