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Among Indian cities, Bombay is arguably the most shopping-friendly one, as it’s littered with various markets and shops full of exotic goods. Zaveri bazaar should definitely spark interest among wealthier tourists. The best jewelers of the city sell their products here, and every single of them seeks to attract customers with their exclusive jewelry. Many of the items presented here are unique and can’t found elsewhere in the world. That said, inexperienced tourists are advised to hire a keen-eyed guide, as the market is full of low-quality fakes. If you’re looking for inexpensive locally produced clothing and textiles, head to the Khadi Village shopping mall. It houses only local manufacturers and offers a wide range of high-quality traditional clothing. Men should appreciate a large selection of cheap shirts, whereas ladies can choose fabrics for sarees, as well as buy gorgeous ready-made national dresses. The mall also has a traditional sewing workshop, where you can ask local artisans to sew you some clothes from the newly-bought fabrics. National outfits and fabrics can also be bought at the Mangaldas Lane. This local market has several counters with inexpensive fabrics from local manufacturers, as well as beautifully made cashmere and silk apparel. Cashmere scarves are especially popular among women. Alternatively, here you can buy lovely canvas wall art to decorate your house, as well as some traditional souvenirs. Speaking of souvenirs, if … Read further

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Traditions and mentality of Bombay

Many local residents still venerate the traditions of the forefathers and live in keeping to religious cannons. In the meantime a major part of local folks of the city live a totally different life and have abandoned following religious traditions and cannons long ago. For many residents of Mumbai the most important and sainted places are still the churches, temples and sanctuaries meanwhile another part of the … Open

Travel guide to Bombay

An important natural attraction is Sanjay Gandhi National Park with a beautiful hilly terrain covering its large part. This area is interesting not only for its natural beauties but also for Buddhist sights. Here you can find Kanheri Caves where a Buddhist shrine was created in the 1st century BCE. Like many years ago, pilgrims from all over the world flock to this place. In the park, you can take a walk through … Open

Bombay for children - what to visit

For those craving to get a truly modern aquarium experience, visiting the Taraporewala Aquarium is a must. The eloquent and contemporary facilities of the aquarium host an impressively diverse selection of the aquatic flora and fauna. It includes colourful fishes, unique kinds of turtles and sea horses, as well as mesmerizingly beautiful jellyfishes. For children, the aquarium’s convenient and modern … Open

Shopping, streets and outlets

Crawford Bazaar is an important historical landmark since it has been operating continuously since 1871. The market’s stalls are abundant with fresh vegetables and fruits, various meat delicacies and spices, popular national sweets and other local culinary delights that are can’t be found in regular supermarkets. Fashion Street is the main shopping street of Bombay with about 500 stores of all … Open

Advices for travellers

6. One should not keep substantial sums of cash, documents and other valuables by oneself when setting off to a walking tour. City streets, boutiques and shopping centers, public institutions are always crowded. The chances to turn to a pickpocket victim are rather high. 7. Restaurants and cafés welcome tips. The average amount of tips is up to 10% of the total sum of the bill. The same reward is … Open

Active recreation

The EsselWorld amusement park offers amusements for any taste. Adults visiting it can immerse themselves into childhood and remember how wonderful it is to be a kid. There are two ice centres in the city. Local citizens tired of the never-ending heat like going there. The first one is called Snow Kingdom and is located in the Shoppers Stop mall, which also has the Red Carpet Wax Museum, a great place to take a … Open

Overview of festivals and celebrations in India

With the onset of spring, the festival of elephants is celebrated in India. The festival begins on March 2nd, the day when Hindus celebrate the Holi festival. Both of these events are dedicated to spring and awakening of nature from the winter season. Within the framework of the Holi festival and the festival of elephants, people that occupy different social positions throw colored powder over each other and splash colored water on one another. Elephants are also decorated to match the colors of celebration and their huge bodies are decorated with different patterns. Only elephants are allowed to take part in the celebrations. After seeing all the elephants in the procession, a jury chooses the most beautifully decorated elephant. Another entertainment is the tug-of-war between the elephant and a group of people. In late April and early May, the city of Sarnath celebrates the birthday of Gautam Buddha, the ninth incarnation of the Vishnu God. At the time of celebration, Sarnath becomes the center of attraction for millions of religious pilgrims. On May 8th, Indians simultaneously celebrate three of the most important events in the life of their main god Buddha. According to the tradition, Buddha was born on this day of May. The event took place in 623 BC. After 80 years on May 8th, he achieved enlightenment and passed away. This holiday is very important for every Buddhist. … Open

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