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Waterway around Jumeirah hotel complex Numerous restaurants and cafes in Jumeirah are always ready to welcome their guests. Many popular dining establishments are open in large shopping centers and hotels. For example, The Alamo is a very interesting restaurant that specializes in meat dishes. The restaurant has a large wine list and regularly offers various promotions and entertainments to its guests. For instance, female visitors are treated with a complimentary glass of champagne several times a week.
Jumeirah is like a Beverly Hills of the Middle East, so this area has an atmosphere of eternal, trouble-free happiness. Tourists can always ask locals for help and will not get rejected … Open
Fans of Australian cuisine will be pleased to visit Aussie Legends. A rich choice of exotic appetizers and best beer has made this restaurant incredibly popular. On Mondays, Aussie Legends traditionally hosts an interesting entertainment program, and on Thursdays, the restaurant has the traditional “happy hour”. This is the time when visitors can enjoy buffet type lunches and dinners. Young people often gather at Kasbar. This restaurant attracts guests not only with its gorgeous menu but also with an unusual design. There is a colorful dance floor right in the center of the dining hall. All tables are installed around it. Visitors can sample the signature food of the restaurant, listen to wonderful music, and dance.
Rooftop Lounge & Terrace is one of the best restaurants in Jumeirah that specializes in oriental cuisine. A fabulous choice of oriental sweets is one of the main advantages of this dining establishment. Visitors are welcome to relax in a charming hall with comfortable furniture and many luxurious elements of the design or choose to dine outdoors, on a fabulous terrace. Rooftop Lounge & Terrace is often full in the evening – numerous visitors come to enjoy the regular entertainment program or simply admire the sunset from the terrace. Fans of rolls and sushi will be pleased to visit Sho Cho's bar that offers a broad range of traditional Asian dishes. The bar also has an unusual and original design. Large aquariums built into walls create an inimitable and magic atmosphere. Copyright
Besides numerous entertaining and shopping centers, the area of Jumeirah is rich in unique landmarks. Old Iranian Mosque is the most famous place of interest in Jumeirah. The old building of … Open
Connoisseurs of French cuisine will definitely like Boudoir. Despite the fact that restaurant is among the most expensive in Jumeirah, visitors still have to book tables several days in advance because there are always many people willing to try classic French dishes and delicacies. Vacationers also like Tagine, the restaurant that specializes in Moroccan cuisine. Its hall is decorated in full accordance with the national traditions. All waiters are dressed in beautiful Moroccan outfits, and the restaurant has elegant handmade carpets and other elements of décor in the national style.
Jumeirah Mosque Jumeirah restaurants specializing in the regional cuisine can offer a range of interesting dishes to their guests. Manakish is a popular appetizer that is often served together with the main dish. It is traditional pita bread sprinkled with cheese and various spices. These savory pastries are available in many restaurants of the city. In Dubai, Manakish is available in numerous markets and in food carts with pastries.
Jumeirah is a picturesque coastal area that never ceases to attract fans of beach recreation. Jumeirah beaches have the necessary infrastructure for different kinds of sports. There are … Open
Local cuisine is famous for its inimitable meat dishes, and lamb meat remains the most popular choice in the region. Lamb meat is also present in Biryani, a traditional local food that looks somewhat like a pilaf. However, rice for Biryani is cooked separately. During the cooking process, such ingredients as rice, pistachios, and different spices are added to the rice. The rice is then put onto plates and decorated with pieces of roasted lamb. There are different variations of this popular dish, for example, Biryani with chicken and even with fish.
Sunset on Jumeirah Beach Jumeirah restaurants also offer original Meze snacks. As a rule, Meze sets include hummus, small pies with various fillings, pickled vegetables, and meat delicacies. When Meze is served, the whole table becomes covered with small plates and bowls with dozens of various appetizers. Meze is so nutritious that many tourists may find it surprising that such diverse and hearty appetizers are served before the main dish.
1. Tap water is not dangerous for health, but it is still recommended to drink bottled water. It is possible to find it in virtually any grocery shop and supermarket. 2. Taxi remains the … Open
Perhaps, Al Harees is one of the most interesting and unusual dishes in the national cuisine. It contains wheat and different meat. Wheat with meat is stewed in an oven for more than 10 hours. As a rule, Al Harees is cooked all night long. The ready dish is sprinkled with melted butter before serving. As a rule, Al Harees is always present on festive tables during important holidays. It is also a typical dish for weddings.
Madinat Jumeirah - night view When guests of Jumeirah want to enjoy a quick meal, they often choose Falafel. These are small balls made of chickpea flour. Falafel is a typical and widespread street food, but it is also present in the menus of high-class restaurants. Deep fried Falafel balls are usually served together with traditional bread. Finally, the traditional cuisine of the region is impossible to imagine without fragrant Shawarma. There are dozens of different kinds of this popular dish. Despite the fact that Shawarma usually contains meat, it will not be hard to find special vegetarian versions as many local restaurants are targeted at tourists.
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