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There is something you should definitely bring from your trip to Kalimantan. We talk about the gemstones. Here, till the present day, diamonds, agates, rubies, sapphires, and other jewels are mined using opencast methods. Anyone can roll the dice, that’s why there are enough people, who want to get rich, selling rare gemstones. According to the market, high competition and a relative “cheapness” of the pray, lead to the prices, which are twice or three times lower than those of the European jewelers. It is obvious, that the shops near the mines will have the lowest prices.
The main landmark of Kalimantan is not the jungles or rare animals and plants. Here, as they did thousands of years ago, local inhabitants of the island – the Dayaks, live in practically … Open
Do you want to bring back home a diamond? No problem there, just remember a few things you need to keep in mind while talking with a seller. First of all – always wrangle. For Indonesians, as well, as for other Asian countries, bargaining is something of a true art. People enjoy the process itself, and no one will tell you the real price from the beginning. Note, that it will be a mistake, to immediately name the price, you are eager to pay. In the beginning, the price, which you will accept, should be somewhere in the middle of your offer and a seller’s proposition. Don’t insist, if the seller doesn’t low the price. Try walking away. If a seller is interested, he will chase you. If it’s not happening, you probably are not paying enough.
The second thing you have to keep in mind is if you can’t tell the difference between a real and a fake diamond, don’t buy anything expensive. The Indonesians don’t mean any harm, but business is business, and an inexperienced buyer can easily run into poor quality stuff. So if you want to invest in diamonds consult a familiar jeweler or take with you someone, who understands jewelry business. And finally – keep calm. The sellers are willing to do whatever it takes to attract customers. Be ready to watch them eat glass from a broken bottle or something even more extreme. It’s a competition, what can you do. Copyright
When in Pontinak, on the West of Borneo, definitely visit the monument, which marks the equator line. You will not only be able to stand on “the middle” of the Earth, but you will also … Open
You can bring not only gemstones from Kalimantan but also jewelry, that cost cheap as well. Though, not everybody will like the design, as the locals prefer massive things to elegant ones. However, there’s more to Kalimantan, then just jewelry. Different amulets, pictures of devils and spirits, painted figures of cats – you can find here all these traditional Indonesian souvenirs. Go to the floating markets to buy products. Such shopping is not just advantageous, especially if you get up early, but also reminds an adventure itself. Just remember, you may not find fresh products after 9-10 a.m., as the locals come here at 5-6 a.m.
In all more or less big cities you will find shopping malls. For example, E-Walk Balikpapan Superblock, Transmart Carrefour and Pentacity Shopping Venue in Balikpapan, or BIG Mall and Mesra Indah Mall in Samarinda. It is better to buy local delicacies and souvenirs in small shops, where it is easier to reach an understanding with a seller. Sales time here is the same, as in the most countries, twice a year – at the end of summer and winter seasons. Unusual spirits, jewelry, and pieces, made by the local craftsmen – those are the thing you should bring from Kalimantan.
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Shopping in Indonesia

All the most fashionable and popular stores in the main city of Indonesia, Jakarta, are located in Mall Taman Anggrek and Plaza Indonesia. Many brand stores and boutiques are located here. Mall Taman Anggrek has become a place of concentration of more than 400 stores and shopping pavilions. Prices will pleasantly surprise you with availability in Plaza Indonesia. Products from all over the world will be offered to customers in the Senayan City store taking into account the financial viability of the client. Products of the most famous brands in Indonesia are collected in the SOGO store. There are small shops in any locality throughout Indonesia. … Open

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