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Muscat 1. Before a journey to the city of Muscat one should thoroughly learn the main rules and regulations of local culture as this will let the tourists escape unwanted misconceptions and mistakes with city residents. Local folks are rather sympathetic and kind hearted being always eager to help the city guests. Any question or request should be expressed with tact and politeness and each favor should be rewarded.
2. Foreign visitors should not put on ethnic outfits as such behavior may be accepted negatively by natives. In daily outfits one should better give preference to classic style in quiet colors and avoid bright and eye catching accessories.
3 All the public institutions feature different windows for men and women. Setting off to a bank or to a post office one should be extremely attentive and not violate the local regulations as forming the mixed queues is not acceptable there.
4. In taxi women can travel only sitting on the back seat as front seats are meant for men only. Taxi is one of the most in demand type of city transport. Travelers should specify the cost of the services in advance.
5. Local people should under no conditions be shot or recorded on cameras without their permission for the action. The photo and video recording of churchmen and men wearing military uniform is totally banned by the law. Copyright
6. Natural reservations are home to many rare species of animals and offer the rarest species of plants. During the tour one should attentively listen to the tour guide and in no case touch the plants and all the more so not pick them. One should be as well attentive during the beach recreation or coastal area visit. Some of the beaches are forbidden for collecting sea shells.
7. Diving and underwater fans should agree the dive with special organization controlling the activity. The sea floor is forbidden for collection sea shells, corals and other trophies in the areas of shipwrecks.
Muscat features numerous historical and cultural landmarks and sights which will turn the city exploration into an unforgettable experience full of impressions and feelings. The main symbol … Open
8. Though the crime rate is rather low in the city, tourists should keep to the basics of the safety precautions. One should not set off for exploration to the remote districts of the city as well as keep by oneself valuables and substantial sums of cash. Those who visit the city of Muscat for the first time are strongly recommended to cruise the city only with a guide.
9. As Muscat features the hottest weather, one should thoughtfully hide from the heat in the enclosed space. The best time for hiking is mornings and evening hours. Sun protecting means will be of heaven sent help for tourists.
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Oman: travelling advices

10. During everyday prayers, tourists need to be particularly silent and do not disturb praying Muslims. It is prohibited to walk in front of a praying person and step onto his carpet. Non-Muslim tourists are not allowed entering some mosques. If the holy shrine is open for everyone, don’t forget to take off your shoes at the entrance and stay quiet. Tourists visiting Oman during the Holy Month of Ramadan should refrain from smoking, eating, and drinking during the daytime in public places. This is impolite because the majority of local people are fasting on these days, so they cannot eat or drink during the daytime.
11. The majority of shops and offices close in the midst of the day. Tourists just need to accept this.
12. The left hand is considered improper, so do not forget to accept, give, and pass items with the right hand.
13. Weapons and all kinds of drugs are completely banned in the country. Oman is one of the safest countries in Asia. Weapon bearing is considered a threat to the safety and disrespect of the country’s laws, and Oman has prison terms and even the death penalty for drugs. … Open

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Al-Hajjarah Village

From the series “15 Sparsely Populated Places for Solitude with Wildlife”
It is interesting to note that there wasn’t used any additional mortars. These houses look like united complexes made of huge stones that stay hurtless within hundreds of years. They were built in the 12th century when Yemen was occupied by Turkish conquerors. At that time the town had an advantage ground. … Read further

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