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Alexandria, Egypt Many culinary experts note that local national foods are very similar to those delicacies served in Greek, Lebanese and Turkish restaurants. At the same time, each and every specialty is different in its original preparation, interesting presentation and unique flavor given by special seasonings. A popular local dish is "Fool"- bean paste with seasonings, lemon juice and vegetable oil added. Another version of this dish is called "feiaafeia". For its preparation, small pies are molded from the bean paste and then fried in oil.
There is a city in Egypt, which is not like others. This is Alexandria, the northern capital of Egypt. Why the capital? Because, firstly, it is the second largest city in the country, and … Open
The so-called "Kushar", which is a mix of stewed rice, chickpeas, lentils and pasta, is very popular among vacationers. Usually, the dish is served with a variety of hot sauces. At each national restaurant, guests are invited to try a lot of original meat dishes: cutlets, chops, rolls, and cuts. The most popular ones are traditional Kofta and kebabs. City restaurants offer really fantastic sweets: Semolina flat cakes with dates, all sorts of dried fruits and homemade pies. Fragrant coffee would be a great compliment to the above-mentioned desserts.
A famous gastronomic establishment is Roastery Coffee restaurant, which specializes in Italian cuisine. After tasting some culinary masterpieces, clients may order a specialty of the restaurant - ice cream with chocolate and various fillings. Balba3 Village is a popular Egyptian restaurant whose tables are served on an outdoor terrace. Many of the restaurant's delicacies are prepared on the grill. In Alexandria, you can also find Mediterranean restaurants, the brightest representative of which is Santa Lucia. In Hardee's restaurant, visitors are invited to taste Armenian cuisine, and Rakoda restaurant will be glad to please seafood lovers. Copyright
You would probably need more than one day to explore all the city attractions. A lot of sightseeing routes pass through the city, so each traveler can choose the most interesting sites. In … Open
Not far from the coastline, there is a popular restaurant named Fish Market. As it is not hard to guess from the name, this restaurant specializes in cooking fish and seafood. It is hard to find a better dining venue for a romantic dinner in Alexandria. Together with fish, this restaurant offers various paste types and vegetable salads. Freshly baked bread is an essential part of every meal. Despite the fact that Fish Market is one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city, it always has a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere.
New library in Alexandria All signature dishes at Sea Gull restaurant are cooked on a grill. It is also located close to the coastline. Visitors will enjoy not only a rich choice of signature dishes but also an interesting entertainment program. This restaurant has a large hall that often becomes the scene for local musicians and singers.
Khedive Salon is a luxurious nightclub located in the lobby of a five-star hotel. Bartenders will prepare for you the unique cocktails. The club is more about private communication, with a … Open
Abd El Wahab offers the most popular dishes of Egyptian cuisine. It is a great venue to try grilled meat, nutritious broths, traditional pastries, hearty potato dishes, and vegetable salads. The restaurant is perfectly suitable for families with children who will definitely like French fries and signature fruit desserts.
Travelers who suddenly want to eat sushi during their vacation in Alexandria will find everything they want at Ginger restaurant. It specializes in Asian cuisine and offers a wide range of popular Japanese desserts and some famous international desserts, such as the traditional Flan. Visitors will like a selection of sushi and sashimi, and all meat fans will be pleased with the Asian style beef.
1. The best time to visit Alexandria is between May and June when good weather reigns here. 2. In the city, you can take pictures of any sites you like, having previously asked permission … Open
Latino café never ceases to attract its numerous visitors with a rich choice of artistic looking desserts. It also offers a range of internationally popular dishes. It is a great venue to order delicious pasta with seafood, try different variations of sandwiches and ice cream or enjoy signature smoothies and chocolate desserts. Some desserts are truly unusual. For example, visitors can order dumplings with chocolate.
Hosny restaurant is one of the most expensive in Alexandria, but, nevertheless, the venue is always crowded. This restaurant offers the most popular Middle East and classic Egyptian dishes. Visitors are welcome to order fresh seafood and barbecue meat. It is also believed that Hosny offers excellent kebabs cooked in strict accordance with national traditions. Vegetarian guests will be delighted with a rich selection of vegetable salads. The restaurant has an eye-catching design that is perfectly suitable for all kinds of events and celebrations.
Traditional pizzerias are also widespread in the city, and Minouche Pizza is one of the most famous. The design of this small restaurant is reminiscent of a classic Italian tavern. Massive wooden furniture and interesting antiquities add special charm to the venue. It is a great place to enjoy dozens of pizza variations, including hearty pizzas with seafood and dietetic ones. There are also special pizza types for vegetarian guests.
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