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Nazareth is a major religious center whose shrines are annually visited by thousands of pilgrims from around the world. This feature could not but affect the life of the townspeople and their traditions. Religious canons are manifested in literally everything here. Locals do not wear bright or revealing clothes to show their respect for the local culture. Clothes for city walks should be as modest and neutral-colored as possible. Particular attention to clothes should be paid when visiting local religious sites, in which case the dress code will be even more strict.
Guests of Nazareth will have the opportunity to appreciate the features of traditional Israeli cuisine famous for the diversity of dishes. The main products used in local gastronomy are … Open
Local culture requires compliance with certain rules of behavior in society. On the street and in public places, it is not customary to talk loudly or show excessive emotions. Even local gastronomy was influenced by religious traditions. Restaurants use only halal products for cooking. The highest demands are placed on the preparation of fish and meat.
Throughout the year, local people celebrate a lot of interesting holidays, most of which are religious. A beautiful annual holiday is organized on the occasion of Easter. It is noteworthy that in most countries of the world, believers prepare Easter cakes for this holiday, while the main festive treat for residents of Nazareth and other Israeli cities is matzo - unleavened flatbread. Copyright
The main attractions of Nazareth are religious shrines, among which a special place is occupied by the Basilica of the Annunciation. According to legend, the basilica was built in the very … Open
No less interesting holiday is Hanukkah, the first mention of which dates back to the 2nd century BC. For over 2,000 years, locals have been celebrating a festival dedicated to the cleansing of the Jerusalem Temple. Hanukkah is sometimes called a "children's" holiday due to the fact that it is a day off only at schools.
Nazareth, Israel There is no ban on working for adults. According to one tradition, adults should give children some money so that they can buy sweets for themselves. The main holiday dish is “Latkes” - potato pancakes. They celebrate Hanukkah in the family circle, a mandatory attribute of the holiday is family board games. According to another tradition, it is customary to decorate home with special candles, which are installed on nine-branched candlesticks.
Although Nazareth cannot offer a variety of entertainment centers and amusement parks, besides regular tours, its guests can diversify their holidays with other activities. One of its … Open
Among all the holidays with historical roots, Purim deserves special mention. It is held in memory of the Jews who survived the reign of the Persian Empire. During solemn synagogue services, it is customary to read the old scrolls of Esther.
Basilica of the Annunciation A compulsory part of the celebration is a festive meal. Wine is necessarily put on the table along with the main holiday treat "Hamantash" - sweet poppy seed cookies of triangular shape. This holiday has been associated with charitable traditions since ancient times. Those in need are always presented with sweets and other traditional treats. In recent years, this tradition has taken on a slightly different form. Charity events are still held as part of the holiday, and gifts are given not only to people in need but to absolutely everyone.
1. The entire territory of the historic district is now fully pedestrian. It is banned for cars and even public transport, so you can explore the Old Town only on foot. 2. Traditions in … Open
An interesting tradition of the festival is theatrical performances. A few hundred years ago, they were very simple and lasted just a few minutes. In the 18th century, all the performances gained a larger scale and became more colorful. Within such theatrical productions, female artists are allowed to wear men's costumes and men, respectively, female ones. Such an exchange of clothes is strictly prohibited in traditional culture. The restriction is removed only for artists on the day of the holiday.
For the inhabitants of Nazareth, an important part of everyday culture is family traditions and everything related to them. One of the main events in the life of local men and women is a wedding, preparations for which begin a few weeks before the ceremony. Like hundreds of years ago, before the wedding, the bride and groom must observe a number of important rules. Some special traditions must be observed by guests.
Nazareth is considered a city in which Christ spent his childhood. This is a major center of pilgrimage, which attracts visitors primarily by its history and religious landmarks. The Temple … Open
So, at the festive wedding table, each guest must drink seven cups of wine. This tradition is a reminder that God created the world in seven days. It is customary to serve only kosher food prepared in full accordance with religious canons. All products for cooking are selected very carefully - they must be "clean". Animals to be slaughtered are fed only with appropriate food during their lives, and the process of slaughtering is carried out with prayers. Such a diversity of traditions makes the local culture incredibly interesting and authentic.
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