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There is something you should definitely bring from your trip to Kalimantan. We talk about the gemstones. Here, till the present day, diamonds, agates, rubies, sapphires, and other jewels are mined using opencast methods. Anyone can roll the dice, that’s why there are enough people, who want to get rich, selling rare gemstones. According to the market, high competition and a relative “cheapness” of the pray, lead to the prices, which are twice or three times lower than those of the European jewelers. It is obvious, that the shops near the mines will have the lowest prices. Do you want to bring back home a diamond? No problem there, just remember a few things you need to keep in mind while talking with a seller. First of all – always wrangle. For Indonesians, as well, as for other Asian countries, bargaining is something of a true art. People enjoy the process itself, and no one will tell you the real price from the beginning. Note, that it will be a mistake, to immediately name the price, you are eager to pay. In the beginning, the price, which you will accept, should be somewhere in the middle of your offer and a seller’s proposition. Don’t insist, if the seller doesn’t low the price. Try walking away. If a seller is interested, he will chase you. If it’s not happening, you probably are not paying enough. The second thing you have to keep in mind is if you can’t tell the difference between a real and a fake diamond, … Read further

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Kalimantan Island sightseeing

The picturesque city of Banjarmasin would be perfect for hikers; Mesjid Sabilal Muhtadin has being the main symbol of the place for many years. Towering minarets of the mosque are seen from virtually any area of the city; the mosque is the tallest building all around. Other important symbols of the city are numerous channels, as well as its amazing floating markets, Pasar Lokbaintan and Pasar Kuin. Bandjarmasin also … Open

Cultural excursion through Kalimantan Island - things to see

When in Banjarmasin, visit the Raya Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque. Remember, that it is a cult building and the clothes should be appropriate. Not far from the city you may take a look at the miners – hundreds of local people are looking for gold and gemstones, standing waist-deep in the dirty water. You can join them for a couple of hours for a small fee. From here you can go to the Dayak people. If you don’t … Open

Top hotels with reviews

Aquarius boutique hotel enjoys demand among modern tourists. It has a good wellness center and a restaurant of local cuisine; the hotel has a special pool for young guests. The lodge is located near the center of Palancar, so it fits to fans of excursions and active entertainment. There are noteworthy hotels for discerning tourists in West Kalimantan, whose capital is the city of Pontiniak. The most famous … Open

Attractions and active leisure

Here, in thick jungles, live many beautiful and rare animals. Loud waterfalls, unmistakably beautiful plants – all of this will be a reward for a brave one, who will risk going deep into the rainforest on foot. You will see the most life-forms-inhabited place on Earth. Hundreds of kinds of wild orchids grow here, lives a clouded leopard, an Asian elephant, orangutans and 221 other species of mammals and 42 … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

There is one peculiarity concerning the beverages. You can get arrested for drinking beer, wine, vodka, etc. in the public places. In whole, alcohol is not quite popular here. However, palm tree vodka arak and local wine brem, made with rice, are pretty good. If you want to heat things up and try local tequila, don’t forget to buy “Es Jeruk”, an alcohol-free beverage made from oranges, which the local … Open

Traditions and mentality of Kalimantan Island

The main landmark of Kalimantan is not the jungles or rare animals and plants. Here, as they did thousands of years ago, local inhabitants of the island – the Dayaks, live in practically primordial conditions. The aborigines themselves don’t like this word, as in Malaysian it means “savage”. However, until quite recently, the Dayaks tribes were bloodthirsty, and that name was justified. The influence of … Open

Nature and parks of Indonesia

The name of the largest marine park in the country is Teluk Cenderawasih. More than 150 species of corals grow on the territory. In addition to water resources, it includes the coastal strip, mangroves, and reefs. More than 200 species of fish, several species of turtles, and shellfish are found in the park. Indigenous peoples live in villages within the park. … Open

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