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Scuba Diving Near Sunken Treasures of the Past

If you are an experienced scuba diver and are interested in the history of Egypt, you will be pleased to visit diving centers in Alexandria, such as Alexandria Dive, that will organize an underwater excursion for you. It is not just a simple diving; it is an acquaintance with the history of the region. You will be able to see ancient palaces and landmarks of the long forgotten civilizations that are located on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.
1. The best time to visit Alexandria is between May and June when good weather reigns here. 2. In the city, you can take pictures of any sites you like, having previously asked permission … Open
Having booked the underwater excursion, come to the diving center at the designated time, and take on your hydro costume. A boat will take you to the diving site, and you will enter the underwater kingdom together with the guide. There are sunken ruins not far away from the city. Scientists think that Cleopatra’s palace stood there in the past. It was destroyed by earthquakes that took place in the region 1600 years ago.
You can visit the Eastern Haven where you will be able to swim among ancient Greek quarters. They are also in ruins, but there are fragments of pedestrian areas, columns, and giant statues. In Abu Qir, you will explore the remains of the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the sunken fleet of Napoleon. Not far away from the Marsa Matruh coast, you will see sunken submarines and ships that date back to the Second World War. You will feel like a true archeologist while exploring them. Copyright
Hilton Alexandria Corniche can safely be called the top designer hotel of Alexandria. Its rooms are painted in light tones; former are arranged with modern furniture upholstered in bright … Open

Off-roader Safari

In Alexandria, you can try an exciting off-roader safari in the desert. Having started the journey, you will have an opportunity to spend a day full of drive and adventure in Sahara. Don’t forget some necessary items with you, such as sunglasses, a sunscreen, bottle of water, money, and a scarf. You will cross the dunes in a powerful car, enjoying thrilling emotions.
You will breathe the hot air of the desert, touch its yellow sand, and listen to interesting stories of the driver – tour guide (you can pick the driver who speaks your mother language). You will drive approximately 40 kilometers to the west in order to reach a Bedouin camp. It is a completely different world that you will be able to touch. You will learn much interesting here, for example, how they get water and food in the desert.
Luxury hotels in Alexandria will surprise even the most experienced and discerning travelers. The gorgeous Tolip Hotel Alexandria is known far beyond the country. It occupies a massive and … Open
You will see how locals bake bread, will enjoy tea and hookah, and will even try to ride a camel. You will not need to worry about own safety during the journey as you will always be together with an experienced guide who knows local people and their traditions. In the evening, you will enjoy a barbecue and admire the fabulous sunset. When it is getting dark, you will see a performance of a real fakir who will walk on live coals. After that, you will return to your hotel in the off-roader.
Sunrise in Old Town Alexandria

Hydroplane Adventure

When the weather is fine, you can make an unforgettable flight above Alexandria in a hydroplane. From a bird’s eye view, you will be able to admire local landmarks and enjoy fabulous views. You will also learn much interesting because the pilot will tell you the history of the city during the flight. The landing will be no less thrilling as the plane lands directly on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
The choice of accommodation places with historic ambience is more than decent in Alexandria. The budget Fouad Hotel enchants guests with its unique atmosphere. It occupies an incredibly … Open


If you dream of exploring the underwater world of Alexandria water area but do not want to try scuba diving, snorkeling might be the best solution. You will swim in the tender water with the snorkeling mask and paddles. For this purpose, a yacht or boat will take you deeper to the sea. If you are lucky, you will see dolphins – these cute animals often come close to boats. Then the watercraft will make a stop, during which you will put on the snorkeling gear and start exploring the fabulous underwater world.
Beautiful coral reefs of the most unusual shapes, different colorful fish, such as butterfly fish, flagfish, and swell-fish will pass you by. You will snorkel together with an experienced guide, so even you are a beginner you will feel safe under the water. The guide will also be your own photographer, so you will have many beautiful pictures that will remind you of this adventure.
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