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One of the main touristic attractions of the island is climbing the Rinjani volcano. It should be mentioned, that a walk to the top of the volcano will take one whole day. And it is for a person with an average physical training. So you should judge your strength realistically. The route itself is not that hard, but it goes up to 3,7 thousand meters above sea level, which is not an easy task on its own. So if you decided to climb the volcano, join an organized group. This way, you won’t get lost, and the porter boys will always take your equipment to the top for a certain fee. Don’t just take a tent and a sleeping bag – you can easily rent them, but also warm clothes. It is really cold during the night time on the top of the volcano.
About 300 hotels and inns of various categories are found on Lombok, and there are quite unusual places among them. One of the most attractive resorts is Pool Club. It’s located in … Open
During the journey, you will not only be able to enjoy the views but also swim in the hot springs or in a lake, located in the volcano over 2 thousand meters above sea level. On the whole, walking tours around the island or a car/motorbike rides are the best ways to discover the beauty of this place. Pristine corners of nature, virgin beaches with black volcanic, pink or round “mustard” sand are worth dealing with the local traffic. Remember, in Lombok, they drive on the left, and it seems like they’ve never heard of the saying “slow and steady wins the race”. You should be really careful on the road. If you rent a motorbike or a car, bargain. The locals rarely name an adequate price on the spot.
Besides the volcano, you should walk to at least one or two waterfalls. For example, to Sendang Gile. Though it is located nearly half a kilometer above sea level, even an untrained tourist will reach it. It is harder to get to Tiu Kelep, but there you can swim at the bottom of it. Those, who enjoy mountain climbing, can go to Batara Lejang. But you shouldn't climb it without a guide and a good equipment. Tebatu Waterfall, Sekeper Waterfall, Mangku Sakti & Mangku Kodek Waterfalls, Jeruk Manis Waterfall – those are just a few of the most beautiful waterfalls in Lombok. The location of any landmark, close to your accommodation, is better to check with a hotel administrator or a guide. It is better not to walk there alone – hire a local guide. For a small fee, he will not only show you the shortcut to the waterfall but will also make a picture of you there. Copyright
Lombok is not the most popular place among the tourists. If you want to buy stuff from the world leading brands, choose more popular resorts. There are shopping malls on the island, for … Open
If you like diving or snorkeling, you will enjoy your vacation in Lombok. The virtual line in the local waters, which marks the meeting point of Indian and Pacific oceans, is a unique peculiarity of the region. There are no marking lines, and a diver himself can see, how underwater inhabitants, which live so close to each other, differ. There are a lot of sits between Lombok and the Gili Islands, which mesmerize you with their beauty and the diversity of flora and fauna. Experienced divers go to the South-west coast. By the way, you may see a hammerhead near Lombok. That is, of course, if you are ready to swim half an hour to the dive site. There are a couple of big diving centers in Senggigi region, which are ready to teach a beginner all the diving special tricks.
Visit at least one of the Gili islands. You can easily get there by boat. For a certain fee, of course. There is no traffic on the islands, just the beaches, wind, nature, cafes, and holiday homes. You will probably get bored if you stay here for a couple of days, but a one-day excursion will be great. Visit the local settlements. In Sade Village, you will not only see the daily life of aboriginals, who are used to tourists but also have an opportunity to buy pottery or handmade fabrics. On the whole, Lombok will bring much joy for those, who like leisure activities. Real hard partiers won’t have much to do here. Though there are a couple of nightclubs, for example, an Irish bar Tir Na Nog, the local nightlife doesn’t rise to the level of Bali.
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Map of all parks
National and city parks around Lombok Island
♥   Nature Recreation Park 'Suranadi' , 10.4 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Nature Recreation Park 'Kerandangan' , 20.6 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Nature Recreation Park 'Gunung Guntur' , 22.6 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   National Park 'Gunung Rinjani' , 30.6 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Nature Recreation Park 'Pelangan' , 41.7 km from the center. On the map   Photo
Map of all pret-parks
Amusement parks near Lombok Island
♥   Amusement park 'Bali Safari and Marine Park' Gianyar, 104.2 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Waterbom Park' Kuta, 123.9 km from the center. On the map   Photo
Map of all aquaparks
Water attractions around Lombok Island
♥   Water park 'Waterbom Park' Bali, 123.9 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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Senggigi Beach

From the series “Most Fabulous and Magic Beaches”
In Indonesia, a popular holiday destination among fans of beach activities is the island of Lombok. The most famous beach here is Senggigi. It is located in the southwestern part of the island and has the length of 10 km. The main feature of the beach is its dark sand of volcanic origin. If you overlook the beautiful stretch of the coast, you will notice that it is framed by a dense tropical thickets. There are attractive hotels, restaurants and shops along the coast, so guests of the popular beach won’t experience the lack of entertainment. … Read further

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