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Larnaca provides plenty of ways to turn holidays into an unforgettable adventure. Time is limited but you want to see as many sights and picturesque places as possible? Instead of traditional tour buses try to use local auto rickshaw services. More traditional forms of transport can be taken on <>. Rickshaws usually offer their customers two options for a sightseeing tour. Historal Tour route passes through the city center and ends at the ancient port, and the City Center Tour goes in the opposite direction, ending at Piyale Pasha Street.
In Larnaca, there are many interesting entertainments for tourists with children. In one of the most quiet and picturesque areas of the city, is the amusement park Lucky Star. There are a … Open
One of the city's most colorful and interesting places for independent walks is Craftsmen Area. A walk through its picturesque streets can easily replace a visit to the museum. At the entrance to workshops, one can see glass shelves, on which the best goods are presented. The finest clay vases and artfully painted pots of various shapes, interesting handicrafts made of wood and mother-of-pearl - the main feature of such unique "exhibits" is that all of them are for sale.
On Akdeniz Street, be sure to look for Studio Ceramics where you can buy one of the best ceramic products in town. Besides that, guests of the studio will have a chance to see samples of works presented in the rooms, as well as observe the work of the master and order souvenirs according to individual requirements. Copyright
Numerous dining places in Larnaca would please both budget travelers, those who prefer a simple home cuisine and fans of gourmet food. An interesting place is the Monte Carlo restaurant, … Open
Walking along <> Street, pay attention to an unusual house, at the entrance to which there is a complex of cages with parrots and songbirds. One of the locals has been collecting birds for many years and is happy to demonstrate the collection to curious tourists. If you are lucky enough to meet the owner himself on the veranda, there will be a chance to get inside and see rare species of canaries and exotic parrots.
If you want to bring truly special and luxurious souvenirs from Cyprus, head to Briez Handmade Jewellery. It is located on Pavlou Valsamaki Street and offers exclusive handmade jewelry, which distinguishes it from other similar stores. The range of beads and bracelets made of semi-precious stones is incredibly broad here. Among the variety of colorful jewelry items, it would be easy to choose decent ones for men as well. If there is no suitable one among the available jewelry, the owner will be happy to offer custom-made products.
Travelers appreciate amazingly welcoming and friendly atmosphere of Larnaca. Residents of the city treat tourists with respect and interest; they are always easy to get in touch. You can … Open
Like to relax in unusual places and bring original photos from vacation? Be sure to visit original Restaurant New York and take a picture on the background of the “Statue of Liberty” - a replica of the famous landmark installed at the entrance to the restaurant. The restaurant is remarkable for the variety of classic fast-food dishes and affordable prices, therefore it is very popular among tourists.
Gourmets looking for more original places are encouraged to check out Zafiris restaurant on Makariou Street. It is a classic tavern in the national style, which is hard to distinguish from others in the eyes of uninitiated tourists. However, it is here that you can taste the best “Chicken Lemon Soup” on the island prepared according to a special recipe. In addition to the delicious soup, guests of the tavern will be offered a decent selection of typical national seafood dishes. Don't forget to complement your meal with fantastic Greek wine of local production.
Larnaca is the third largest resort of the island. A few thousand years ago, there was the major commercial city of Kition at this place. Modern travelers are attracted here not only with … Open

Underwater Swimming

A fascinating walk into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea awaits you in Larnaca. If you have never dived underwater with scuba you can snorkel near the coast Yanathes. You can also go to one of the 10 diving centers to learn scuba diving. For example, you can visit Nemo. You will make a trial dive under the guidance of an experienced instructor here. You will decide whether you want to go diving.
If you already have experience of conquering the deep sea you can explore the Swedish ship "Zenobia" 200 meters long. It sank in 1980. It lies at a depth of 42 meters and has become an artificial reef. You will see its holds and decks where mainline trucks are located. You will also see barracudas, sea wolf, Japanese amberjack, and white grouper. If you decide to visit the wreck of this vessel you should become a passenger of a boat with a transparent bottom.
Larnaca is a great resort for those who love beach holidays and active entertainment. The most popular beaches of the city are McKenzie and Phinikoudes. In these parts of the coast you can … Open

Entertainment on the Beaches of Larnaca

If you visit any of the beaches of Larnaca you will choose suitable active leisure. You can go water skiing, jet skiing, or go on a yacht trip. You will rent a boat for an amount between 40-1000 euros. You will also learn to parasail. You will pay 40 euros for a flight lasting for half an hour. You will also be engaged in conquering the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. You should contact a surf station called “Vulcan” to do this. It is located near Larnaca. You will use the services of a professional instructor here. He will teach you the basics of surfing and windsurfing. If you want you will take a course in kiting at one of the specialized centers operating in the city.
St Lazarus Church in Larnaca, Cyprus

Spend Time in an Amusement Park

There is an entertainment park on the outskirts of the city. It's called "Lucky Star". It is open from 10 am to 7 pm. You don't have to pay to get in here. The price of one attraction is 1.5 euros. There are 30 rides in total here. For example, you can ride a roller coaster, overcome the rope route "Trambolino", and sit in an antique car that will move along the monorail.
1. The main mean of public transport is a bus. As a rule, all bus stops are located next to major hotel complexes; almost any bus route can bring you to the city center. Buses can also … Open
You can also play football and billiards in the indoor pavilion. If you rent a cart you will spend 2 hours on one of several trails that have different equipment and length. You will also play "Sea Battle". This breathtaking entertainment will remind you of karting. However, the "battle" will take place on the water after you get into a special boat.

Visit the Camel Park and Donkey Farm

Mazotos village is a 15-minute drive from the airport. There's a camel park there. Camels, ostriches, horses, geese, and deer live there. It is open to the public from 9 am to 7 pm during the summer months. You can visit the park from 9 am to 5 pm in winter. The ticket price is 3 euros. You can watch the inhabitants of the park and feed them with food purchased for 1 Euro.
Larnaca attracts shoppers with a variety of craft shops and colorful markets. Small streets leading to the Old Town start from Finikoudes Boulevard. These streets accommodate the most … Open
You can also fly a flight simulator and swim in the pool. You will pay 9 euros for this. If you want to ride a camel you will pay 6 euros. Golden Donkey Farm located in the village of Skarinou near the city. Donkeys live there. You can visit it from 9 am to 6 pm on any day of the week. You can ride a donkey and communicate with a Guinea pig, Turkey, and other animals.

Quad Safari

If you are interested in motorcycles you should rent a quad bike and go on a safari in Larnaca and its surroundings. An employee of the company that organizes the tour will give instructions and tell you about the rules of driving a vehicle. You will be provided with all the necessary equipment. The trip will last about 2 hours. You will have time to enjoy high speed and admire the beauty of nature during this time.
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