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Pompeys pillar Khedive Salon is a luxurious nightclub located in the lobby of a five-star hotel. Bartenders will prepare for you the unique cocktails. The club is more about private communication, with a hint of intimate, rather than loud, rhythmic music and wild dances. The Khedive Salon club works until the morning. By this point, only those who have not managed to "break up in pairs" remain here. In Helnan Palestine club only gay groups are allowed, and there is a minimum score of 100 pounds per person. In the Al-Fouad nightclub, you will feel a certain elusive charm that slips in the warm reception of guests, service, calm music, sweet hookah smoke, the Arabian decor of the interior. Here, strangely enough, families with children prefer to come and enjoy an evening. By the way, for children, the bar presents a huge selection of soft drinks. The club is open until 2 am. After closing, guests move to neighboring, more noisy institutions.
Many culinary experts note that local national foods are very similar to those delicacies served in Greek, Lebanese and Turkish restaurants. At the same time, each and every specialty is … Open
Cap d`Or - A real piece of old Alexandria with eaves of art nouveau, carvings on the teak and carved mirrors. Intellectuals, representatives of bohemians and expatriates are crowded around fried sardines and bottles of whiskey or tequila. In this club, you will enjoy a simply friendly atmosphere, which is a reason for its popularity among people of non-traditional orientation. They come here after midnight when live music starts playing. Qatr El-Nada Garden is a garden club that is open to visitors around the clock. If you want to dance wildly on the gentle cold send, this is the perfect place for such a goal. The interior of the club is brilliantly simple. It represents hundreds of exotic trees and flowers that grow on the "dance floor", at the bar and between tables. At night, a soft breeze blows from the sea, refreshing the heated tanned bodies of dancing guests.
If you are looking for an ultimate fun in Alexandria, definitely check out the San Giovanni nightclub. Here you will enjoy theme parties with famous DJs and local stars of the dance show. In the night world of Alexandria, this institution can be called unique. Here, all the laws of the real club life of Europe with champagne until the morning, afterparties, vinyl records are strictly followed. A light touch of Arab piquancy is added to European traditions. San Giovanni King's is a bar, where they prepare the best cocktails in all of Egypt. This place is like a cozy country house with flowers on the terrace, wicker tables, and armchairs. From the windows, you see a huge beach that is washed by the bay. Barmen have worked here for many years and thoroughly studied the passions of tourists of different nationalities. Copyright
There is a city in Egypt, which is not like others. This is Alexandria, the northern capital of Egypt. Why the capital? Because, firstly, it is the second largest city in the country, and … Open
Beaches and cozy bays of Alexandria have become a favorite vacation spot for divers. For those who are qualified for diving, at a depth of five to eighteen meters in the waters near Alexandria, there are many ancient ruins and shipwrecks. Few of other cities can boast such a wealth of historical underwater objects: the blocks of Faros, covering the bottom of the sea near the fort of Kaitbei, Roman merchant ships lying 500 meters from the shore. Visibility in the eastern harbor falls as the water warms up, while in other, less sheltered places it is better to dive in the summer when the sea is calm. Alexandra Dive near Tikka Grill in Corniche can usually give a forecast of weather conditions for the next 24 hours and offers diving for groups of at least three people in two different places for $ 90 each person.
In the summer, the diving center in Mersa Matruh also offers diving to the remains of the wreck of the Second World War. It is worth contacting them in advance in order to discuss the availability of specific facilities, as some require permission, which takes 4-5 days. Other options for outdoor activities are offered at the sports club. Dr. Ashraf Fabry offers its guests the 25-feet pool, tennis court and squash court, a golf course with 18 holes and horse stables. Non-residents can use the tennis court in Montazah Sheraton. The city has many decent hotels, but almost all without its own beach. The most famous beaches, Montaz and Maamura, are located 7-10 minutes from the center. On municipal beaches, it is customary to rent a table, order a hookah, tea or juices.
You would probably need more than one day to explore all the city attractions. A lot of sightseeing routes pass through the city, so each traveler can choose the most interesting sites. In … Open
In addition to all the entertainment and activities, many guests of the city prefer to relax in the beautiful parks or go explore the local shopping centers. One of the most beautiful markets in Alexandria is in the Mid-Tahrir area. Here you can purchase a wide variety of goods, from clothes and shoes to antiques. Several interesting shops are located in the Anfushi quarter while walking through boutiques and souvenir shops, you can find many attractive cafes and restaurants. It is worth noting the abundance of high-class sports centers and fitness rooms that offer all the conditions for comfortable training. Most of the sports facilities are located close to major hotels.
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♥   Amusement park 'Dream Park' , 175.5 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Cairo Land' , 179.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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Scientists were looking for wrecks of Napoleonic fleet, so the discovery of the ancient city was a big surprise for them. The sunken city has its interesting sights, among which the Temple of Hercules deserves special attention. Nearby there are the ruins of the temples dedicated to Anubis and Isis; huge statues of ancient gods resting at the bottom are of particular interest. … Read further

Alexandria Lighthouse

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In 332 BC, Alexander the Great has founded the city, which was called Alexandria. The Lighthouse of Alexandria was the main symbol of the city, which in a few years gained the status of a major port and commercial center. It's the seventh wonder of the world. The structure was built in the 4th century BC. The unique system of signal lights complementing the lighthouse appeared much later, in the 1st century BC. It's believed that outstanding architect Sostratus was an author of the lighthouse project. Construction works took 20 years. … Read further

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