Colors of Haifa - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

haifa The culture of local people is very interesting, as they observe a lot of awesome traditions and celebrate fascinating national holidays throughout the year. One of the most important religious holidays is Passover. In this day, every local family serves the main festive meal, matzo. Unleavened bread is given to friends and relatives; many of them prefer to keep small pieces of post-holiday bread and use it as amulet.
1.Tourists can import and export foreign currency without any restrictions. The national currency should be used to pay for goods and services; it can be exchanged at any local bank. Some … Open
The anticipated holiday of Hanukkah is equally fascinating; candles are its main symbols. They are usually installed in special holiday candle holders, khanukiyah. Purim is considered one of the most cheerful holidays; it is dedicated to an important historical event - the rescue of Jews from the onslaught of Haman, an Amalekite. The holiday is usually celebrated in the family circle and everyone tries to cover the table with a rich abundance of interesting treats. Constant symbols of the holiday dinner are sweet cakes with poppy seeds.
Lots of interesting traditions are associated with wedding; it is a spectacular event with a series of interesting and symbolic rituals. Wedding ceremony can be held at any day of the week except the Sabbath; usually wedding isn’t organized on major national holidays. The wedding ceremony is a very moving process; it is noteworthy that it starts a week before the wedding reception itself. Copyright
It’s a well-known tourist center, and one of the largest cities in Israel. The rest in Haifa is diverse and fascinating. You will find here beautiful beaches, wide choice of excursions … Open
Before the wedding, the groom has to go through a lot of preparatory rituals and ceremonies, which begin with a visit to a synagogue. After returning from a prayer, groom tells his relatives and friends about the upcoming wedding, and they, in turn, generously shower him with candies. The official ceremony is usually followed by a festive meal. Before the wedding, the bride should also undergo spiritual purification rite called mikvah.
During pre-holiday rituals, the bride and groom are always accompanied by experienced guides who know all the national traditions. Despite the fact that during the wedding ceremony the new married couple has to comply with strict traditions, local weddings have some breadth. The couple can choose the venue to feast; their wedding dresses are limited only by decencies.
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Unique landmarks in Haifa and around


From the series “Famous Sunken Towns”
In search of amazing underwater sights many travelers go to Israel, as there is one of the oldest flooded cities in the world. According to modern scholars, age of Atlit-Yam ruins is at least 9,000 years. Ruins are located in the coastal area of Haifa. Thousands of years ago, they have been a fairly large and prosperous village. … Read further

Caesarea Theater

From the series “Ancient Amphitheaters and Arenas, That Are Still Operational”
In Israel, an operating amphitheater is situated in the city of Caesarea. The history of the ancient city is not simple. For hundreds of years it has repeatedly been destroyed by conquerors. The sea hasn’t spared the city either. Part of its territory was completely flooded. The main witness of a number of important historical events was an ancient Roman amphitheater, which archaeologists managed to discover in the 20s of the last century. … Read further

Traditions and festivals in cities around Haifa

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