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Azem Palace Damascus offers its visitors broad opportunities for comfortable leisure rest and entertainment. In this city tourists can successfully combine walks through beautiful natural places, visiting a variety of restaurants and colorful markets with examination of important historical attractions. Fans of outdoor recreation are recommended to make a walk to the foothills of Mount Qassioun. As a rule, sightseeing tours to that area cover the most beautiful places. Everyone can make a climb to the mountain, the slope of which is rather flat and does not require any special hiking skills. The top of the mountain is equipped with a large observation deck, which offers an unforgettable view of the city.
1. Nearly all the national holidays are celebrated in accordance with the lunar calendar, so the date of celebrations varies every year. Some government offices, shops and restaurants may … Open
Hejaz Railway is one more great way to see all the beautiful natural places of the region. A train ride on the old railway will certainly leave many unforgettable impressions. The ride lasts for several hours and goes through a very scenic area. This excursion will deliver a lot of fun for both adults and children. Archaeological Park remains a favorite place of rest for both residents and tourists. This is the place where visitors are able to not only stroll through the beautiful alleys of the park and relax in the shade of old trees, but also see precious archaeological findings - the ruins of ancient buildings.
Tourists who simply cannot imagine rest without shopping should definitely visit the street markets of Damascus. Souq al-Hamidiyyeh is considered the most popular market of the city. Such a variety of products can hardly be found in any other market of the country. Beautiful handmade crafts, traditional costumes, exquisite jewelry, antiques and lots of other interesting items that may interest tourists, are gathered in one huge market. In order to examine all outlets located here, you will need more than one day. The colorful market has already become a favorite place of rest for the locals. This is the place where you can see your friends and chat with old buddies. Copyright
Damascus is home to a lot of elite design hotels, one of the most upscale among them being Cham Palace Damascus. It is decorated in a contemporary style, taking into account beautiful … Open
Takiyya Suleimaniah Souq is a no less popular market. In addition to various gifts you can always find fresh fruits and vegetables in this market, as well as spices and favorite delicacies of the local residents. The northern part of the city is the location of the famous antique market of Souq Saroujah which is annually visited by hundreds of thousands of collectors from different countries of the world. Fans of nightlife may consider Damascus somewhat boring as night clubs and bars are not very popular here. However, many restaurants offer very interesting entertainment. Some of the eating places welcome their guests until late at night.
In general, Damascus is a city for sightseeing with many historical monuments. However, here is something to do in terms of activities. One of the entertainments worthy of trying while in the Syrian capital is a visit to a hamam, or Turkish bath, which has deep roots in Roman times. The best place to get acquainted with bathing traditions of Syrians is Hammam Nur al-Din. Here, the feeling of cleanliness will not leave visitors for quite a long time. It is worth noting that this center is available only for men. Hammam Al-Bakri is considered another great place for this; both women and men, as well as mixed groups, are welcome here.
Damascus has an amazing selection of luxury hotels, each of which strives to attract customers with special services. The Four Seasons Hotel Damascus is located in a very beautiful modern … Open
A visit to a hookah bar is another great leisure that is definitely worth a try. In Damascus, this type of leisure is represented by Narjelah - the best shisha bar in the capital of Syria, although the choice is really broad. Here, people solve all sorts of things and have a lot of fun, playing backgammon and drinking tea or coffee. These are the most popular drinks in town, and you can try its different varieties in any hookah bar. Just like a variety of tobacco flavors - from mocha to apple. It should be noted that hookahs can also be ordered in restaurants.
Umayyad moskee in Damascus The citadel - an ancient fortification standing in Damascus - is striking with its unbeatable power. This place is definitely a must-have. Touching this historic place, one can involuntarily feel a thrill and shivering all over the body - and all this from touching history that seems ready to come to life. The Mausoleum of Saladin (or Salah ad-Din) is another place breathing history. This is one of the most revered places among Syrians, almost on a par with a religious monument, which is not surprising, given the sultan's contribution to the country's history. Visiting this place can be wonderful leisure for those dreaming of a historical adventure.
The hotels in Damascus are a real catch for those who like to relax in a historical setting. Many popular hotels have been founded in renovated historic buildings, holding on to the unique … Open
The great sultan is really honored in the capital of Syria, which is yet again confirmed by the Statue of Saladin located here in Damascus. This is a kind of Mecca for locals and a place they draw inspiration from. It should be borne in mind that monuments are very rare for Eastern culture, and this is how they show how great their respect for the national hero is. In order to witness the local color, of course, be sure to visit local markets. In the capital of Syria, you can find Takiyya Suleimaniah Souq, a market mainly specializing in silver products. Well, and bargain too - how could an eastern bazaar do without it?
Bab Touma (Gate of Thomas) Damascus A few words should be said about how easy it is to move around the city. Most vacationers prefer to travel on foot or by public transport; the city is not very convenient for car rentals. However, renting a bike is quite a good idea. The most popular tour through which you can get acquainted with the local culture as closely as possible is Destinations Day Tours around Syria. This is an amazing experience, it is in that way that the capital should be explored.
Many hotels in Damascus are created for a romantic getaway. All the conditions to ensure you have an unforgettable vacation with your partner are offered by the fashionable Oriental Hotel … Open
In order to watch something from the cultural program, locals and travelers go to the Damascus Opera House where interesting performances and opera are often staged. Nature is another goal of many visitors to the Syrian capital. It is recommended to enjoy it in such places as the Archaeological Park and the Environmental Garden. Descent to the cave is another pastime leaving exclusively pleasant impressions in the memory of anyone who've decided to visit Damascus. Here travelers "conquer" the Moses Cave where they can discover quite interesting finds. All who want impressions from visiting Damascus to remain forever must go down to this mine.
Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Damascus The Umayyad Mosque is another must-visit attraction. Just like Azm Palace, a unique place with its own atmosphere. It would be interesting to visit the National Museum of Damascus with its many interesting exhibits and the situation allowing visitors to travel back in time. The Army Museum will delight all fans of fortifications, and the National Center for Visual Arts should be advised to art connoisseurs.
One of the most popular shopping places in Damascus is Al-Hamidiyah market. It is a large covered gallery, located on a beautiful historic street. Here, you can purchase a lot of unique … Open
The city can offer a variety of places to go at night. For example, Salsa Spark Dance Academy is a great choice if you want to dance all night long, Piano Bar is specially designed for those wishing to combine the useful with the pleasant - listening to live music and relaxing. Cohiba Lounge Bar can be called multipurpose, while Abu George would suit fans of original facilities with an interesting atmosphere and a beautiful design. Lovers of tasty and hearty meals go to Chandelier bar, and Le Piano Bar is an ideal option if you want to sing.
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♥   Water park 'Luna Gal' Tiberias, 94.3 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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