Colors of Amman - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Roman Remains at Amman Residents of Amman are very welcoming and friendly. They follow various interesting customs, many of which have religious significance. For example, the left hand is considered "unclean", so most of actions are made with the right hand only. You should use your right hand to shake hands with men; while visiting shops and markets do not forget to give money and take the product only with your right hand. Many Europeans say that the locals spend much time greeting each other. According to the local etiquette rules, before asking someone for help or offering something to him, you should definitely ask several questions about his health and the health of his family. The question "Keef halak?" (How are you?) is considered a traditional one. The question should be regarded not as an expression of curiosity, but as a polite greeting.
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The only taboo subject for the local men are their wives. In no way they can be discussed in a large company. Any significant events in their lives should also not be disclosed. Local men protect their wives not only from prying eyes, but also from the unnecessary talks - this is the local custom. However, the children of the local people are a popular theme – the locals are ready to talk endlessly about them, because they are considered the pride of a large family, the birth of children is one of the most joyful and long-awaited events.
According to one more ancient religious custom, the locals cannot store images of people, including either photographs or paintings. This is the reason why they do not like to be photographed. If someone from the local people gets "in frame" of a photographer, he/she will certainly have to ask a permission to make a photograph. Do not forget to be very careful while selecting clothing for your trip. Women are not supposed to wear revealing and tight clothes. Tourists should not appear on the streets of the city wearing too eye catching clothes. The birthday of the Prophet Mohammed remains one of the major religious holidays. Most of the holidays are celebrated in accordance with the lunar calendar, so the dates of holidays are subject to change every year. Copyright
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The cultural life of Amman, at the dawn of the 21st century, can boast with rapidly expanding cultural borders. Annually, from March to April, Amman hosts the International Theater Festival. This festival is a landmark event for the entire cultural life of Jordan, which attracts artists from the Middle East and the number of Western countries, like Italy and France. The International Theater Festival is also a unique event that has no analogs in the Middle East. A cultural program is diverse and even a usual tourist will find interesting entertainments here. All the performances are held in English and Arabic languages.
People of Fans of music come to the capital of Jordan in summer, when from June to August the Amman Music Festival takes place. This annual event gathers the best musicians and performers from all over Jordan and neighboring countries. This holiday is an excellent occasion to get acquainted with the original music of the East. People of Amman are also fond of sports activities and every April organize the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon. This event is a hard test of endurance and professionalism that every sportsman wants to prove. The marathon starts in the vicinity of Amman, at the altitude of 900 meters. The program consists of three stages: a half-marathon, a distance of 21 kilometers, a standard marathon - 42 kilometers, and a super marathon, during which athletes have to overcome 50 kilometers. In the super marathon, the finish is 400 meters below sea level. In addition, participants flee mainly along the hot Jordanian desert.
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Probably the most interesting national holiday is the Arbor Day, which is celebrated on January 15. The tradition to celebrate the holiday of nature appeared in 1939. People of Amman plant trees in all large and small settlements for three days. Even the royal people are busy planting palms on this day. Jordanians treat palm trees with honor because according to the Koran, it was under the palm tree that the holy Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus. But not only religious roots play a great role in this tradition. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Jordan, only 1 percent of the country's territory is covered with trees. Due to this reason, the government is developing special programs to increase forest plantations and such a useful holiday brings significant benefits to the whole country.
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National traditions of Jordan

Many travelers are worried before visiting Jordan. It is not clear why this stereotype has appeared because the Jordanians are very open-minded and hospitable people. However, a couple of short walks and excursions are enough for tourists to understand this. It is believed that the desert is the reason why people in the Middle East are so cheerful and friendly with tourists. It is prohibited to refuse to help a person who is alone in the desert – this is what local people think. … Open

Unique landmarks in Amman and around

Temple Mount

From the series “The Surviving Artifacts of Jewish Civilization”
The history of the square base is very amazing and is inextricably linked with the name of King David. According to the legend, he bought the plot of land from the Jebusites Aravani and subsequently raised a first altar dedicated to the God of Israel. The first temple was built there already during the reign of King Solomon. It lasted for more than 400 years. Hundreds of years ago, there has been a legislative center and the Supreme Court. During hundreds of years, the sacred buildings located on the Temple Mount, were repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. Today, it, like thousands of years ago, attracts pilgrims from all over the world. The sight features the unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility. … Read further

Church of All Nations

From the series “Monuments of Byzantium: the most famous buildings”
Construction work had to be temporarily suspended. Excavations of the Byzantine church were started at that time. The legendary stone was discovered during these excavations. Visitors to the modern church will be able to admire the beautiful mosaics. They will also be able to see a large crucifix. It is installed behind the altar. It has been in the temple since its foundation. High marble columns, colored stained-glass windows, artful paintings on the ceiling, chandeliers and lamps in the Byzantine style, antique furniture made of wood – a lot of interesting antiquities are stored in the church. … Read further

Tomb of Zechariah

From the series “The Surviving Artifacts of Jewish Civilization”
Recently, researchers told that the tomb was built no earlier than the 1st century BC, so it makes it impossible to associate it with the name of the prophet Zechariah who lived in 8-9 centuries BC. A much earlier structure is located under the monumental structure of the grotto. Researchers assume that it can be a preserved part of the Byzantine Church. The tomb of Zechariah draws attention for another reason too. According to ancient descriptions, treasures are hidden close to it. … Read further

Traditions and festivals in cities around Amman

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