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Mazoon Mosque - Sultanate of Oman Local cuisine is rather unique but simple, but this does not make it less tempting. Unique taste and eating qualities of ethnic dishes will get the highest appreciation even from the most sophisticated gourmands as even more travelers arriving at Muscat are giving preference to ethnic cuisine rather than other culinary trends. Though Muscat is a high volume importer of foreign products and foods, great culinary experts still give preference to local products for creating their foods masterpieces.
Local people are rather sociable and hospitable, they are respective and attentive towards foreign guests and are eagerly interested in traditions and culture of foreign visitors. City … Open
Meat dishes are in the heart of the ethnic cuisine menu. Commonly the lamb meat is used in recipes. Popular festive treat is lamb meat cooked on the open fire named “shuwa” meanwhile the daintiest meat treat is minced mutton named maqdeed and being special dried meat. A number of ways of meat preparation may seem weird and odd to foreign guests as contemporary culinary experts have inherited these methods from their cooking ancestors.
Thus the meat for the “al mudbi” dish is prepared on big hot stones. The meat can be served as a solo dish so added with various accompaniments.”Uzi” is the next dish popular among city guests. This is small pieces of roasted goat and lamb which are commonly served with rice. An original dish is “buryani” which is pieces of roasted meat, fish and new bread being mixed and served in deep plates. Copyright
Muscat features numerous historical and cultural landmarks and sights which will turn the city exploration into an unforgettable experience full of impressions and feelings. The main symbol … Open
Fish dishes are as well gaining popularity in the restaurant specializing in ethnic cuisine. Muscat imports various sea foods. Traditional treat is samak meshwi being fish grilled on charcoal. Those wishing to try more exotic treats should order dried fish “laham”. Various sea foods platters are of immense popularity too. These commonly include calamari, mussels and other seashells. As meat treats, sea foods are preferably prepared on open fire.
Muscat - Mutrah An essential treat on every table in Muscat is popular khubz bread which is made by every cook keeping to a specific recipe. Starting meal without bread is not common in Muscat as the khubz has become an essential part of ethnic culture. The same important feature of the ethnic culture is a decent attitude towards alcohol. Local people avoid consuming alcohol and alcohol containing drinks. However many restaurants and bars offer impressive selections of spirits and cocktails.
Muscat boasts various entertainments to meet each taste and fancy of the visitors. Tourists should definitely visit one of the local beaches. Local folks do not feel enthused for beach … Open
Restaurants of various gastronomic directions are represented in Muscat. Kurkuma Indian Restaurant is considered one of the most prestigious in the city. Its spacious hall is decorated in white tones. A wonderful view of the city opens from the large windows of the restaurant. Visitors are offered dozens of types of curry with meat and seafood here. You can also taste traditional Indian pastries and very interesting dishes with rice in this restaurant. Excellent seafood soups and hearty lamb meat dishes are cooked here.
Muscat - Old Muscat Teatro restaurant presents classic Italian cuisine. It attracts guests with affordable prices and a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to traditional pasta and pizza, the chefs cook interesting dishes in an Oriental style. You can taste interesting Thai and Indian delicacies here. The restaurant will also appeal to vegetarians. Many original vegetable dishes are present on the menu.
1. Before a journey to the city of Muscat one should thoroughly learn the main rules and regulations of local culture as this will let the tourists escape unwanted misconceptions and … Open
Hearty meat dishes form the basis of the Steak Company restaurant menu. This steakhouse will be a great place for a family visit. You can taste different steak and roast options here. Interesting vegetable side dishes are offered to guests in addition to meat dishes here. The choice of drinks is also very large in the restaurant. You can taste popular beers and fine wines here.
Muscat - Hyatt hotel If you prefer fish dishes, then the Turkish House restaurant will appeal to you. Interesting dishes in the Mediterranean style are cooked here. You can taste different types of grilled fish, as well as salads with seafood. Traditional Turkish dishes are also served here. This is where you can taste real Turkish pilaf with aromatic spices. The restaurant is more like a cozy cafe in design. It is very popular with locals.
Graffiti Burger is considered one of the most unusual bars in Muscat. Colorful graffiti created by local artists is the main decoration of its hall. Guests can enjoy a huge selection of alcoholic and soft drinks in this bar. Interesting cocktails are made here. The selection of unusual snacks is also huge in the bar. You can taste shrimp and other seafood with signature sauces, burgers and sandwiches, as well as popular American-style snacks here. Despite the huge popularity of the bar, the price level remains more than attractive in it.
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National cuisine of Oman

Thick yogurts with pistachios and cardamom are very popular in Oman. Leben or Laban is a popular yogurt with buttermilk, mint, and thyme. Black tea with sugar, condensed milk, saffron, and other spices remains one of the most popular drinks in the region. For big celebrations, such as weddings, locals often cook Shuwa – beef or mutton cooked in oil with black pepper and cloves. The meat is wrapped in banana leaves, put into a basket, and then slowly baked in an underground oven. The whole process takes one or two days. Harees is a festive dish, a meat soup with wheat. … Open

Cuisine and restaurants in the neighbours of Muscat

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