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More to see in Lombok Island
Lombok is not the most popular place among the tourists. If you want to buy stuff from the world leading brands, choose more popular resorts. There are shopping malls on the island, for example, Epicentrum Mall in Mataram. It was built in 2016 and has a similar facility as those in Europe, which is quite rare for Lombok. There are familiar places like Starbucks, Burger King, Body Shop, Matahari and other well-known world brands. You can buy here food, clothes, means for personal care, and much more. The prices are a little bit higher than European, but not much. But in return, you get an opportunity to buy everything you need for a comfortable life. There is also a quite good cinema in Epicentrum Mall. If you get there by scooter, park it in a special zone for a small fee. Otherwise, you can get a ticket for a parking violation. There is also Mataram Mall in Mataram, but it is more like an indoor market, then a shopping mall. There are just two European brands here – KFC and McDonald’s – for those, who misses the fast food. They sell fruit and vegetables at a reasonable price, and you can also buy souvenirs here. Most of the shops that sell clothes, electronics, and other goods, sell the products of the local manufacturers and not all the sellers speak English. There are small souvenir shops, located around the shopping center. On the whole, if you want to buy something in the local shops in Lombok, especially, where there is no cash register, get ready to … Read further

Our guide to Lombok Island

Top hotels with reviews

The most popular hotel in Gili Trawangan is Black Penny; it will pleasantly surprise even the most experienced and discerning travelers. This quiet and secluded hotel complex will appeal to tourists who are tired of the hustle and bustle of big resorts and are willing to spend a holiday in calm and relaxed atmosphere. The hotel is well equipped for families with children and provides a lot of prospects for guests who … Open

Attractions and active leisure

During the journey, you will not only be able to enjoy the views but also swim in the hot springs or in a lake, located in the volcano over 2 thousand meters above sea level. On the whole, walking tours around the island or a car/motorbike rides are the best ways to discover the beauty of this place. Pristine corners of nature, virgin beaches with black volcanic, pink or round “mustard” sand are worth dealing … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

In the center of the Lombok Island cuisine is rice. They call it nasi goreng or mie goring and serve in every café or a restaurant in many variations. They always add some vegetables to nasi, but that’s not the end. Nuts, seafood, chicken, tofu – all these are served with rice. The sambal sauce is served with many dishes, including nasi. It will easily spice your dish, as it is made of ground red pepper. … Open

Traditions and mentality of Lombok Island

To avoid a conflict with the locals, you shouldn’t sunbathe topless, even on the remote beaches of Lombok. Despite the pure nature, it is not common here. As well, as wearing just a swimsuit anywhere, outside a beach. Open and loud displays of affection are totally not welcomed. Kisses and hugs in the public places are considered to be rude to other people. Keep in mind, that if you decide to visit any … Open

Travel guide to Lombok Island

While exploring the most picturesque areas of the region, don’t forget to relax on local beaches. The most famous ones can be found in the Senggigi area. These are sandy beaches, but the grain of sand is about the size of a peppercorn. The sand is incredibly beautiful – it has a pleasant grayish beige shade and is often used in making souvenirs. Travelers will easily find many charming restaurants on the … Open

Lombok Island for children - what to visit

The tourism industry is just developing in Lombok, so you and your child have a unique opportunity to visit this corner of the Earth, that is not quite civilized yet. You can easily trick your kid into learning snorkeling or diving. Clean transparent water, a big amount of friendly underwater inhabitants, and easy renting system make it appealing to try diving. Even little kids will like watching numerous … Open

Nature and parks of Indonesia

The highest point of Lorenz Park is Puncak Jaya Mountain. Its height reaches almost 5,000 meters above sea level. There are several ecosystems in the park. This park is one of the most unexplored in the country. This applies not only to its territory but also to its fauna and flora. Not all species living in the park have been studied and classified. Unusual discoveries can be expected by scientists here. More than 600 species of birds live in the park. Some of them are endangered. For example, this is a southern cassowary. A new species of the kangaroo was discovered and described only a few years ago. This is a bondegezou. The place is one of the oldest areas of human settlement on earth. Several indigenous tribes live in the park. … Open

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