Culture of Kalimantan Island. Places to visit - old town, temples, theaters, museums and palaces

When in Pontinak, on the West of Borneo, definitely visit the monument, which marks the equator line. You will not only be able to stand on “the middle” of the Earth, but you will also see an amazing natural phenomenon. If you find some water and a vortex, you will see, that the monument is located in the exact place it should be. In a couple of meters to the North of the monument the water will spin in a clockwise direction, and if you make a few steps to the South, it will spin the opposite direction. Also visit Negeri, a museum of the local history. Check the working hours before going there, as the museum is only opened half of the day. Keraton Kadriya, a former sultan’s palace, will not only be interesting for those, who like wood architecture, but for all the travelers, who wanted to learn about the life and morals of the eastern leaders.
Kalimantan, Borneo in Malaysian, is divided between three states – Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. If you want to have the best time here with your child, do your best to get to the … Open
You can go to the Dayak’s people settlement along the Kapuas river. If you want to see waterfalls and caves along the way, stop in Sangau. From here you can figure out some foot routes around the neighborhood. When you get bored of the beautiful nature and you want some exotics, take a boat to Sintang or Putussibau. You can come back by a public bus. Experienced and brave travelers can try to choose a hard foot route to Samarinda city. But you should realistically judge your strength. The jungles of Kalimantan are nothing like calm coniferous or deciduous forests. If you plan to walk through the jungles, wear pants, and socks, and closed shoes. Unless later you want to unhitch dozens of small local leeches from your skin.
When in Banjarmasin, visit the Raya Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque. Remember, that it is a cult building and the clothes should be appropriate. Not far from the city you may take a look at the miners – hundreds of local people are looking for gold and gemstones, standing waist-deep in the dirty water. You can join them for a couple of hours for a small fee. From here you can go to the Dayak people. If you don’t get scared by a 10-days walking tour, you will be able not only to see the aborigines settlements but also to visit Pelaihari Martapura and Tanjung Putting national parks. However, those natural reserves worth finding a way to on your own. Tanjung Harapan, a rehabilitation center for Orangutans, will let you find out more about those smart creatures. In Camp Leakey, you will see monkeys in their natural habitat. Copyright
The Borneo cuisine has Chinese, and local, and Indonesian, and Indian traces of culinary traditions. “Nasi” rice is usually served here as one of the main courses. Local people use it as … Open
In Kuin Utara village you may visit Sultan Suriansyah Mosque. It was built by the first king of Banjarmasin, who practiced Islam. You may find his grave near the Mosque. After the reconstruction in the 18th century, the iconic building is still unchanged, impressing people with the beauty of the decoration and the magnificence of Arabic patterns. Do you want to visit a church of any other religion? Then go to Singkawang – a city of a thousand temples. Here they worship not only all known Gods of Chinese Pantheon, but also some eminent personalities. For example, there is a temple, devoted to Sun Tai-Tzu, on the outskirts of the city.
Unforgettable experience will give you Waja Sampai Ka Puting – a museum, devoted to the confrontation of capitalists and communists. In Samarinda, you may look at unusual buildings on pilings and rafts. Local floating markets also leave a peculiar impression. It should be noticed, that the main landmark of the island is still the culture of the Dayak people and all about it. Try to visit at least one of the aborigines’ settlements and look at their “long houses”, the true silent monuments of ancient history.
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The Pagaruyung Palace in Sumatra is built entirely of wood. It burned several times. Therefore, the last version is an exact copy of the palace. The Mosque Raya Baiturrahman was built in the XVII century. It survived the devastating earthquake that triggered the tsunami. Many residents of the region escaped on its domes. … Open

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