Colors of Damascus - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Museum Local residents are distinguished by a very peculiar character. It’s very important for them to maintain comfortable state of mind in any situation. Some tourists consider behavior of the locals quite selfish, but respect for others and polite manner of communication that are so typical for the people of Damascus can easily cover all the flaws. During your walk through the streets of the city you can see improperly parked cars literally everywhere. No wonder these cars prevent other motorists from normal driving. However, this behavior does not mean that the locals disregard the established traffic rules. The local motorists are very polite and careful. They simply seek comfort in everything and can easily leave a car near an office or shop.
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While communicating with the locals, it is necessary to avoid rough expressions and irritated intonations. In Damascus these are considered a sign of bad manners. The best way to start a conversation is to ask a few questions about your interlocutor’s health and family. Don’t forget to complete your talk with good wishes. While watching the way some citizens communicate, one would think that they have not seen each other for many years. However, such sincere and emotional communication is typical for good friends who see each other every day.
Residents of Damascus are very hospitable. Such a thing as "uninvited guest" simply does not exist here. It’s quite normal to visit someone’s house without an invitation. An official invitation is required for unfamiliar people only. Traditions are also very important for local people. They are cherished and carefully maintained in virtually all spheres of life. Tourists can simply watch the process of making coffee and other national dishes, or visit a family holiday or national celebration, and they will realize how important the traditions of ancestors are to the indigenous people. Copyright
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Wedding and birth of a child are considered the most important family holidays. These solemn events are always celebrated with a big scale and hundreds of guests are traditionally invited to it. Despite their love to holidays and all kinds of celebrations, the local people are very restrained when it comes to alcohol. Many people do not drink alcohol at all because of their religious beliefs, while others may follow a strict fast for months and devote a significant amount of time to problems of self-improvement. Foreign tourists are also encouraged to respect the existing rules and traditions so they do not disrupt the order in the city and find common language with the local population.
Roman Arch The capital of Syria hosts a variety of interesting festivals attracting many visitors from all over the world. Thus, the Damascus International Film Festival is considered one of the most famous events. Held every year in November, it gathers many movie stars - both world-famous celebrities and those who are just starting their way in show business - not only from the Middle East but also from other parts of the world. Hotels are usually full at this time since the festival is very popular with tourists. The event is aimed at films of Arab, Asian and Latin American production.
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Theatrical performances are also loved in Damascus, which is confirmed by the Damascus Theater Festival taking place in the middle of February. Performances are held in different locations throughout the city, due to which tourists (and local residents, of course) have every opportunity to move from one place to another. Those who decide to visit the capital of Syria in July or August will have a great chance to enjoy the scent and view of beautiful flowers. It is at this time that the International Flower Show is organised in Teshreen Park. The best florists who come from all over the world show their skills here. The event lasts a whole month, so everyone can pick a convenient time to attend it.
Azem Palace One of the most interesting events of the Pearl of the Desert, as Damascus is often called, is the Silk Road Festival. It takes tourists back into the past when the Great Silk Road was the world's most famous trade route. At this time, the city is decorated in the manner of that time. The event introduces us to the traditions of that era. During the festival, visitors can enjoy such activities as theater and dance performances, including folk dances, as well as art exhibitions, regatta, tasting local dishes. The festival takes place at the end of September and lasts for 5 days, during which you can mentally visit various parts of the Middle East, since the festival participants come from its different corners. The venues of the festival are the central streets of the Syrian capital.
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Another interesting event in Damascus is dedicated to jazz. The festival held in August is called Jazz Lives in Syria. Participants from all over the world arrive in the capital of Syria at this time. Among them are many famous jazzmen and bluesmen. Of course, Syrian performers are invited as well. Without exaggeration, if we talk about the entire region of Middle East, it is one of the largest events of this kind. The event has multiple locations - clubs, bars, restaurants throughout the city. Its aim is to bring people together through quality music. Here you can listen to both classical jazz and its modern variations, as well as improvisations and related genres.
Another event takes place in September - namely, the Arabic Book Fair. The fair is famous throughout the Middle East, being the largest event of its kind in the region. The festival's goal is to popularize multifaceted Arabic literature and show the local writers to the public, both popular and little-known ones who have not written a single bestseller yet. Here you can also find works of some foreign authors. Besides a book fail itself, the program includes meetings with popular writers, autograph sessions, and discussions with them.
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Where else but the capital of Syria Independence Day would be celebrated as it should be? The holiday falls on April 17. At this time, all Syrians unite in order to feel that they have someone to rely on. Well, the goal of politicians on television is to demonstrate that people have something to be proud of. The program includes conducting military parades through the main streets of the city, raising the Syrian flag, singing national songs and a hymn that can be heard from everywhere on this day.
Umayyad moskee in Damascus Since a significant part of those living in Damascus belongs to Muslims of one sort or another, Islamic holidays are celebrated here on a large scale. The most important among them are Eid-al-Fitr that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan and Eid-al-Adha (the Festival of Sacrifice). Eid al-Fitr is usually celebrated within the family circle; relatives and friends give each other gifts and attend mosques. Eid al-Adha is held for two or three days and recalls the events when Abraham decided to sacrifice his firstborn to God. Festivals are held throughout the city, on this day it is customary to sacrifice a lamb, and the whole family gathers at the table in the evening.
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