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Abu Dhabi If during a visit to Abu Dhabi, you have rarely left the hotel, examined the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in full and visited Al Hosn Fort more than twice, it's time to go in search of other unique attractions. One of the most pleasant places for walking is the ancient town of Al Ain , where you can find old houses of local residents.
1. Make sure you have checked the calendar of religious holidays before your travel. The reason for this is that many government agencies may be closed during holidays, and restaurants and … Open
After enjoying the unique historical sites be sure to climb Jebel Hafeet Mountain. This walk is accessible for everybody, even for travelers without physical training. After a long climb a worthy reward will wait for you, as the top of the hill offers a magnificent panoramic view of the moving dunes, one of the most unusual natural attractions of Abu Dhabi. You can take amazing photos of desert landscapes from the top of the mountain.
Emirate’s territory includes the unique protected island of Sir Bani Yas that will be interesting for fans of nature and outdoor activities. The island is home to over 30 species of animals and dozens of bird species, as well as a number of rare plants. If you've always wanted to be photographed on a background of exotic plants and flowers and hadn’t expected such luck in the desert emirate, be sure to visit this wonderful reserve. Copyright
Abu Dhabi has a number of unique hotels known far beyond the country. One of those places is Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi. It occupies a large-scale modern building of unusual shape, part of which … Open
Another pleasant surprise is waiting for those fond of animals, as the island has a large horse center. Arabian horses are bred there; all visitors can take a ride or enjoy scenic guided tours. The island also has a fascinating diving center, which was opened a few years ago. Its services will be of interest to divers who like to enjoy the underwater beauty in solitude and wish to dive away from the popular tourist destinations. Beginners might like rest here, as the diving center has professional staff of coaches.
Sheikh Zayed Bridge - Abu Dhabi The actual path to the picturesque island can be a memorable adventure too. If you love boating, go to the tiny coastal town of Jebel Dhanna . Here locals offer tourists a unique service - they take you on their boats directly to the island. The alternative to this are helicopters, but air walk will cost much more than the boat.
The picturesque waterfront of Abu Dhabi houses one of the most spectacular design hotels, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Residence. Among the main features of its interior are high ceilings and … Open
Do you want to see the largest sand dunes in the world? Visit the picturesque oasis of Liwa ; eminent citizens and statesmen spend there their weekends. On weekdays, when government officials are working busy, this oasis is available for ordinary tourists. The main attractive feature of the oasis are sand dunes, they are the largest in the world and thus are popular among fans of sand surfing. Absolutely everyone can learn the basics of this unconventional sport; training conditions here can be called the best in the world.
gate-purple Those looking for extreme would be enchanted by the recreation program of Ferrari World amusement park. There are some of the most extreme rides in the world on its territory, including the unique roller coaster. Famous racers were involved in the development project of the attraction, so a decent share of adrenaline is guaranteed to visitors.
A selection of luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi is very large, and there are some confident leaders, which are in demand among wealthy guests of the emirate. The luxury hotel Grand Millennium Al … Open

Ferrari World

If you crave for some extreme during your stay in Abu Dhabi, don’t forget to attend Ferrari World, a large and famous thematic park. The red roof of the park’s building is well recognized by the majority of people around the world because it is decorated with a giant Ferrari logo. At Ferrari World, everything is dedicated to the legendary car brand. The Galleria Ferrari Museum offers a large exhibition that throws the light on the history, design of the famous brand, and the most famous car models.
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque However, Ferrari World is not only about learning something new. It is a great place to raise your adrenaline level! There are 20 amusements in the park, including a rollercoaster. It is called Formula Rossa at Ferrari World. G-Force will bring you to the height of 62 meters and then rapidly fall down. The Speed of Magic offers an incredibly interesting virtual 4D walk. Choose it to see jungles, ice caves, hills and ravines, and even a volcano.
The fashionable Royal Rose Hotel deserves special attention among romantic hotels in Abu Dhabi. It’s located in the unique building, the French-styled luxurious palace of the 17th … Open
Finally, if you wish, you can even make a virtual helicopter ride in Italy. Without a doubt, the time spent at Ferrari World will be exciting and full of entertainment. If you want to buy a souvenir, which will remind you of the park, Ferrari Store is here to serve you. In addition to various memorabilia, it offers small but very precise copies of Ferrari cars.
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Journey in the Rub' al Khali Desert

A vacation in Abu Dhabi would be incomplete without a visit to the cradle of the Arabian world – the glorious and endless desert. You will need to reach the desert in a powerful off-roader as that is the only way to get there and move in the desert because of sandy dunes. You will see the inimitable beauty of the desert and drive on picturesque barchans. Visitors will admire strange shadows created by the hot sun and then see one of the most breath-taking sunsets in their lives. The bright violet and matte sunset is opposite to the Polar Light.
Abu Dhabi is famous for its huge shopping complexes. One of the most popular is Abu Dhabi Mall. Its opening took place in 2001. Nowadays, it houses 220 shops, and more than 40 restaurants … Open
When visiting the kingdom of sand and enjoying its unique beauty, you will see the ships of the desert, camels, and can even ride them. Visitors, who know how to ski or snowboard, can try an unusual entertainment – they can go down from dunes on a sandboard. This sport is very popular in the region. Tourists are also welcome to visit the Grand Mosque, explore the ancient settlements of Al Ain, and sleep in the desert by the fire, having enjoyed national dishes.
Abu Dhabi

Pearl Diving

Do you want to see a very unusual and unique amusement? Then head to Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the few places in the world where visitors can try pearl hunting. You will dive in a large reservoir filled with water and gather oysters with pearls from the bottom. However, there is no special equipment given, not even an aqualung. You will have to stop breathing and dive.
Discovering the architecture of Abu Dhabi from bird's eye view! Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ferrari World, Emirates Palace Hotel, Yas Marina Circuit, Marina Mall, Aldar HQ, all those monuments are defining the image of Abu Dhabi … Open
Visitors are given one hour for this quest. They need to find 3 oysters. While visitors dive, a team of instructors carefully guards them in order to prevent any problems. Once the oysters are caught, visitors proceed to the pearl shop. You will see the right way to open oysters, will listen about possible types of pearls, and will buy one of the pears that you have found.
Abu Dhabi

Zayed Sports City Ice Rink

When you feel tired of everlasting heat in Abu Dhabi, one of the ways to forget about it is to visit Mall Marina and have fun on the large ice skating rink. The grandiose indoor skating rink was opened in 1987. It regularly hosts ice hockey games and various performances with best figure skaters in the world. The modern arena can be quickly transformed into a concert hall. The ice skating rink provides space for up to 400 visitors, and the hall has enough space for up to 2000 people.
1761 can be considered the official date of the city foundation. In this year a source of the fresh water was discovered, and people from Bani Yas tribe created a protective fort around it. … Open
The ice skating rink was open after an extensive restoration several years ago. It got a modern glaciation system that allows precise adjustment of water for ice. Visitors are welcome to attend the rink daily, from 9:00 to 22:00. The entrance fee is 5 euro. It is also possible to take either individual or group lessons from professional coaches. There is also an ice skate rental office. Visitors are welcome to master the basics of figure skating or try some ice hockey on the rink.
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