Colors of Beirut - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

beirut skyline The locals are very friendly and hospitable people. They treat visitors with great curiosity and are always glad to help, so in case of any difficulty you can freely contact the local people. The only topics that shouldn’t be discussed with the inhabitants of Beirut are politics and national culture. Any wrong word or a disparaging gesture concerning the national peculiarities can greatly offend the natives. Travellers are also not recommended to make any specific gestures that are considered normal for Europeans during a conversation. For example, do not stare into the eyes of your speaker and do not point fingers at people passing by. The travellers, who hope to bring interesting photos from Beirut, should also consider several very important points. Before you take a picture or make a video of a local person, you should definitely ask for permission first. Making photos or videos of some religious sites may also be banned.
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Clothing issue won’t cause any serious problems as there are no strict limitations. Most of the inhabitants of the city are the followers of the Christian religion, so they actively use European clothes in their everyday life. When you plan to attend business organizations, fashionable restaurants and theaters, you should certainly wear a suit. When you go out to make a walk in the city, more casual dress will be perfectly suitable. People wearing too revealing clothes may not be allowed to enter the territory of some religious sites. There is also a dress code in the majority of the nightclubs of Beirut. Tourists who wear very frank or bright outfit can cause confusion to local residents.
The locals are distinguished by hospitality. This means if you receive an invitation to go for a cup of coffee, you shouldn’t refuse in any case as this will certainly offend gracious hosts. As a rule, a meal is not limited to coffee. Guests will be certainly invited to seat a luxurious table, and will be offered to try national dishes and sweets. While seating at a table, people traditionally serve themselves. Many dishes are normally eaten with fingers, but the local people treat European standards and culinary customs with understanding and respect, so you will be provided with ordinary tableware. The consuming of alcoholic beverages is allowed in Beirut, however, you can drink it in specially designated places only. The appearance in public in a drunken state is not welcome. Copyright
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The capital of Lebanon is attractive not only as a center of tourist life but also for many annual interesting festivals taking place in the city. Thus, one of the most popular events is Beirut & Beyond Music Festival created in cooperation with Oslo World Music Festival. The date of the event falls on early December, and the venue is Dar El-Nimer for Arts & Culture. The event is attended by local performers and bands as participants, many of whom have already made their name in the Middle Eastern show business.
Baalbek Beirut is waiting for something unique in late April. The thing is that Beirut Metal Festival is held at this time, which gathers hundreds of hard and heavy metal fans in one place, namely, at Concrete 1994 located behind Mirna Chalouhi Center, opposite Bourj Hammoud Municipal Stadium Sin El Fil. This is the largest event of its kind in the entire Middle East, which is attended by many rock and metal stars as participants. During this time, Beirut cannot complain about the lack of tourists wearing black clothes. Just before this festival, in the same building, you can witness Lebanon Tattoo Festival - another unique event that has no analogs in Lebanon and the whole of Middle East.
1. Beirut is considered a very quiet and safe city, but travelers still need to keep a close eye on their personal items. Do not leave coats and bags unattended at restaurants and cafes. … Open
Being a former French colony, Lebanon has retained some traditions associated with this country, as well as some holidays. Thus, on June 21, Fête de la Musique is celebrated here on the day of the solstice. Besides French performers and bands, many local musicians also attend the celebration as participants. Central streets of Beirut serving as the traditional venue can be visited for free. Another event gathering a lot of tourists is Beirut Cultural Festivals lasting throughout the month of June, during which Hyppodrome du Parc de Beyrouth becomes a fairytale-like place full of music, children's entertainment, and magic shows.
Baalbek In mid-June, it's time to take part in Afkart, the festival of art. This is an annual event engaging artists, artisans, and designers who can show the public what they are capable of. There are exhibitions, workshops (including graffiti master classes), fashion shows, concerts, meet-and-greets. Most artists who attend the festival as participants have already made a name for themselves, although those who have not yet become popular are also invited. The festival takes place on Alarz Street.
In the middle of October, Beirut becomes a dream of all those having a sweet tooth as the venue for Salon du Chocolat. Such a festival just cannot be ignored, because it takes place at the Beirut International Exhibition Leisure Center. During the celebration, visitors have a wonderful opportunity to try the most delicious recipes from eminent confectioners and look at designer chocolate products. Be sure to take kids to the event, since a special program is prepared for them. After the event is over, Beirut Cooking Festival is held in the same center.
Omari Mosque In the homeland of Keanu Reeves, you can attend Beirut International Film Festival, which is held in early October. The venue is Tekeyan Center. Every year the festival is dedicated to a certain topic. Film directors shoot movies covering this particular subject, thereby drawing attention to the issue. Another film festival is called Troubled Symphonies, and it lasts all summer long. This is a great opportunity to watch a movie in the open air because nobody wants to sit in a stuffy room in summer. The event occupies two places at once - The Garten and the Beirut International Exhibition Leisure Center.
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It should be noted that, since Lebanon is dominated by Islam and Maronite Christianity, religious holidays are widely celebrated here. The most revered Muslim holidays include Ramadan (holy month), Eid al-Adha (the Sacrifice Feast), Hijri New Year, Ashura, Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif (Birth of the Prophet). Among important Christian holidays are St. Maroun's Day, Easter, Martyr's Day, and, of course, Christmas. The national holiday, Independence Day, is celebrated on November 22. On this day, there is a military parade where air balloons with colors of the national flag - red, green and white - are traditionally launched into the sky. The culmination of the celebration is the salute.
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