Sightseeing in Alexandria - what to see. Complete travel guide

1. The best time to visit Alexandria is between May and June when good weather reigns here.
2. In the city, you can take pictures of any sites you like, having previously asked permission from local residents.
3. When making purchases in a store, it is better not to show a seller any expensive items (for example, the latest iPhone or a camera). Experienced sellers can increase the price of a product several times if they find a buyer too rich.
4. Many museums close quite early, so after 17:00 no cultural institution accepts guests. As a rule, it's allowed to take pictures at all galleries and museums, but in some establishments, a small additional fee is charged for this.
5. Tipping in local restaurants does not exceed 5 percent. As a rule, visitors give waiters the change after paying the bill. Copyright
6. Tourists are advised to buy water in stores and avoid drinking tap water.
7. When communicating with the locals is not necessary to criticize their culture and traditions, and private life and religion are also a taboo.
Second biggest city of the country, Alexandria is also known as the largest port and an internationally famous resort. Each year the city attracts thousands of tourists mainly by its … Open
8. Taxi may not only be ordered to your hotel or restaurant but also "caught" on the street. Taxi prices are quite high and it is almost impossible to bargain with drivers - if you're lucky, the price will be reduced by only 10%.
9. The most popular souvenirs, which tourists buy for memory, are pieces of papyrus depicting local attractions. Such a souvenir must necessarily be accompanied by a certificate of quality. Many fakes of rice paper are sold on the street.
10. One of the most expensive products in local stores are sunscreens, so it's best to bring creams with you.
11. In local restaurants, lemon slices are served in addition to ordered dishes. The thing is that local food may be quite unusual for foreigners, and the lemon acts as a kind of disinfectant, which normalizes the process of digestion.
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What to visit being in Alexandria - unique sights


From the series “Famous Sunken Towns”
Not far from fragments of the once magnificent palace there are ancient ruins of the Temple of Isis. The reason for these beautiful buildings to end up under the water is very simple - a few thousand years ago, Alexandria suffered a series of severe earthquakes, because of which part of its coastal area was flooded with water. Ruins of ancient Alexandria, which today can be seen under water, resemble luxurious exposition of the historical museum. #Columns of ancient buildings and beautiful sculptures, millennial bas-reliefs and works of art that once adorned the palace of Cleopatra rest on sea bottom. Experienced divers prefer to visit these places in summer, when water temperature is the most comfortable for diving and there is nothing to disturb from admiring underwater sights. It’s also worth noting that scientists have discovered and raised to the surface a lot of interesting artifacts, which are now represented in major museums of Egypt. … Read further

Alexandria Lighthouse

From the series “Seven Wonders of the World”
After its completion, the lighthouse was the first structure of its kind in the world. Its scale was second only to the Giza Pyramids. The height of the lighthouse was about 30 meters. The structure stood on the small island of Pharos, which was located at the entrance of the Alexandria Bay. Unlike many other great buildings of ancient times, the Lighthouse of Alexandria had an important purpose. It helped ships to pass a reef that was located at the entrance to the bay. As noted earlier, a unique system of beacon fires appeared a few hundred years later. Initially, the lighthouse flagged vessels with usual smoke that could be seen only in the daytime. … Read further

Tips for the cities around Alexandria

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