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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Luxury restaurants of Abu Dhabi have always surprised their visitors by largest choice of meat and vegetable dishes, as well as all kinds of sweets. In order to prepare meat dishes, here are often used veal and beef. Poultry is also a common ingredient in the local cuisine. People, who follow Islam, cannot eat pork, so you won’t find dishes containing this meat in many restaurants of Abu Dhabi. Although this is not the reason to get sad as each dining facility surely has largest choice of delicious fish dishes. The local recipes usually imply the use of numerous herbs and spices that make local culinary masterpieces taste even more exotic.
The picturesque waterfront of Abu Dhabi houses one of the most spectacular design hotels, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Residence. Among the main features of its interior are high ceilings and … Open
Meat soups remain the most popular first courses. As a rule, such ingredients as potatoes, rice, beans and capers are typical for local first courses. Visitors of the national cuisine restaurants usually buy stew as the second course dish. Garnishes can be very original. Thus, lamb is usually served with boiled rice and raisins. Chicken is traditionally stuffed with corn porridge; poultry meat is often added to pilaf, which is known as one of the most popular oriental dishes. Various milk products are also very popular in the local cuisine, but it will be really hard to find vegetable salads which are so familiar to Europeans. The most common way to cook vegetables here is to stew them.
We should also not to forget to pay attention to desserts. Sweet tooth travellers will simply have to try local pudding Umm Ali, which is made from milk, nuts and dried fruits. Of course, you will find more well-known oriental sweets, such as sherbet and baklava. Fans of pastry are recommended to try honey donuts called ligemat. Each dining facility surely offers its guests to try aromatic coffee, which remains the most popular national drink. Carcade tea is an excellent energy drink, which is popular not only in the east, but also in European countries. Copyright
A selection of luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi is very large, and there are some confident leaders, which are in demand among wealthy guests of the emirate. The luxury hotel Grand Millennium Al … Open
In recent years, many interesting restaurants appeared in Abu Dhabi. They offer both European and international cuisine. Travelers wishing to try something truly authentic and typical for the region should simply take a stroll on the main streets of the city. This is where they will find small charming cafes and kiosks that offer popular everyday food. Tiny kiosks often offer Pita – small round-shaped flatbread that can be sometimes stuffed with vegetables, meat, and other ingredients. Manakish remains one of the most popular choices for everyone who wants a light snack. It is freshly baked bread with olives, cheese, and fresh greens.
Abu Dhabi Visitors of Adu Dhabi restaurants specializing in the national cuisine will be surely offered to try Briki. This is the name for a popular national dish that usually contains different fish species and prawns. Seafood is soaked in the soft dough with various spices and then roasted. The ready dish is usually served together with fresh greens and lemon.
The fashionable Royal Rose Hotel deserves special attention among romantic hotels in Abu Dhabi. It’s located in the unique building, the French-styled luxurious palace of the 17th … Open
Many Abu Dhabi restaurants are famous far beyond the borders of the city, and Tiara is one of them. The restaurant is open on one of the top floors of the Marina Mall Tower skyscraper, at a height of 126 meters. This restaurant has a very interesting peculiarity – its hall moves, making a full swing in an hour and a half. During a dinner in this gorgeous restaurant, visitors will admire the panorama of the city. It is hard to find a better place to enjoy a romantic dinner. The menu of this restaurant includes many popular dishes of Arabian, French, Mediterranean, British, and even African cuisines.
Abu Dhabi Fans of Indian cuisine will genuinely enjoy a visit to India Palace restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The dining venue never ceases to amaze visitors with its luxurious design and outstanding menu. The design of the restaurant features unique artworks created by famous Indian masters. Gilded figurines of elephants, fabulous velvet sofas, intricate carved folding screens, and charming lanterns – this restaurant is, indeed, one of the most luxurious dining venues in the city. The restaurant has several signature dishes, including chicken and prawns. Many ingredients are imported directly from India.
Abu Dhabi is famous for its huge shopping complexes. One of the most popular is Abu Dhabi Mall. Its opening took place in 2001. Nowadays, it houses 220 shops, and more than 40 restaurants … Open
Rosebuds restaurant is a great choice for everyone who is interested in trying the most popular food in the Middle East. Numerous visitors are attracted not only by an enormous variety of food but also by affordable prices. This restaurant is perfectly suitable for a family dinner and groups of visitors. At Rosebuds, guests will find popular dishes of Greek, French, and European cuisines. A fantastic choice of desserts is one of the key attractions of this dining establishment. That is also the reason why this restaurant is so popular with visitors with children. The menu of BiCE restaurant is mostly dedicated to Italian cuisine. It is also a great place to try delicious home-made pastries and wine. Live music is another interesting peculiarity of this restaurant – every evening, talented musicians perform at BiCE.
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Etoiles Abu Dhabi
Where: Emirates Palace, The Corniche, Abu Dhabi; Telephone: +971 2 690 7999; More info:;
Biella Café Pizzeria
Where: Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi; Telephone: +971 2 681 8849;
Where: Khalifa Street, Abu Dhabi; Telephone: +971 2 626 0333;
Zyara Café
Where: The Corniche, Abu Dhabi; Telephone: +971 2 627 5007; More info:;

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