Colors of Alexandria - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

There is a city in Egypt, which is not like others. This is Alexandria, the northern capital of Egypt. Why the capital? Because, firstly, it is the second largest city in the country, and secondly, it actually was the capital of Egypt for several centuries. In the ancient period, Alexandria was highly developed and soon turned into one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean. Many Greek philosophers, mathematicians, writers, and poets lived here. Nowadays, Alexandria is a famous sea resort in Egypt. Unlike the Red Sea resorts in Alexandria, the climate is softer and not that hot.
You would probably need more than one day to explore all the city attractions. A lot of sightseeing routes pass through the city, so each traveler can choose the most interesting sites. In … Open
Many tourists may find the indigenous people rather slow, even the most important and urgent things they are accustomed to doing things slowly. Punctuality is also not a distinctive feature of the inhabitants of Alexandria, they may be late for an important business meeting, and at the same time not burden themselves with apologies and explanations for the reasons. Despite the fact that religious practices prohibit local residents from drinking alcohol, citizens do not object if one of the visitors does not follow this rule. Local people are very hospitable and executive, they are characterized by excessive emotionality and a propensity for ornate speech.
In September, the annual Alexandria International Film Festival gives the Egyptians a rare opportunity to see foreign movies without censorship: the Convention Hall on the way to the library is the main venue for the film screening. Residents really like to watch movies and often go to the cinema, especially during Ramadan they show additional sessions in all cinema theaters. In the center of Alexandria, two shopping centers Royal Renaissance and Amir broadcast two or three movies in English on several huge screens that you may have already seen a year ago. This event is very important for locals, so after the festival, you will be able to enjoy various entertainments on the main streets. Copyright
Khedive Salon is a luxurious nightclub located in the lobby of a five-star hotel. Bartenders will prepare for you the unique cocktails. The club is more about private communication, with a … Open
From July 20 to August 20 in Egypt passes the annual Festival of Tourism and Trade. It is held in the main tourist cities of the country, including Alexandria. Since 1997, the festival attracts many tourists from different countries here. Every visitor will enjoy a diverse, exciting program, including sports, cultural events. In addition, the organizers offer visitors to participate in all sorts of lotteries and contests. Winners are going to receive different prizes, starting from simple souvenirs and ending with rather expensive gifts, such as household appliances, jewelry, apartments, and cars.
In addition to the main program of the festival, this event serves as the best opportunity for a profitable shopping. All outlets and fairs are prepared in advance to welcome guests from all over the world. During the festival, locally produced products amaze consumers with the huge assortment and low prices, reduced by 20-50 percent. Moreover, all your purchases are not subject to sales tax. The difference in price you will need to pay at the airport at the departure from Egypt and do not forget to present checks.
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National traditions of Egypt

The respect of the Egyptians for their own traditions is manifested in their love for national clothes. Men wear long "jellabiya" cotton shirts and short pants, their heads are covered with a felt "lebda". The traditional outfit of Egyptian women is the black hijab. It is decorated with bright details and laces. Wealthy men and women who have received higher education dress in a western manner. Tourists are allowed to wear usual clothes, if it is not tight-fitted and does not reveal shoulders, back, neckline or legs. … Open

Traditions and festivals in cities around Alexandria

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