Photogallery of Lombok Island, Indonesia

Gili Trawangan - Lombok Indonesia
Gili Trawangan - Lombok Indonesia by firmatography @flickr
Seger beach hill
Seger beach hill by ocoolnovan @flickr
Lombok Island
Lombok Island by Shanti Norita @flickr
Lombok Island
Lombok Island by ocoolnovan @flickr
Sunset, palm trees
Sunset, palm trees by Dr Wobble @flickr
Lombok Island
Lombok Island @flickr
Standard touristy pic
Standard touristy pic by yanti murdiono @flickr
Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach by ocoolnovan
Lombok Island
Lombok Island by IN_SEARCH_OF_ SUNRISE @flickr
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More to see in Lombok Island
One of the main touristic attractions of the island is climbing the Rinjani volcano. It should be mentioned, that a walk to the top of the volcano will take one whole day. And it is for a person with an average physical training. So you should judge your strength realistically. The route itself is not that hard, but it goes up to 3,7 thousand meters above sea level, which is not an easy task on its own. So if you decided to climb the volcano, join an organized group. This way, you won’t get lost, and the porter boys will always take your equipment to the top for a certain fee. Don’t just take a tent and a sleeping bag – you can easily rent them, but also warm clothes. It is really cold during the night time on the top of the volcano. During the journey, you will not only be able to enjoy the views but also swim in the hot springs or in a lake, located in the volcano over 2 thousand meters above sea level. On the whole, walking tours around the island or a car/motorbike rides are the best ways to discover the beauty of this place. Pristine corners of nature, virgin beaches with black volcanic, pink or round “mustard” sand are worth dealing with the local traffic. Remember, in Lombok, they drive on the left, and it seems like they’ve never heard of the saying “slow and steady wins the race”. You should be really careful on the road. If you rent a motorbike or a car, bargain. The locals rarely name an adequate price on the spot. Besides the … Read further

Chapters of the guide to Lombok Island

Shopping, streets and outlets

On the whole, if you want to buy something in the local shops in Lombok, especially, where there is no cash register, get ready to bargain. Of course, they won’t force you, but the sellers rarely name the real price from the beginning. It doesn’t mean they want to trick you, it’s just the mentality. It is common in Asia to bargain, and the sellers are expecting it from the tourists. Many … Open

Best beaches

Travelers who like to rest in more comfortable environment have to pay attention to Senggigi resort. A large selection of hotels and entertainment venues, restaurants and, of course, equipped beaches has made this resort town one of the most popular on the island. Local beaches are very popular among fans of snorkeling; the beauty of the seabed in these places is simply indescribable. Divers won’t be bored … Open

Lombok Island for children - what to visit

We are talking about climbing to the Rinjani volcano. Before climbing, think, whether your child is ready for that. If he is, then take him with you. You will never forget the view from the top of the volcano, even if you saw it when you were five. And what kind of child won’t like to look into the real crater? Organized groups climb the volcano from March to October. Such ascents are the whole point of … Open

Travel guide to Lombok Island

While exploring the most picturesque areas of the region, don’t forget to relax on local beaches. The most famous ones can be found in the Senggigi area. These are sandy beaches, but the grain of sand is about the size of a peppercorn. The sand is incredibly beautiful – it has a pleasant grayish beige shade and is often used in making souvenirs. Travelers will easily find many charming restaurants on the … Open

Traditions and mentality of Lombok Island

To avoid a conflict with the locals, you shouldn’t sunbathe topless, even on the remote beaches of Lombok. Despite the pure nature, it is not common here. As well, as wearing just a swimsuit anywhere, outside a beach. Open and loud displays of affection are totally not welcomed. Kisses and hugs in the public places are considered to be rude to other people. Keep in mind, that if you decide to visit any … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

In the center of the Lombok Island cuisine is rice. They call it nasi goreng or mie goring and serve in every café or a restaurant in many variations. They always add some vegetables to nasi, but that’s not the end. Nuts, seafood, chicken, tofu – all these are served with rice. The sambal sauce is served with many dishes, including nasi. It will easily spice your dish, as it is made of ground red pepper. … Open

Top sigths of Indonesia

Air Panas springs are added to the list of most famous nature wonders. The water in the springs has temperature that is comfortable for a human whole year round. There are swimming pools, restaurants and entertainment centres for kids near the springs. … Open

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