Colors of Muscat - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Muscat Local people are rather sociable and hospitable, they are respective and attentive towards foreign guests and are eagerly interested in traditions and culture of foreign visitors. City residents are tactful, polite and mannerly. One can justly say that these character traits of local folks are inborn. However the local people honor their native culture above all things and require the same highly respective attitude from foreign guests as well. Thus the city guests are offered to avoid smoking and eating in public places as this is not common. Smoking and eating is acceptable only in specially allotted places. Otherwise the action will promote outrage in local people.
Muscat features numerous historical and cultural landmarks and sights which will turn the city exploration into an unforgettable experience full of impressions and feelings. The main symbol … Open
The local folks are rather decent towards alcohol consumption. Alcohol drinks can be consumed only in specialized places. Appearance in public places in the state of alcohol intoxication is considered to be one of the rude offences which definitely carry a penalty. A few remarks should be made on the city residents outfits.
Muscat as other cities of the country does not accept bright and revealing clothes. Surely the city visitors should not wear ethnic outfits however the look for city tours should be thoroughly chosen. The best choice will be a classic look in quiet colors. Plenty of jewelry and eye catching accessories are not accepted as well. Copyright
Muscat boasts various entertainments to meet each taste and fancy of the visitors. Tourists should definitely visit one of the local beaches. Local folks do not feel enthused for beach … Open
Muscat is a modern city which in unique manner fuses the traditions of past ages and the achievements of modern civilization. Many citizens give preference to European way of life devoting major time to work, family life and routine fuss. However there are many local residents who have devoted their lives to ethnic crafts. Fishery, farming, breeding of camels, horses and goats are the main ethnic crafts and occupations which just few years ago were the only way to survive for local people. One of the brightest and most impressive symbols considering local crafts is numerous wells which can be found in deserts. As many years ago so now natives need to cross vast deserted areas herding the cattle. The wells are for them the only source of fresh water in desert. A branched underground water supply system of many channels was developed many centuries ago.
Muscat The main Muscat Festival opens not only the festival calendar of Oman capital but also the year. It starts in early January and continues until the beginning of the last winter month. Al Emarat Public Park, Oman Automobile Association Karting Track and Naseem Gardens are the main venues of the festival. They become points of attraction for hundreds of tourists and local residents during the festival. People who want to spend a pleasant time listening to music, watching theatrical performances, art exhibitions, sports events, as well as conferences and seminars come here. If you come to the city with children, you should visit Naseem Gardens. This is where most of the events for young visitors take place. This is a treasure hunt, competitions, and competitions in photography. Tourists who want to watch races or ride cars can visit Oman Karting Track.
1. Before a journey to the city of Muscat one should thoroughly learn the main rules and regulations of local culture as this will let the tourists escape unwanted misconceptions and … Open
Sultan Camel Race Cup is one of the most prestigious festivals in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). It is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional way of life of local residents. Riders and their camels are trained in a special way before the event to become the first in the race. The colorful spectacle takes place at the Royal Cavalry Track in mid-March. Wonderful activities for children are also organized here. Qaboos bin Said Al Said regularly attends the festival. He is a big fan of this kind of activity. It is worth noting that the love of camels is a distinctive feature of local residents.
Muscat Oman is a Muslim country. Its residents strictly honor the customs of Islam and celebrate Muslim holidays. Local residents widely celebrate the beginning of the Holy month of Ramadan. They get up before dawn, drink water and eat, and say prayers. It is worth noting that it is forbidden to eat and drink during the day during the celebration. Entertainment activities during Ramadan are also prohibited. Tourists should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages in public places. Special attention should also be paid to clothing. It should cover all the body. Eid al-Fitr suggests the end of Ramadan. Men pray on this day. Women cook food. It is worth noting that shops, markets, restaurants, and cafes are not open during Eid al-Fitr.
Muharram, or Islamic New year, is celebrated widely and magnificently. Mass festivities are held on this day. Eid al-Adha (feast of sacrifice) is considered one of the most revered celebrations in the Islamic tradition. Muslims should perform ablution, put on clean clothes, and say a festive prayer on this day. Laylat-al-Miraj is also a significant holiday. Muslims go to the mosque, listen to the sermon, and pray on this day. It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages during this holiday as well as during the celebration of Ramadan. This ban applies to both adherents of Islam and tourists.
Mazoon Mosque - Sultanate of Oman The Day of the Nation and New Oman is traditionally celebrated on the birthday of Qaboos bin Said on November 19. It was he who created the state. This happened in 1971. The leader of the country visits all major cities of the state before the celebration. Each person can ask a question that interests him. The ruler is highly respected because he does not leave questions unattended. He listens to each person and tries to improve the situation for anyone interested. This can be noted from the date of his reign. The Sultan created a strong state. That is why his birthday is called the Day of the Nation.
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National traditions of Oman

Women have less power and fewer rights and privileges than men, but they have a special place in families and the right to make decisions. Nowadays, women are allowed to work in many spheres of life, including politics. In cities, women often teach young children. A marriage with a cousin is considered an ideal choice in the country. Young people of both genders prefer to rely on their parents to find a suitable spouse for them. Love marriages are not widespread in the country. Polygamous marriages still exist in Oman, but, in recent years, men have preferred not to get a second or third wife but to divorce and marry again. … Open

Traditions and festivals in cities around Muscat

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