Family trip to Kalimantan Island with children. Ideas on where to go with your child

Kalimantan Kalimantan, Borneo in Malaysian, is divided between three states – Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. If you want to have the best time here with your child, do your best to get to the States of Sabah and Sarawak. In Malaysian part of Borneo, you can see unique Proboscis Monkey, which doesn’t live anywhere else in the world. Though, there is a lot to show your kid in Indonesian part as well. It should be mentioned, that Kalimantan isn’t the best place for kids, who are used to comfort, amusement parks, and entertainment centers. You sure can lie on a beach or take your child snorkeling, but there are not many “lazy” activities here in whole.
Most hotels and inns are found at East Kalimantan, here is the luxury hotel Jatra. It’s located near the central area of Balikpapan and is ideal for family holidays, as young guests … Open
As in any other resort areas, on any more or less popular Borneo beach you will find water slides, “banana”, and trampolines. If your child is old enough, he can learn diving. There are some good training centers in Kalimantan, which give international certificates and have many places to dive for the beginners. If a child is too little, you can take him to the playroom that many hotels have. But the main charm of Borneo is in the wild jungles, local people’s settlements, voyages through the canals, and the journeys between the big cities.
Take your child to Banjarmasin. There is a lot to see in this beautiful city. The kid will most definitely like the ethnographical museum in Banjarbaru, on the outskirts of Banjarmasin. There is a large collection of artifacts from different epochs: from ancient tools of the local men to the weapon and the household items of Dutch colonizers. You can also go with your child to the Kvin and Lok Baintan floating markets, if you are not afraid to buy more stuff then you need. Just don’t lose your child in a crowd. The children will like journeys through the city canals. You can also visit Pontianak. Your child will not only visit the equator but will feel himself almost like a sultan, while walking through the halls of the Kadriah Palace. If your child is interested in history and art, go to the city museum. A lot of porcelain and ceramic pieces will tell a lot about the life and manners of the local people. Copyright
There is something you should definitely bring from your trip to Kalimantan. We talk about the gemstones. Here, till the present day, diamonds, agates, rubies, sapphires, and other jewels … Open
Parent of the young adventure fans can be advised to go on a boat trip along the river. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Champa. This small settlement does not only live to its ancestors’ traditions, which should interest older children but also has diamond mines in the area. The locals still do work here, so a child will see with his own eyes the things he was reading about in adventure novels. Visit the Kinabalu National Park, known for the many rare animals and birds, that live here. There are some routes on the territory of the reserve that even the youngest guests will be able to walk through.
Kalimantan There are, indeed, things to see here. A ten-meters-high waterfall and hot springs will impress even those children, who are indifferent to exotic animals and plants if such even exist. Show your child rafflesias, the biggest flowers in the world. If a child is ready to dive into the life of the Dayak people, take him with you to the tour of the local villages. The participation in unusual performances will help a child to feel the spirit of the island. You can also visit sea gypsies. They are quite friendly and allow strangers into their settlements. On the whole, the holidays in Kalimantan will be pleasant for active and curious children, which are ready to move a lot.
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Things to visit with your kids in Indonesia

Island of Bali will please nature fans with the opportunity to visit the zoo and bird and reptile park, located in the village of Singapadu. There is one of the best collections of Asian exotic birds here. It includes more than 250 species of birds. It is allowed to feed almost all of them by hand. You will be able to make a memorable photo with them. The island's central zoo, called "Bali Zoo", is just a short drive from this park. Various exotic animals live here in conditions close to the real environment. You can pet and feed some of them. Children and adults will be delighted with this tour. Original photos will keep the memory of the time spent here for a long time. … Open

Interesting places to visit with children around Kalimantan Island

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