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Doha It’s really difficult to find a restaurant of national cuisine in Doha. The reason for this is in the fact that local culinary traditions have been almost completely replaced the culinary traditions of the neighboring countries. That’s why the modern kitchen in Doha is a unique blend of Indian, Pakistani and Arab cuisines. Travelers who decide to make a safari to the desert during their rest should certainly not forget to visit a Bedouin camp. In these camps visitors can try meat dishes cook in accordance with ancient recipes.
Several excellent shopping centers operate in Doha. Villaggio is one of the best. It is distinguished by a chic design. Here, besides dozens of brand stores, a decent choice of cafes and … Open
Camel milk and dates are mandatory components of numerous old Qatari delicacies, so these dishes may seem a little exotic for foreign travelers. Despite the fact that Qatar has no shortage of seafood, fish dishes are not very popular among local people. Tourists are recommended to visit one of specialized fish restaurants, the dishes in will certainly surprise guests with their originality.
Al Mahara is known as one of the city's best restaurants specializing in fish dishes. Al Bandar Fish Market restaurant serves not only delicious seafood, but also popular dishes of Middle Eastern cuisine. Reasonable prices will become a nice addition to meal. The cost of signature dishes in such institutions does not exceed 25 euros. Fans of gourmet dishes are recommended to visit Market by Jean-Georges restaurant, where guests are able to try most popular international dishes. The restaurant accepts visitors until late in the evening. Guests of this place are traditionally entertained by interesting performances. Copyright
Doha is a capital of Qatar and a large economic and trading center. During summer months Doha is famous as a beach resort; spring and autumn are a wonderful opportunity for tourists to visit … Open
Fans of Italian cuisine will not find a better place than la Dolce Vita restaurant. This is a cozy and quiet place where visitors can enjoy a pleasant evening and taste all of their favorite dishes in their "eastern version". In addition to any order guests will be asked to choose wine. A collection of drinks in la Dolce Vita is as flawless as its menu. Spice Market restaurant is one more attractive institution specializing in Asian cuisine. In the morning this place is always full of visitors who come there to drink coffee and eat fresh pastries, and in the evening the restaurant is a popular place of rest for large companies. Thai Snack and Massage is a perfect choice for family rest. This is one of the best budget institutions of the city. During the daytime guests are offered to order from a special budget lunch menu. Visitors are also welcome to order takeaway food.
Doha buildings In recent years, Doha has become one of the most multinational cities in the world. There are people of different ethnicities living in the city. Therefore, no wonder why there are many restaurants specializing in different cuisines of the world. That said, it is not that easy to find authentic restaurants specializing in the regional food. Dining establishments serving classic Arabian, Indian, and Pakistan cuisine are very widespread. Besides that, there are many European cuisine restaurants.
In Doha, everyone will find amusement to his liking. The whole family can relax in the Al Khor Park. It is a cross between a traditional amusement park, a zoo and a natural science museum. … Open
There are quite a few restaurants that offer traditional Bedouin cuisine in Doha. Historically, this region didn’t have much meat, so it was quite a scarce ingredient. Seafood, beans, and rice make up the basis of the local cuisine. Fruit and vegetables are also present in various foods. Without a doubt, all kinds of spices are very popular and frequently used in the region.
Doha skyline Having visited a restaurant in Doha in the morning, don’t be surprised to find a light meal. As a rule, local people eat cheese, yogurt, fresh bread, and coffee for breakfast. Sometimes, the breakfast includes olives. For lunch, local people usually eat more nutritious food, for example, fish with fresh or boiled vegetables.
For many, the capital of Qatar is associated with gas and oil industries that bring the main income to the country. Of course, many would mention the high temperature. Indeed, the average … Open
During your visit to one of the local restaurants specializing in the regional cuisine, consider trying Warak Enab – grape leaves stuffed with rice. The stuffing for this dish can be cooked in a number of ways, and every chef usually has their own secrets and interesting details that they don’t reveal. Biryani is one of the most popular and widely cooked meat dishes in the region. This dish contains rice with lamb or chicken. Naturally, Biryani contains a generous amount of spices.
Museum of Islamic Art, Doha Nowadays, the regional cuisine has significantly more meat dishes, and lamb remains the most popular choice in local restaurants. During the days of holidays and main celebrations, tourists can try a special dish in Doha – lamb roasted on a broiling rack. Desserts are also very simple, but that fact doesn’t make them less delicious. Bread pudding is the most widespread choice. As a rule, this dessert contains raisins and almonds. There is also a more unusual dessert, Mahalabia, which has milk, starch, and floral water as its main ingredients. Finally, local restaurants offer a peculiar cottage cheese dessert, the taste of which is similar to cheesecake.
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Where to go for dinner in Doha: recommended cafe and restaurants

Where: Ramada Hotel, Doha; Telephone: +974 441 7417;
Al Hamra
Where: Al Rayyan Road, Al Rayyan Complex, Doha; Telephone: +974 443 3297/436 1300/436 1331;
Al Kariss
Where: Souq Al Waqif, Doha; Telephone: +974 437 5660;
Beijing Chinese Restaurant
Where: Salwa Road, opposite The Centre, Doha; Telephone: +974 435 8688;
Where: Ramada Hotel, Doha; Telephone: +974 441 7417;
Al Sayyad
Where: The Diplomatic Club, Doha; Telephone: +974 484 7444;
Tajine Restaurant
Where: Bin Mahmoud on The Centre roundabout, Doha; Telephone: +974 444 4171;
Where: Al Corniche Street, Doha; Telephone: +974 4834423;
Al Mounir Restaurant
Where: Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street, Doha; Telephone: +974 441 7131;
Al-shami Restaurant
Where: Suhaim bin Hamad Street, Doha; Telephone: +974 443 3666;
Maharaja Restaurant
Where: Qatar Palace Hotel, Al Asmakh Street, Doha; Telephone: +974 442 1642;
Al Sultan Restaurant
Where: Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street Al Matar Street, Doha; Telephone: +974 441 4067 +974 441 1865;

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